Micellar water: what is needed, how to choose and which one is better? TOP 20 most rated micellar waters from the best brands with reviews, beautician reviews and prices

on 31.07.2017

Micellar water- A new fashion trend, which is very fond of makeup artists, models, celebrities and just business women. The popularity of cleanser is gaining more and more fans. But what is it, what is the difference between it and other cosmetics and which company’s product to choose? All this and much more will be discussed below in the article.

The main thing in the article

What is micellar water?mitz3

  • Micellar water- It is a mixture of distilled water and microparticles - absorbent micelles, which remove any type of makeup, skin fat, but the dermis remains moisturized and smooth.
  • For this invention you need to thank the French beauticians, they created in90'syears means that allowed to keep the skin clean and elastic. The fact is that tap water is too hard to cleanse the skin, and the micelles gently act on the dermis without causing any harm.
  • This product at that time could only be purchased from shelves of pharmacy counters. But over the years, his popularity has grown and spread throughout the world. Now, a large number of women who are not indifferent to the health of their skin use micellar water.
  • This tool has the properties of toning, nutrition and hydration of the dermis. Therefore, you can stop using other means. It is enough to put water on a cotton pad and wipe the face without having to rinse with water.

What is the difference between micellar water and tonic?

Micellar water does not apply to either tonic or moisturizing agents, nor to thermal water or to any other cosmetics. It is a separate product for cleansing the dermis. The differences are primarily in the composition.mitsmitz1

How to choose micellar water for the skin?mitz4

  • Before you choose a product, you need to figure out what you need it for, what exactly you want to fight with and what type of skin you have.
  • This tool is primarily suitable for women with sensitive skin, although it can be used for all types of dermis.
  • When choosing pay attention tocomposition of the product, as some manufacturers only write the real composition in small letters. In a natural product should not contain:PEG, propylene glycol, cetrimonium bromide.If water contains these components, then after applying it it is necessary to wash it off, if not, then you can not flush it.
  • Now well-known brands produce a tool not only for all skin types, but also for each separately. Therefore, when choosing, it is better to purchase the one that is right for you.

The best micellar water: a review of top-rated products with prices and reviews

Micellar water in the beauty sphere has occupied its niche, it is one of the main products that fights against derma contamination. There are a lot of manufacturers of such water, so we chose the best from the entire list.

Bioderma Micellar Waterbio

  • This manufacturer offers several types of H2O in different volumes:Sensibio, Hydrabio, ABCderm, Sebium. There is PEG in the first one, cetrimonium bromide in the second one, and cetrimonium bromide in the third and fourth. The presence of these chemicals indicates that it is better to wash off the water of this brand after application.
  • Price range on average variesfrom 400 to 1500 rubles, depending on the amount of funds sold. The reviews diverge, one it fits, and others only made it worse.

Review №1bioderm2

Review number 2bioderm3

Sensibio Micellar Water

  • Sensibiocompany water categoryBiodermacreated for sensitive skin. In the composition of the found components that say that the drug should be washed off.
  • If this is not done, then it will be unpredictable for problem skin. Pricefrom 600 to 1400 rubles, depending on the volume.


Micellar water Nivea 3 in 1

  • The water producer promises that using his product will make the dermis of your face clean, moisturized and refreshing it perfectly. Components include PEG, which characterizes it as a means that must be washed off after use.
  • Price range variesfrom 150 to 500 rubles. Reviews in most cases say that water is worthy of the price, but there are women who get irritated by H2O.


Micellar water Garnier


  • Water productionGarniercopes with its task, cleanses the dermis, nourishes and moisturizes. But in terms of composition, it refers to the group of micellar waters that need to be flushed, since hexylene glycol is in the composition. The presence of a component with prolonged use causes itching, redness and acne.
  • Price varies on averagefrom 200 rubles.Reviews say that the constituent components make themselves felt on the skin prone to rashes.

Review №1garnier1

Review number 2mits

Micellar water Loreal

  • Water firmLorealcopes well with its task. Refers to a group of waters that can not flush.
  • According to reviews, some notice the skin tightness and viscosity. The price range is very affordable for most consumers and varies within300 rubles.

Review №1loreal

Review number 2Loreal3

Micellar water Belita


  • The Belarusian brand offers its micellar water, which is rich in natural ingredients. But in the composition, in addition to them, there are also PEG components that need to be washed off.
  • Price available within200 rublesfor the volume of 200 ml. Women appreciate the tool as soft and gentle, which does not cause discomfort.

Micellar water Vichy

  • Vishyoffers its H2O, which deals with the remnants of fat, street dirt, makeup and other impurities on the face.
  • The price is much more expensive than the previous several bidders, varies around1000 rublesper pack of 200 ml.

Micellar water La roche posay

  • The French company claims that their product gently cares and cleanses the dermis, without causing irritation.
  • The composition suggests that after the application you need to wash off the tool so that the skin does not turn red. Price variesfrom 500 to 1500 rubles, depending on the volume of the product.

Review №1


Review number 2


Uriage micellar water

  • The water of this brand, as promised by the manufacturer, removes makeup, soothes the dermis and is suitable for absolutely everyone, thanks to the thermal water that is in the composition. But the list of its components speaks about the content of cetrimonium bromide.
  • That is, this tool can not rinse, but with prolonged use, it can cause itching and dryness. Average price1000 rubles. Most reviews suggest that water only showed its best.


Avene micellar waterOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • Water copes well with its original task. Contains components belonging to the group of drugs that need to be flushed.
  • The price is not cheap enough - on average1000 rubles. Women who have tried water, speak of it from the good side.

Hada labo micellar water

  • Beauty novelty from Japanese manufacturers. According to them, gently and carefully helps to cope with pollution, moisturizes and nourishes the dermis.
  • But the composition contains alcohol-containing components. The price is quite high -from 600 to 900 rubles. Reviews say that water shows itself well in use.

Hada Labo KIWAMIZU Micellar Water - “Discover Korean Cosmetics.” Customer Reviews - Google Chrome

Ultra Micellar Water

  • Ultra water category is designed for sensitive and allergic dermis. The composition confirms that the product must be washed off after use.
  • Pricefrom 1000 rublesfor the volume of 200 ml. Women respond well to this category of water, especially with combination and sensitive skin.

Micellar water Vilsen

  • The water of this manufacturer is famous for the composition of thermal water, which gently scrubs the dermis without causing irritation. However, it contains carcinogens and preservatives that need to be washed off.
  • The price is very low -from 50 to 100 rubles. Opinions about the water of this company diverge, it helped some ladies, and ruined everything to others.


Micellar water Diademin


  • German-made water washes out makeup well, moisturizes the dermis and nourishes.However, if we look at the composition, then the presence of some PEG components suggests that it is better to flush the agent.
  • The price is quite budget, on average150 rubles.


Micellar water Liberiderm

  • CompanyLIBREDERMtells about the fact that their water contributes to the excellent removal of makeup, soothes and moisturizes thin and sensitive skin. PEG, present in the formulation, targets washing off after application.
  • Price of funds variesfrom 400 to 600 rubles.


Micellar water Black Pearl

  • The Russian brand produces micellar water with the same properties as other manufacturers. It gently cleanses, nourishes, moisturizes and is suitable for all types of dermis.
  • The composition can say that the product should be washed off. The price is quite democratic, which allows anyone to purchase it, varies from150 to 250 rubles.


Micellar water Avon

  • Micellar cleanser for this brand cleans without irritation, moisturizes and tones the skin.
  • The composition suggests that the product on the skin can not be held for a long time. You can purchase the product within250 rubles.


Micellar Water Clean Linemits

  • Russian brandClean lineOffers its own anti-pollution option.The product removes makeup, soothes and cleanses toxins.
  • However, the composition says that the product should be washed off. Price within200 rubles. Purification of this water is not suitable for all women, and in some cases it should be washed off to avoid redness.

Micellar water Evelyn

  • Detergent copes with the cleansing of the dermis, moisturizes, tones. If we talk about the composition, it is clearly not perfect, as we would like.
  • This tool should be washed off in order to prevent the appearance of irritation on the dermis. The price is not high, within250 rubles.


Micellar water Faberlik

  • The water of this manufacturer has cleansing properties, is suitable for all skin types and moisturizes it.
  • The composition contains alcohol-containing substances that dry the dermis. According to the contained components, the product belongs to the group of water that needs to be flushed.
  • The price is low, on average200 rubles. Opinions about the water of this manufacturer diverge, some strongly oppose, others very much.

To summarize, we can say that each dermis perceives micellar water differently. Therefore, first of all, getting a new beauty, pay attention not to the reviews and big words on the labels, but tocomposition.

Micellar water allergy: when does it arise and what to do?

An allergic reaction may appear:

  • in case of intolerance of individual components;
  • the presence of carcinogens;
  • due to concentrates among other components;
  • in the case of incompatibility of the dermis with the stated categories.

If you have an unpleasant burning sensation, allergies and other uncomfortable feelings, then you should immediately wash out the remedy, and when you re-rash consult with a dermatologist.

Micellar water: reviews of cosmetologistsmitz5

There are three types of micellar water:

  • Basedpoloxamer- are considered low irritating substances, and they can not be washed off.
  • With contentPeg- emulsifiers, which cause dryness and irritation, require mandatory rinsing.
  • BasedLauryl Glucoside, Coco Glucoside- non-toxic "green chemistry", which requires flushing from time to time.

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Cleansing of the skin is necessary, so such new beauty as micellar water come to the rescue. It copes with its primary task with normal compatibility with the dermis. But if in doubt, leave water on the skin or wash it off, then it is better to stick with the second option.

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