Metal rolling. What is rolled metal?

In our time, rolled metal is one of the most important areas for the development of the economy of any country, including Russia, as well as one of the most common type of metal parts manufacturing that is in demand and reasonably affordable. The sale of metal in St. Petersburg using the site

The production uses the following metals: copper, aluminum, titanium, nickel, nickel silver, as well as rolled steel, for example, such as: bronze, stainless, structural.

You can buy it in almost any store specialized in building materials, you can find a wide variety of metal products and parts in them. In order for the products to take the desired shape, they are rolled on specialized equipment.

Depending on the method of manufacture, the price varies, but everyone can find an acceptable in terms of their capabilities.

There are only two such methods: cold and hot.Most of the steel is manufactured at a temperature of from 900 to 1250 degrees Celsius. The cold method is used when treating the metals, which have a high ductility.

There are three main types of metal:

1. Billets.

2. Rope pipes.

3. Blanks for machine parts.

The whole nomenclature of metal blanks in production is called a range of rolled metal. In the assortment it is customary to indicate all the exact shapes and sizes, as well as the rest of the data necessary for the sale of blanks.

As a rule, all rolled metal products have a certificate, as well as a guarantee of the manufacturer.

Most of the firms engaged in the production and construction use metal.

For transportation of various types of liquids and gases use pipes. For example, this method is used by agricultural structures. It is also used in the refining and gas processing industries.

In the construction of one of the most used products of metal is a steel sheet, it acts as a material for the roof.

When laying networks of communication and erection of various buildings, you can not do without metal.

Also, the metal is used in the food and chemical industries, furniture manufacturing and mechanical engineering.

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