Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor - 2019 film

  • Premiere in Russia:2019
  • Country of Origin:Russia
  • Genre:adventure, action, superhero movie
  • Producer:Vladimir Besedin
  • Cast:Alexander Gorbatov

In 2019, the list of films in the genre of superhero cinema will be replenished with another one - in October, the creation of Vladimir Besedin "Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor" will be released. The tape is based on the comics of the same name from Bubble Comics.

Comic Major Thunder Plague Doctor


The first Major Thunder comic hit the store shelves on October 8, 2012 with a circulation of 10,000 copies by Artem Gabrelyanov and Yevgeny Fedotov. In August 2016, Bubble Comics decided to shoot a short film based on his motives. On February 17, 2017, the film was presented at the Berlin International Film Festival, and two days later the premiere took place for the general public on The film appeared on YouTube’s publishing channel’s channel on February 21, and in just one day more than 1.7 million people watched it. The TV show took place on March 9 as part of the show "Evening Urgant" on Channel One.Critics responded flatteringly about the picture, praising the visual component of the picture, but the actors' play seemed to them to be insufficiently professional.

Even before the premiere of the first film adaptation of the comic, the creators said that if it was successful, a full-length sequel would follow. And they kept their promise.


Artem Gabrelyanov and Vladimir Besedin, founder of the Bubble comic book publisher, worked on the “Major Thunder: Plague Doctor 2019” script. For the latter, such a role is not a debut, he was previously the author of the scripts for the TV series "Koshaki" and "Police Weekdays".

The producers were Artem Gabrelyanov, Vladimir Besedin, as well as Roman Kotkov and Fyodor Kan. Operator - Arseny Kan. Especially for the tape composer Roman Seliverstov wrote two songs (It Might Be Better and Move Like a Devil).

The main role was played by Alexander Gorbatov, who is familiar to the audience from past works in Silent Don, Anna Karenina, Murka, Everything at First, Dangerous Vacations, Young Guard, Kitchen. It is not excluded that American actors will appear in the film, at least the creators have said more than once that they plan to invite them to the shooting, but they did not give exact names.

Alexander Gorbatov

The main requirement that the producers made to the actors during the casting was their lack of a large number of roles and fame.

Story line

The plot is based on events from the Bubble Studios comics. The action of the film takes place in St. Petersburg (Russia) today. Life in the northern capital went on as usual, until a man in a mask appeared, the same Plague Doctor who decided to make a mob for himself to officials mired in corruption. So, he burned the son of the prosecutor, the ensign of the police, the head physician, the businessman-developer. Every time at the crime scene, leaving a note with his own poems, the main idea of ​​which is that the person should be responsible for their actions.

To catch the serial killer hiding under the mask should police major Igor Gromov.

The filmmakers are confident that their creation will be interesting to people over 15 years old, and the type of activity is not important - it can be both a student and a manager, as well as the floor - the tape will be able to “hook” the guys and girls. The age limit is 12+, since there will not be much cruelty on the screen.

Meet Major Thunder

Igor Gromov is - one of the four superheroes Bubble. He lives in St. Petersburg. She works in the police, but does not wear a service uniform, preferring a short jacket, cap and scarf to her. He is intelligent, attractive in appearance, strong, honest, without pathos, obeys the law. One of the characters in the comic book described him like this: “He is a dog who hates any crime. He cannot be bribed or intimidated; he will definitely reach the goal, even if in passing we have to break several noses. ” It seems to be perfect, but it is not. Its negative characteristics can be called a hot-tempered character and the habit of solving some issues with the use of brute force.

Alexander Gorbatov

Who are you, the Plague doctor?

The Plague Doctor is the nickname of Sergei Razumovsky, the founder of the most popular social network, "Together." Sergey is an orphan, grew up in an orphanage. Since childhood, demonstrated enviable advances in computer science. He graduated from Moscow State University. Received several programming awards. He became a young billionaire, but the money did not spoil him, on the contrary, he was ready to support the needy, it was such that he folded up the bills and sent them to open windows. He has repeatedly said that Russia suffers from a disease, andHaving taken the pseudonym of the Plague Doctor, he set a goal to cure her, saving her from parasitic personalities, and the reprisal should be harsh and cold-blooded. Since the young man’s appearance is too memorable - blue eyes, red hair and dark eyebrows, he is forced to hide his face under the mask.

Interesting Facts

  1. The date of the film's premiere in Russia was announced on April 22, 2018. The reason for the announcement was a flash mob in support of the Telegram - all those who disagree with the blocking of the messenger had to release a paper airplane from the window. A similar action was conducted by the Plague Doctor. By the way, it is believed that its prototype is Durov.
  2. One of the casting directors for the role of Major Thunder proposed Marat Basharov. The main character could be Gregory Dobrygin, who gained popularity after playing in the movie "Black Lightning".
  3. The action takes place in St. Petersburg, while the geography of the city is slightly different from the real. Most of the scenery, such as stops, signs, kiosks, etc., were built by the creators themselves.
  4. The social network of Sergei Razumovsky called "Together." And its design is almost completely copied from "VKontakte".
  5. The planned budget is about 5 million US dollars.
  6. The teaser was shown at the festival “IgroMir” / Comic Con Russia 2017 on 30 September.

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