Masks for oily hair at home: the best recipes for nourishing masks for thin, weak, splitting, dyed and falling oily hair with greasy roots and dry tips

on 27.08.2017

They say that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, your hair is a sign of grooming, accuracy and attractiveness. Many women are concerned about how to properly care for their hair to get rid of split ends and greasy roots? This will help you mask that can resolve the intensity of the subcutaneous glands and make the tips of the hair perfect.

The main thing in the article

How often can I make masks for oily hair?

Since the effect on the sebaceous glands should be within the normal range, specialists and many well-known doctors recommend using vitamin formulations no more than every 3 to 4 days.


If you want to get the desired result, you need to correctly follow the recommendations and precisely follow the proportions.

The best homemade masks for oily hair: what to do?

Any housewife in the kitchen has a whole pantry of simple products, on the basis of which you can make the perfect composition for your hair.

f20f3f41b14459ed7c49f370529ed640What products can help in the fight against oily hair?

  • Mustard.
  • Egg.
  • Burr oil.
  • Clay (green or blue).
  • Kefir.
  • Henna.
  • Lemon (juice).
  • Even black bread, oatmeal, brandy and vodka.

The listed products and cosmetics can be used both individually and in combined versions.

Mustard Mask Recipe for Oily Hair

Why precisely mustard? The answer is quite simple: there is a huge treasure of organic acids in mustard seeds, as well as an enormous supply of mineral salts, vitamins and many other useful substances.

1Preparation of the mask does not take you much time.

For this you need to take:

  • mustard (five large spoons);
  • almond oil or castor oil (a couple of drops);
  • sugar (one big spoon).
  1. All of the above components in these proportions should be thoroughly mixed.
  2. Spread the resulting gruel evenly over the entire length.
  3. Gather the hair on the back of your head and slowly massage your head for another 5 minutes.
  4. Gently fasten the hair with a barrette and rest for 40 minutes.
  5. After this time, wash the composition from the hair and, if necessary, wash your hair with the shampoo that suits you.

Mustard composition will not only relieve you of oily shine, but also saturate the follicles with vitamins.

This mask has its drawbacks: the mustard burns a little, but at the same time the bulbs (follicles) are activated. If you feel a strong burning sensation, then you should not withstand the recommended 40 minutes - immediately wash off the mask. This reaction of the body suggests that this composition does not suit you.

Kefir mask for oily hair

Kefir is a very valuable fermented milk product. People have learned how to apply it in the manufacture of masks for hair and face. Kefir not only improves the structure of split ends, but also neutralizes annoying greasy shine, returning luxurious shine to your curls.

Use this mask several times a month:apply kefir on hair, it can be done both before and after shampooing, soak for 25 minutes, then rinse.Rinse your hair better with water at room temperature.


It is important to remember that with long use of kefir, the pigment of the hair is washed out. Therefore, if you liked this mask, we recommend alternating it with other options.

Mask for oily hair with an egg

119All the usual chicken eggs - the product is far from ordinary. Egg masks enhance shine, add thickness, and also remove sloppy greasy hair. Egg - these are two incredibly useful parts: white and yolk. The latter is a particularly important component - it contains unique nutrients and vitamins, accelerates hair growth.

Egg mask with citric acidYou can remove the shine. To prepare this mixture, you need only two components:eggs and lemon juice. These ingredients should be mixed in containers (you can whisk with a whisk), put on your hair, wrap and allow time for the bulbs to soak in vitamins (at least 30 minutes), then wash your hair thoroughly.

Clay masks for oily hair: the best recipes

The most popular in the fight against oily hair are consideredblue and green clay. These types of clay contribute to deep cleansing, while having a calming effect. They are used not only to get rid of fat, but also in the fight against dandruff, which often accompanies fatty roots.

Cooking mask

  1. Mix the clay with water until a thick slurry forms (approximately 1: 1).
  2. Add to the mass a dessert spoonful of lemon juice.
  3. The last ingredient is garlic - a teaspoon without a heap of grated spiced vegetables.

Then rub the mass into the scalp and, if possible, distribute about 3-5 cm from the roots through the hair. Wrap your head with a soft towel. Ideally, you need to walk for at least 30 minutes with a mask, but each has its own threshold of sensitivity, so you need to wash off the composition as soon as you feel the slightest burning or discomfort.

We suggest you watch the video to better understand the causes of excessive sebum production and choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Oily hair masks with henna

First, let's look at what is henna?

Henna is the leaves of the plant, which are crushed during the processing process, are ground to a powder. They have a high staining ability, so if you do not want to change your native color, buy colorless henna.

c5961fa80aa87a39241ee31484d25d7aThe henna mask is best prepared with the addition of clay (blue or white) - this will enhance the effect.

Stir the henna with clay (2: 1), pour the mixture with warm decoction of herbs (for example, St. John's wort with chamomile),The mask should look like thick sour cream. Apply to the roots and wrap hair with cotton cloth. To start washing off the mask should be no earlier than 25 minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo is not recommended, it is better to rinse your hair well with water at room temperature.

The result will be visible immediately, as henna will give a chic volume to your curls and luxurious shine.

Nutritious masks for oily hair with vitamins

Often we are faced with a situation where you try to eat well and properly, but the body still does not have enough vitamins, and this is displayed primarily on the hair. This happens because we constantly change the shampoo, use a hair dryer, varnish, foam, ironing, which is negatively displayed on the state of our locks and the scalp.As a result, the roots are greasy, the tips split, and the hair does not look very attractive.

domashnie-retsepti-sprey-s-vitaminami-v1-v6-nvitamini-dlya-volos-6To prepare a vitamin mask, you will need the following ingredients:

  • one egg (yolk only),
  • vitamin A (4-6 drops),
  • vitamin E (4-6 drops),
  • honey - a small spoon;
  • Cognac - half a teaspoon;
  • lemon juice - 15-20 drops.

The mask is applied for at least 1.5 hours, while the hair must be carefully wrapped in cellophane and a warm towel (shawl). After the time, wash your hair with shampoo (which suits you exactly) and rinse clean hair with a warm strained chamomile decoction.

It is enough to apply this mask 1-2 times a week, but it is better to do it regularly until you see progress yourself.

Burdock mask for greasy hair

03-obnova-vlasu-bylinyBurdock oil is often used as an additional component to complex masks. This is due to its unique properties - to remove fat, accelerate growth and make hair obedient.


  1. the above oil;
  2. ether analogue (any, which you like more);
  3. calendula (alcohol tincture);
  4. citrus juice (lemon better).

Pour 20 ml of each component into a plastic or wooden container, mix, let stand for 3-4 minutes and apply on fat roots.If desired, the mask can be distributed on all hair, but in this case, you need to double the number of components (for medium length).

Walk with a mask for at least 60 minutes, then go to the shower.

Bread mask for very greasy hair

2017-06-11_121858If your hair has a high fat content, then we recommend that you pay attention to a simple mask of rye bread.

It’s easier to prepare an effective mass - soak the bread croutons (preferably fresh bread dried) with ordinary water. Do not pour too much liquid, as a result you should have a slurry.

Apply the mask to your hair and leave for 45 minutes. Then rinse your head thoroughly.

Masks for oily hair with vodka and brandy

imgresizeMasks, prepared on the basis of alcohol, are able to perfectly adjust the work of the sebaceous glands, which as a result will reduce the fat content of the hair roots. We offer you two recipes for making an alcohol mask.

  1. Take150 ml of cognac, a couple of spoons of honey and red pepper(literally at the tip of the knife). The composition should be slightly heated and distributed over the scalp. Keep the mask should be at least 15 minutes.
  2. For the next mask you need to pre-fill160 ml of boiling water 2-3 leaf nettle. In the cooled decoction (do not forget to strain) add130 ml of vodka. Since the mask turns out to be liquid, it is not very convenient to apply it on the hair itself. It will be much easier to do this if they help you. You can go with a mask for 25-30 minutes, but if you feel a burning sensation, immediately go to the shower.

Masks with honey for oily hair

resize imgHoney is present in most recipes, as it has a wide spectrum of action and does not react with many components of hair masks. Preparation of the mask on the basis of honey will not take you more than two minutes, and there will be no less benefit from it than infusions, decoctions and expensive ingredients.

Take your favorite balm and add honey (1: 1) to it, then sprinkle a simple mixture with a spoon of cinnamon - the mask is ready. You can walk with such a composition for one to two hours, and so that the mask does not interfere with you - tie a head with a towel.

Masks for greasy hair with starch and sea salt

salt-eshot-2To eliminate the problem of oily hair, you can combine at first glance completely incompatible products. For example, starch and sea salt.

Takea few spoons of starch and sea salt, dissolve the components in water(warm), optionally adda few drops of citrus juice(lemon, orange, lime). Mix well and use as a rinse after shampooing.

Gelatin Mask for greasy hair

maxresdefault1Gelatin mask - this is probably the easiest to use and prepare therapeutic mixture. Gelatin is rich in dietary fiber, collagen, phosphorus, iron and amino acids. It will make your hair healthy and elastic, and annoying fatness will begin to disappear after the second application.

To prepare this mask you need two components -gelatin and mustard. Pre-mix these two ingredients in a 1: 1 ratio, pour warm water over it to cover the mixture, and leave for 20 minutes. Then bring the mass to a uniform state (you can warm it up a little in the microwave so that the gelatin absorbs moisture faster). Distribute the finished composition over the entire hair length and leave for 25 minutes.

Gelatin is one of the most important tools.home lamination hair, and how to do it yourself, see inour article.

Effective masks for hair loss

Your hair does not just suffer from excess oily scalp, but also falls out? You can help alcohol mask on the basis of eggs.

Woman cracking egg

The recipe is very simple - you will needtwo yolks and two large spoons of alcohol or vodka. Beat the yolks and add alcohol, let stand 10-15 minutes, then rub into the scalp. After half an hour you can go to the shower. Improving the condition of the hair and their number is noticeable after two months of application - the hair becomes 25% thicker.

Mask for oily colored hair

shutterstock_193591058Despite the fact that they are now producing paints with the most mild effect, they still harm the structure of the hair and often cause a rich work of the sebaceous glands. Wrap the process in the direction of recovery will help fruit mask.


  • banana,
  • avocado,
  • honey,
  • olive oil).

Crush fruits in equal proportions. Heat the honey (at the rate of 1 large spoon per 100 g of fruit) and pour into the mush. Pour oil (a small spoon) into a barely warm mixture, mix and immediately apply to hair.

You can walk with a mask for up to 60 minutes, then rinse and blot gently with a soft towel.

Mask for greasy splitting hair

Fatty at the roots and dry at the ends of the hair - not uncommon. And how to choose a product - for oily hair or for dry hair? It is very difficult to choose a universal remedy in the store, since the effect on the roots and tips must be opposite.We offer you to cope with the problem of natural products that do not make you spend too much.

  • Egg. Separate the white from the yolk. Apply the whipped protein on the scalp and 3 cm from the beginning of hair growth. Spread the yolk on the tips and over the entire length. Repeat the procedure twice a week and you will forget about your problem.

You need to wash off such a mask with cool water so that the protein does not curl up on your hair.

  • Sour milk + cream. The system is the same as with the egg. Apply milk on the roots, and cream (preferably fatter) - on the tips and along the entire length.

If you have an aloe flower on your window, then we recommend that you watch the following video.

Mask for fine oily hair

It is quite difficult for girls who have thin hair, but also increased the fat content of the scalp. Literally all the time, there is a feeling of unwashed hair. It is possible to solve the problem if you use a salt mask with each rinse with a decoction of hypericum before each shampoo.

Salt mask

Someone will say that this is not a mask at all, because you do not need to cook anything, but this is the beauty of this method of getting rid of fat and stimulating the follicles.

You will needsalt and decoction of hypericum. Wet your hands and cover them with salt, then massage your head. Movement should not be too fast and neat, it is not necessary to press hard, so as not to damage the skin surface with grains. Continue to massage for 10-15 minutes, then take a shower with a hair wash. After bathing, rinse your hair with decoction of Hypericum.


How to make a hair mask with greasy roots and dry tips?

It is necessary to apply hair masks with dry tips with care so as not to aggravate the problem even more. The main rule is to apply oily medicinal mixtures directly on the ends of the hair, without affecting the roots.

To solve this problem you will be helped by any of the above recipes, but with the observance of several nuances:

  • Before using any hair mask with greasy roots, it is necessary to lubricate the tips with sea buckthorn oil for half an hour.
  • Providing instant protection is able to provide fish oil. A couple of minutes before applying the drying mask should be lubricated with dry tips.
  • Older, coconut and burdock oils have a slower effect. They need to be applied at least one hour before the procedure to eliminate the fat content of the roots.

With the help of homemade hair masks you can achieve amazing results, forgetting about the discomfort and annoying fatness. The main thing is to keep the proportions and not to forget twice a week to pay a little attention to your curls.


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