Lunar calendar hair cuts for February 2019

Everyone is aware of the fact that hair grows poorly on a decreasing Moon, and very actively on a growing one. Many people, when choosing a haircut day, are guided by this knowledge - and that’s that.

In fact, the influence of the moon on the condition of the hair is much more serious. Choosing a suitable lunar day, you can not only get a beautiful and stylish haircut, improve your hair, but also improve your financial situation, enlist the support of the planets in career affairs, increase your attractiveness.

The haircut calendar for February 2019 will give you a clear schedule of beauty treatments in the second month of the year. You will learn when and in what color to dye your hair in order not to fall prey to a bad mood, and which days are most successful for scalp treatment, care for tips or roots of hair.

General characteristics of the month

Haircut calendar for February 2019

Sharply negative day for your hair in February is only one - 24 number. This day is generally contraindicated for any intervention in the integrity of the body: from haircuts and manicures, to all kinds of injections.Even accidental cuts can have serious consequences.

As for the whole of February, this is a positive month for your appearance. Referring to the calendar, you can safely sign up to the masters of beauty on any of the positive or neutral days.

Daily recommendations

1st of February

The first day of the month is very good for haircuts. The new hairstyle will make you more attractive, significantly increase femininity and charm. In addition, a haircut will contribute to the improvement of hair. Coloring in any tone will also go well, and will attract monetary energies to you.

February 2

If you now need to stay awake and energetic, a haircut on this day is contraindicated. Cut hair will take with you your strength and positive attitude. You can slightly tint the hair - paint over the regrown roots, or tint a couple of strands. Such an action will not affect your fate and will not harm.

February 3rd

Haircut will strengthen your inner core, will help to assert itself. It is not recommended to dye your hair and change your image today.

February 4

30 lunar day is well suited for any haircuts, even for creative and unusual.To dye your hair today is not worth it, it will attract events to you that can permanently knock you out of a rut.

February 5th

new haircut with a positive effect

New haircut will positively affect the work of all internal organs and provide a surge of strength and inspiration. This is one of the few days when you can make a short haircut, or drastically change your style.

February 6

To improve your well-being, go to the salon today. Order a full list of image services - and haircut, and coloring, and styling. The latter should be simple, but elegant, and follow fashion trends. These actions will allow you to attract financial success and luck.

February 7

A haircut on this day may prevent you from carrying out your plans, both directly and at the energy level. The day is favorable for strengthening hair, procedures that give volume, elasticity and shine to curls. Everything that can make hair drier and thinner is today strictly forbidden.

February 8

A good day to lighten hair, restore brightness and color saturation. Cut hair will bring you some new ideas and generally contribute to the "enlightenment" of the mind, open your eyes to new possibilities.

February 9th

Hair coloring can provoke a quarrel. This does not mean that someone will not like your image so much, everything will happen at a deep energy level. But haircut will increase your performance and lead to a source of additional income.

February 10

new hairstyle according to the calendar of hairstyles for February, 2019

One of the most successful days for cosmetic procedures. Haircut will positively affect your spiritual state and give strength. Dyeing your hair will reveal your sensual side and increase sexuality in the eyes of the opposite sex. Health masks and hair balms will produce the maximum effect, especially if you combine treatments with haircut.

11 February

Adverse day for your hair. The maximum that you can do today in order not to incur trouble is to wash your hair the way you always do. It is advisable not to dry your hair with a hot dryer.

12th of February

You can get a haircut, but keep in mind that hair will grow quickly and thickly. Haircut will serve as a shield for you from troubles, but only if you visit a well-known and morally comfortable hairdresser for a long time. In the new hands of this effect, the haircut will not make it.

February 13

Negative day for haircuts and coloring. However, astrologers recommend often touch the hair, comb, do a head massage. This will attract positive cosmic energies.

The 14th of February

A wonderful time to visit a beauty salon. Pamper your hair with a prophylactic or model haircut, apply a mask with vitamins and nutrients. Coloring this day will lead you to success in business and career.

February, 15

Haircut on this day will be a good prevention of disease, increase the body's resistance to disease, strengthen energy and reduce the outflow of forces. If you live in stress, this is your day for haircuts, styling, curls, lamination and other vigorous activities.

February 16

complicated hairstyle

On this day, it is worth making a complicated hairstyle in order to attract love and strengthen romantic relationships. A haircut is not contraindicated, it will have a beneficial effect on monetary well-being, unless it is too extravagant.

February 17

It is impossible to dye your hair today. This will lead to quarrels literally with everyone - family, colleagues, friends. You can get a haircut, especially business people, businessmen, and those who wish to increase.In addition, today all helps strengthen the hair, which means cosmetic procedures will be very useful.

18th of Febuary

One of the unfavorable days for any action with hair. Make a simple hairstyle and let your hair "relax".

February 19

Haircut on this day is fraught with diseases, both internal organs and hair in particular. Straightening hair - short-term, ironing, and long-term with the help of chemistry - a good procedure for this day. The result will last a long time.

February 20th

new staining

Today it is possible to carry out coloring, especially in dark colors. This will increase your luck, and help harmonize relationships in a couple. To cut your hair today is bad, it will lead to disorders in the work of the heart and hormonal surges.

February 21

Great day for a slight change in hair color. You can make toning, improve gray hair, refresh color, men - tint whiskey. Blondes can carry out procedures aimed at eliminating yellowness. Haircut on this day is undesirable, it can attract unpleasant and dramatic changes in your life.

February 22

Day for hair care.Use folk and natural remedies, today herbs, fruits, animal products have the maximum effect. You can get a haircut. New hairstyle will increase the level of your charm.

February 23

Negative day. Haircuts today will weaken the tone of the hair, make them naughty. Also, a haircut today will adversely affect your health and mood. Procedures for care will be useless, even if carried out by a professional. Do not waste your money and time. Coloring is not prohibited, but it is better to prefer sparing means.

24 February

haircut calendar haircuts for February 2019

Today's haircut will help you improve self-esteem and improve your mood. Hair dyeing is not recommended. Coloring on the contrary will lead to decrease in mood, working capacity, besides, badly will affect appearance of hair.

25 February

Do not do anything today that can harm your hair, no chemistry. Including it is advisable not to wash your hair, unless you have a natural shampoo. A haircut will have a beneficial effect on health, but it is important to warn the master that he does not use varnish, gel or other chemicals when laying.

February 26

Good day for haircuts and dyeing.Care will not have a visible effect, it is better to transfer the procedure to another time.

February 27

The day is not suitable for haircuts, nor for changing colors. Hair will quickly lose its shape, color will wash off, it will become “dirty” and ugly. You can make a simple installation, it will increase your vitality.

28th of February

Wonderful day for a new hairstyle! Haircut will fill you with strength and inner light, will bring good luck in all matters. A new hair color will strengthen your position at work and push your bosses - if not for your promotion, then for bonuses.

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