Lunar calendar for October 2019

Since ancient times, people have been looking at the sky to receive a sign, a blessing from higher powers. They were star luminaries and planets, which had and are having a significant impact on our lives. The Moon, the closest satellite of the Earth, changes human lives the most. The lunar calendar for October 2019 is a source of knowledge about fortune, the influence of stars on everyday events. Armed with information, you will always be “on horseback”.

full moon in the sky

Lunar calendar table for October 2019

Date, day of weekPhase of the moonLunar dayIn which sign of the zodiac is the moonEnergy of the day
01.10 Tuesday Growing 3, 4 Scorpio Very favorable
02.10 Wednesday Growing 4, 5 Scorpio Generally favorable
03.10 thursday Growing 5, 6 Sagittarius Generally favorable
04.10 Friday Growing 6, 7 Sagittarius Very favorable
Saturday 05.10 First quarter 7, 8 Capricorn Generally favorable
06.10 Sunday Growing 8, 9 Capricorn
07.10 monday Growing 9, 10 Aquarius
08.10 Tuesday Growing 10, 11 Aquarius Very favorable
09.10 Wednesday Growing 11, 12 Aquarius Very favorable
10.10 Thursday Growing 12, 13 Fish
11.10 Friday Growing 13, 14 Fish
12.10 Saturday Growing 14, 15 Aries
13.10 Sunday Growing 15, 16 Aries Unfavorable day
14.10 Monday Complete 16, 17 Aries Unfavorable day
15.10 Tuesday Decreasing 17, 18 Taurus Very favorable
16.10 Wednesday Decreasing 18, 19 Taurus Generally favorable
17.10 thursday Decreasing 19, 20 Twins Generally favorable
18.10 Friday Decreasing 20, 21 Twins Generally favorable
Saturday 19.10 Decreasing 21, 22 Twins Very favorable
20.10 Sunday Decreasing 22, 23 Cancer Generally favorable
21.10 Monday Third quarter 23, 24 Cancer
22.10 Tuesday Decreasing 24, 25 a lion Generally favorable
23.10 Wednesday Decreasing 25 a lion Generally favorable
24.10 thursday Decreasing 25, 26 Virgo
25.10 Friday Decreasing 26, 27 Virgo Very favorable
26.10 Saturday Decreasing 27, 28 Libra Generally favorable
27.10 Sunday Decreasing 28, 29 Libra
28.10 monday New Moon 29, 1, 2 Scorpio Very favorable
29.10 Tuesday Growing 2, 3 Scorpio Generally favorable
30.10 Wednesday Growing 3, 4 Sagittarius Very favorable
31.10 Thursday Growing 4, 5 Sagittarius Generally favorable

The most favorable days of the lunar calendar for October 2019

October 1 is a day under the auspices of Mars.The god of war makes you as efficient as possible - you are full of boiling energy, ready to conquer peaks. Today, any negotiations on business will be wonderful, a new project under your start will get a good start. In personal life, new acquaintances are expected, a love affair can spin at any moment, be fully armed. If you already have a partner, then the day favors the rapprochement and the transition of relations to a new level.

October 8th. Patronage of Mars is well traced in everyday life: the day is focused on action. Strong-willed, persistent, initiative definitely will succeed. If you have long dreamed of doing exercises in the morning, start today, it will be easy. The abundance of cases will not affect the readiness, you will not feel tired. The day is favorable for creative endeavors, love affairs and spiritual reflection. It is very unlikely that anything will go wrong.

October 19 - the day favors creative activities and physical activity. You can go family for a picnic or corporate in nature. Any collective activity will be pleasant and fruitful. Since the Twins rule the day, you shouldn’t expect perseverance in your work, focus on mental activity: make plans for the development of your business, define goals for the coming week.Traveling, exercising, and being in the air will have a beneficial effect on your health and mental state.

October 25th is a day for serious thorough studies. It will be excellent for professions engaged in monotonous work and exact sciences, for example, for accountants. In addition to the financial results of the month, it will be good to sum up the results both in private life and in other matters. With her inherent thoughtfulness and thoroughness, Virgo gives us luck for banking operations, for trade, and for advanced training. Look at the old problems from a new point of view with the inherent day of gentleness and slowness.

October 30 is a day of abstract thinking. Today, everything is conducive to mental work, the most daring and original ideas come to mind. Write them down, it's better than any brainstorming, today your brain is working harder than before. You will be real diplomats on October 30, get new contacts, but beware of too high a risk when making decisions.

Moon phases

Lunar forecast for the zodiacal elements for October

The second autumn month is the best time to start a new life.The wind of change will cover with its head all the signs of the zodiac: new acquaintances, romantic courtship will turn your head, and at work everything will develop at an incredibly rapid speed. There is also the flip side of rapid change: quarrels and conflicts will also flare up from scratch. Nevertheless, the representative of each element has something to be different this fall.

  • The signs of the element of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) will be successful in professional terms. Finally, you will not only get recognition for your contribution to the common cause, but also be able to improve your financial situation without making too much effort. Relations with the second half in October will be distinguished by a particular frenzy of feelings, jealousy will overwhelm the partner, and may reach the end of a relationship. But Lev is still calm on a personal front, and you need to take a closer look at new friends - there is a great risk of running into scams.
  • Tauruses, Virgos and Capricorns will get a chance to become the center of an exciting love story: a new romance can break into their lives in a whirlwind. Family life of these signs is on the rise in October: replenishment, rapprochement with a partner, opening of old grievances and resolving them in a positive way are quite likely.At Capricorns, nevertheless, everything will be exactly the opposite: at the beginning of the month you can even wait for moving up the career ladder and other successes at work, and by the end of the month the fortune will turn to the side of family and personal life.
  • For air signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) the month will be from a calmly positive course of events to a very favorable one. October will be especially generous for Libra: here and idyll in love, in family life, and at work everything goes well. The twins will live like a rollercoaster: success, failure, and so on in all walks of life.
  • For Cancer, the month will not start very successfully in professional terms, the intrigues of colleagues can spoil your reputation. In family life, too, everything will not go as planned: perhaps you will be too strict with your family, and they will move away from you. Scorpios will also use their charm: it will help them in business negotiations, and in romantic affairs. If the previous love relationship comes to an end, you can remain friends and in the future create a joint business. October favors the fish in caring for themselves and changing their appearance, on all other fronts there will be difficulties: at work, sheer intrigues and disappointment in the project started, in her personal life without changes.

The phases of the moon in October 2019 are so changeable that luck will not be so easy to “catch the tail”. However, during this period there is an impressive number of favorable days, and, therefore, everyone can change the course of events, it is only important to take advantage of the situation correctly.

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