Lunar calendar for August 2019

In the diversity of life events can not do without a wise guide. How to act in a situation, resolve a complex dilemma, establish personal relationships and when to start a serious conversation are aspects that require a thorough approach. The lunar calendar for August 2019 is a faithful adviser, able to prevent embarrassing situations, complete failures in work and failures in family life. He, like a ship, will carry you through the raging waves of life to the desired shore.

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Lunar calendar table for August 2019

Date, day of weekMoon phasesLunar daysIn which sign of the zodiac is the moonEnergy of the day
01.08 Thursday Decreasing 29, 30, 1 a lion
02.08 Friday Decreasing 1, 2 a lion Generally favorable
03.08 Saturday Decreasing 2, 3 Virgo
04.08 Sunday Decreasing 3, 4 Virgo Generally favorable
Monday 5th of August New Moon 4, 5 Libra
06.08 Tuesday Growing 5, 6 Libra Very favorable
07.08 Wednesday Growing 6, 7 Scorpio Very favorable
08.08 Thursday Growing 7, 8 Scorpio Very favorable
09.08 Friday Growing 8, 9 Sagittarius
10.08 Saturday Growing 9, 10 Sagittarius
11.08 Sunday Growing 10, 11 Capricorn
12.08 Monday First quarter 11, 12 Capricorn
13.08 tuesday Growing 12, 13 Capricorn
August 14, Wednesday Growing 13, 14 Aquarius Very favorable
15.08 thursday Growing 14, 15 Aquarius Generally favorable
16.08 Friday Growing 15, 16 Fish
17.08 saturday Growing 16, 17 Fish
18.08 sunday Growing 17, 18 Fish Generally favorable
19.08 monday Full moon 18, 19 Aries
08.08 Tuesday Decreasing 19, 20 Aries
08.21 Wednesday Decreasing 20, 21 Taurus Very favorable
22.08 thursday Decreasing 21, 22 Taurus Very favorable
23.08 Friday Decreasing 22, 23 Taurus Very favorable
08/24 Saturday Waning moon 23, 24 Twins
25.08 Sunday Decreasing 24, 25 Twins Generally favorable
26.08 monday Third quarter 25 Cancer
27.08 Tuesday Decreasing 25, 26 Cancer
28.08 Wednesday Decreasing 26, 27 a lion Very favorable
29.08 thursday Decreasing 27, 28 a lion Very favorable
30.08 Friday Decreasing 28, 29, 1 Virgo
31.08 Saturday Decreasing 1, 2 Virgo Very favorable

The most favorable days of the lunar calendar for August 2019

August 6 is the day of the growing Moon, along with it human energy is also gradually increasing, but do not rush things: the body still accumulates strength. Take care of building plans and thinking about ideas.Perhaps you still have unsolved problems in the past, now is the time to approach them sensibly. Since Libra rules the ball, it is better to postpone an important decision to a more successful period, today it will be difficult.

August 7th is the perfect day to make responsible decisions. Mental activity will be especially vigorous, and heightened intuition will prompt a way out of any ambiguous situation. The first quarter of the moon is always marked by an abundance of energy and a desire to embrace the immensity. Work at the computer, processing and collecting large amounts of information will be especially good. The day is also perfect for dating, communication will be smooth and enjoyable.

August 21 - the day of peace and peace of mind. The moon in Taurus favors passive recreation: go to the theater with your soulmate, dine in a restaurant or watch a movie alone under the rug. In any case, privacy and unhurriedly during the day will give a new look to familiar things and energize for future accomplishments. On this day, laziness will be surprisingly combined with fruitful thinking activity.Everything disposes to rapprochement in love relationships, and at work there is a material benefit.

August 28. The moon in Leo is conducive to all recreational activities, as well as business in the field of entertainment. Any parties, holidays and other events will run smoothly and will leave an indelible impression. You can safely plan a wedding or corporate event for this number and you can’t go wrong! Since energy for work on August 28 will be abundant, spend it on the old tasks and the solution of annoying problems. Luminaries will allow us to look at them from a new side and take into account what was previously lost sight of.

August 31 - the day when you can start life from scratch: lose weight, find a new hobby, sort out a relationship with a partner. Today, you can do the body cleansing of toxins, go to the bath, rethink the old relationship. August 31 is also suitable for monotonous hard work and education. Any undertaking will receive energy support and will be successful on this day. Vital forces will begin to grow, and you will acquire new contacts and connections.

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Lunar forecast for all signs of the Zodiac for August

While summer is coming to an end, the stars will continue to influence the fate of the signs of the zodiac: for some, August has prepared pleasant surprises, for others - life-barriers.

  • Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) will feel a strong need for family support, but also the support of colleagues does not place either. Indeed, in August, the health of representatives of these signs will begin to fail, money will be needed for doctors and tests. Excess spending is not welcome this month, so it is important to rationally approach treatment, but do not bury your head in the sand! Sagittarius in this month, it is desirable to go with the flow, not to contradict fate. If some business fails, postpone - now is not his time. In the love sphere everything is calm and stable, no bursts are foreseen.
  • For signs of the earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) it is time to move away from work and trust yourself to good rest and relaxation. Fill the sleep, eat well, do not restrain yourself in anything - August is a great time to release the reins. However, for Virgo the beginning of the month will not be so careless. You can expect troubles in family life, relatives will require more attention, old problems will be exacerbated.Take the time to disentangle these knots, and dedicate your rest to the end of the month. At Taurus at home, too, everything is not going smoothly, in August a generational conflict will mature.
  • Water representatives (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) will undergo storms and thunderstorms on their personal front. Those close to you will miss your attention, participation in their life, warmth, large quarrels, scandals and serious resentment can begin in the family. Do not let the situation worsen: stop problems at the root, talk, find out mutual complaints and discontent. In the financial sphere, on the contrary, complete idyll will come. For Cancer, the month is more negative than positive. Here's a tip: do a general cleaning, clean the house of rubbish and dust, and take up thoughts. The bright head is what will help in solving the problems this month.
  • For Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, the beginning of the month will be marked by quarrels with close people and health problems. Listen to your body, maybe you have something to pay attention to. From the middle of the month on the personal front the situation will get better. Lonely representatives of the air will meet the person with whom a dizzying romance will arise.It is desirable for Scales to pay more attention to already existing relations, they will begin to go to pieces at the seams in August. Aquarius needs to be wary of driving a car and long journeys.

The phases of the moon in August 2019 will provide us with an abundance of strength and energy. Hot summer days will be ideal for new achievements and victories. Someone may want to make an incredible adventure, take a chance, but remember: the luminaries do not favor rash actions during this period. Any “Come on?” Can end in a bitter disappointment in oneself and in people, and financial investments can be burned out. If it is possible to avoid cardinal changes at the end of the summer, do it better.

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