Match "Spartak" - "Lokomotiv" 2018

The match “Spartak” vs “Lokomotiv” is one of the most important football matches of the second round of the RPL 2018/19. On the field there will be two clubs that seriously claim to the national championship medals. Which of the Moscow teams will succeed, red-white or railroad? The last game with two teams ended in an inexpressive draw. Perhaps this time the players will arrange for the fans a real extravaganza!


Time December 2, 2018
A place Moscow, Otkrytie Arena Stadium
The result of the last meeting 0:0

When and where will the fight take place

The football match "Spartak" - "Lokomotiv" will be held on December 2, 2018. Football confrontation will be held in the second round of the Premier League 2018/19.

The last time rivals played each other on August 4th. In the second round of the current RPL drawing.

Match "Spartak" - "Lokomotiv" 2018

Where to watch the match "Spartak" - "Lokomotiv" 2018

The bout will take home the Red-and-White Otkrytie Arena stadium This is a modern sports complex located in the Pokrovsko-Streshnevsky district of Moscow.It is designed for more than 45,000 spectators. But the upcoming match belongs to the top category. All places may not be enough. Therefore, it is better to buy a ticket for the game “Spartak” - “Lokomotiv” 2018 as soon as possible!

The result of the match "Spartak" - "Lokomotiv" 2018: who will win

It is difficult to give preference to one of the rivals. Football teams are in the total weight category. Therefore, experts bet on a draw or a minimal victory for one of the teams.

Opponents well approached the upcoming game. None of them is experiencing personnel or financial problems - and this is nowadays already an indicator of the success of the club!

Red-greens strengthened well in the summer transfer window. From the “Schalke 04 ″ passed the champion of the 2014 World Cup German Benedict Höwedes. Also, the Loko squad was joined by the Polish midfielder PSG Grzezhoj Krychovyak and the Rubin forward Rifat Zhemaletdinov. But the loudest was the transfer of Fedor Smolov from Krasnodar. Newbies did not have time to play in the first fight with the red and white. But by the 2nd round of football confrontation with a principled opponent they will surely gain the necessary condition and take part in an important game.

"Spartak" has not lost its combat composition.Moreover - the arsenal of Muscovites in front of the derby was replenished with several players. The loudest acquisition was Roman Eremenko. The former player of CSKA liked Spartak breeders, despite his scandalous past.

Match "Spartak" - "Lokomotiv" 2018

History of meetings "Spartak" vs "Lokomotiv"

The story of the confrontation between two PFCs stretches from the Soviet times. But the modern derby reached its heat in the new millennium. Red and white at this time began to weaken, and the railway on the contrary - to gain strength. First, the players were more successful under the red-green colors. Many fans still remember Loko's record: 10 win-win games from 2002 to 2006!

In the last decade, victories and defeats of one or the other teams alternate. Also, opponents often reduce football matches to a draw.

The last time opponents revealed the strongest on August 4, 2018. The game is not replete with dangerous moments. None of the opponents could not score. In general, the derby turned out to be inexpressive. But ahead of the new round of confrontation. It may well be that the result of the match “Spartak” - “Lokomotiv” 2018 will be more impressive.

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