Lump sum payment to pensioners in 2018

The discussed issue of increasing subsidies to pensioners is becoming increasingly important among Russian citizens. Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev at one of the meetings said that in the new 2018 indexation should be carried out as planned. The size of the increase should be equal to the level of inflation in 2017. Also, the head of government noted that the appointment of retirees lump sum instead of the usual indexation in Russia - this is an extreme measure, which the authorities were forced to take due to lack of financial resources.


Who should receive a lump sum payment?

In January of this year, almost all citizens who have reached the retirement age received such one-time assistance in the amount of 5,000 rubles:

  • old-age pensioners;
  • disabled people;
  • persons receiving survivor’s benefits;
  • working pensioners.

Lump sum payment to pensioners in 2018

The only exceptions were pensioners living abroad.The reasons for this are very understandable - since such citizens do not live on the territory of the Russian state, they are not able to assess the increase in inflation in the country, respectively, they do not need any material compensation.

Initially, the list of retirees applying for a lump-sum payment did not include persons receiving benefits not from the Pension Fund, but from various departments, including military retirees. After analyzing the planned changes and assessing the federal budget, the head of state Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin still instructed his subordinates that military retirees should also receive a lump sum payment. In order not to be unfounded, we submit for viewing the following video:

Pros and cons of lump sum payment

It should be said that, in general, most of the pensioners were satisfied after receiving one-time assistance from the state. Payments were assigned to almost all citizens residing on a well-deserved rest, no one was left forgotten. Also, people were pleased by the fact that payments for all were at the same rate - everything was equally.The advantage of a lump sum payment can also be called the fact that it was received even by employed pensioners, for whom indexation is temporarily frozen.

At the same time, the one-time assistance provided by the state also has disadvantages. Needless to say, the amount of 5,000 rubles can not compensate for the real level of inflation. We got at least something from the state and it’s okay - pensioners are happy about that too.

When it will be? Last news

Plans for 2018 regarding the increase in pensions are quite optimistic. Representatives of the authorities claim that the indexation will take place next year unequivocally, the expected amount for pensions is 3.8%, and for social benefits - 1.2%. If the state predicts indexation for 2018, lump-sum payments are unlikely to be assigned, as in the past year. In any case, it is early to draw conclusions on this matter, since the financial system of the country has not yet become stronger after the economic crisis.

Lump sum payment to pensioners in 2018

Ideally, the citizens' pension should be several times higher than the subsistence minimum. According to hopes, in 2018, an average pension of 14,000 rubles is expected, and the subsistence minimum is 9,300 rubles. In past years, the difference between these indicators was much higher - the size of pensions is greater than the subsistence minimum:

Year The ratio of pensions to the current subsistence minimum
2014 73%
2016 61%
2018 48%

Perhaps, the living wage in recent years has a tendency to a decent increase, pensions may grow by a small percentage, but the facts remain facts.

In the new year it is planned to implement a new system of savings for pensioners. Its meaning lies in the fact that a citizen can, if necessary, use his savings funds, for example, in the event of illness. The issue of transferring 1% and 6% cash to the bank accounts of owners is discussed. No final decision has yet been made.

In general, it is not yet known whether to wait for pensioners to receive a lump sum payment in 2018 or not. If you wait, then what will be its size - the question is also open. For up-to-date information, you should regularly refer to official legal and political sources.

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