Magnetic lock with a magnetic key: choice, installation, feedback

It is hardly possible today to surprise someone with a magneticlock with a magnetic key. Different models of locking devices, which are based on the principle of magnetic waves, we meet almost everywhere. Nevertheless, the manufacturing industry of such devices is developing successfully, and manufacturers each year offer new samples of more intricate and more reliable electromagnetic locks.

magnetic lock with magnetic key

Features and differences

Distinctive characteristics of door locks withmagnetic keys are their effectiveness, quietness, reliability and ease of operation. Due to design features that exclude moving and rotating parts, these devices have a long service life. The recyclability and efficiency of magnetic devices of this kind is proved by long-term service life under any weather conditions and in various situations. Systems whose operation is based on the principle of interaction of electromagnetic waves, in many respects surpass other types of locking mechanisms.

Magnetic locks: electromagnetic and passive

The principle of operation of locking devices of this typebased on the interaction of magnetic elements. For their functioning in the lock design, an additional power supply may be provided. Thanks to the action of the electromagnet, which attracts the backplate, mounted directly into the blade, the front door remains in the closed position. Only when pressing a special button or under the influence of a magnetic key does a momentary interruption of the current flow occur, and the door opens freely. Such devices have been widely used in the field of protection of objects requiring additional control and limiting visits.

lock on the door with a magnetic key

In some models of locking magneticdevices only mechanical interaction is involved. Such models are often called passive. Undoubtedly, they do not have a special retaining power, but in certain areas they have become widespread. Simplified samples are usually used to close cabinets or as magnetic locks for interior doors. Very often, such mechanisms are used on purses, purse or women's bags. Nevertheless, these systems are unlikely to be used as a means of reliable protection and security of the premises.

Construction of electromagnetic locks

Street locking devices or models,Used indoors, have a simple design. It is based on the use of a metal plate and a steel core in a copper winding installed in a special case.

The case of an electromagnetic lock is usuallymade of aluminum or steel. When it is produced, the use of special plastics is allowed, but even the use of high-strength materials does not guarantee a long service life of the lock.

door lock with magnetic key


To install a magnetic lock with a magnetic keyIt will take not only the device itself, but also some additional attributes and mechanisms. It is from the auxiliary elements will depend on the reliability and efficiency of the lock. In the complete configuration of the electromagnetic locking device must be present:

  • The lock itself, which is sold complete with a reverse metal plate and wiring to connect the device to the source of electric current.
  • The controller required to control the lockingmechanism. It is through this element that all other attributes of the lock are connected. The main function of the controller is to provide an immunity to the electronic key chip.
  • The information reader required to open the door with a special magnetic key.
  • A set of keys programmed for a certain frequency.
  • A special button, when pressed, you can open the door from the inside.
  • Power Supply. Additional batteries will ensure the correct operation of the locking device in the event of a power failure.

how to open a magnetic lock without a tablet key


Given certain design features,electromagnetic locks are usually divided into two groups: systems having a sliding type of opening, and devices operating on separation. Like any other locking mechanisms, electromagnetic devices are divided according to the installation method on the door leaf. It can be mortise or overhead magnetic locks with a magnetic key. Devices can be subdivided according to geometric characteristics: they have a rectangular mechanism or are made in the form of a rounded electromagnetic system.

Choosing a locking system

Choosing a lock on the door with a magnetic key, specialattention should be paid to the overall dimensions, weight and technical equipment of the device. Modern electromagnetic locks are compact devices, but the force of their adhesion can reach thousands of kilograms. Such devices are suitable for massive and sturdy doors, since when mounted on not very strong webs made of plastic profiles, they can deform and cause the door to jam. Therefore, based on the weight of the lock, the force of its impact and the design features of the door leaf, choosing a locking system should be considered carefully.

Myths about electromagnetic locks

Recently, more and more topicalityget conversations about how to open a magnetic lock without a tablet key. In fact, electromagnetic locking devices do not have the function of introducing a universal numeric code. This may be different only some models of the Vizit system, which have the factory settings for the functionality that provides opening the entrance door without using a magnetic key.

magnetic locks for interior doors

There are no universal keys that open any electromagnetic device. They simply can not be because of too different locking systems and their operating principles.

Special keys for similar locks can not be demagnetized due to the impact of strong magnetic fields. Nevertheless, they are easily damaged, so they require careful handling.

electromagnetic street lock


The main technical advantages of magneticlock with a magnetic key, consumers refer to the absence of movable locking elements. This factor ensures a long service life of the device. Thanks to the ability to control the electromagnetic lock from within any room, such mechanisms have perfectly proven themselves as intercoms. They are trouble-free and effective in all situations and weather conditions. The only and most important of their shortcomings is that in the absence of electricity, electromagnetic locks are absolutely incompetent. In this case, they acquire the characteristics of magnetic locks for interior doors and lose the ability to reliably protect the premises.

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