Lottery Green Card 2017

The annual lottery in which the Green Card of the USA is being played has already started! Receive applications for participation inDV-2017It took place from October 1, 2015 to November 3, 2015. Hundreds of volunteers have already managed to apply for the rally, and those who did not have time should be prepared not to miss their chance in 2016.

It is worth noting that there are several ways to obtain this document, but this lottery is recognized as the easiest and most accessible. You do not need to be proficient in English or be a first-class specialist - just trust your luck, and maybe, very soon you will become the owner of a voucher for another life!

What is this lottery?

When to apply for the Green Card Lottery 2017“Green Card” or, as people used to say “green card”, allows you to easily move to permanent residence in America, get a job or open a business.

For the first time this lottery was held in 1994. Each year, the State Department takes responsibility for the rally. During the lottery, 50,000 people from different countries can become lucky owners of the Green Card.

Why is this competition held? The US government is confident that, thanks to immigrants, the country is replenished with new experiences,culture and skilled workers, because each nationality for several years contributed to the history and development of the United States.

When to apply for the lottery?

If you dream of living in America, then surely watch the time for submitting applications for participation in the competition. It was possible to register in the DV-2017 lottery system from 10/01/2015 to 11/03/2015, later applications will not be accepted.

filling out an application for green card 2017It is worth noting that the application is submitted via the Internet, on the official resource and is completely free. Now there are a lot of scammers who offer site visitors an application for participation for money. Be careful and beware of similar Internet resources, because they have nothing to do with the lottery.

The application is a kind of questionnaire in which you must enter your data in English. One person can fill only one form. Departing from these requirements, be prepared for the fact that all your applications are disqualified.

Primary requirements

Everyone can participate in the rally, the main thing is to follow the basic conditions:

  1. The applicant's country must be in the list of admitted to the lottery DV-2017.In the case when a country is excluded, it is possible to participate, if the applicant's spouse from an admitted state or the applicant's parents are from that country and at the time of the birth of the future participant were citizens of this country, then it can be indicated as a place of residence.
  2. Carry a document about secondary education or any other similar document. If the applicant does not have such a document, you should indicate the experience in the specialty for which you need to study for at least 2 years. Moreover, the experience must be at least 5 years.

Photo on Green Card: how to prepare?

To make your application was accepted to participate in the lottery, you must make the correct photo. In the entire history of this contest, there are cases when, due to a poor-quality image, the form was disqualified.

Photography for the lottery can be done in two ways:

  1. In the photo salon - this is the best option, because there I know for sure how to choose the right size and in which position to photograph.
  2. At home. To take a picture of the house should be reserved a white sheet for the background, a good digital apparatus, lamps for lighting.

It doesn’t matter if this photo is from the atelier or becomes the result of a home shooting, the main thing is that it fits the main criteria:

  • head position: you need to sit up straight without tilting your head to either side;
  • background: light, without various drawings and reliefs;
  • focus: the sharpness of the pattern should be high, without grain and clouding;
  • foreign objects in the frame: only glasses are allowed, but without glare on the glasses;
  • headdress: only those hats that are consistent with religious beliefs are allowed, moreover, the person should not be covered.

Filling out the questionnaire should not cause any special difficulties, just enter information in stages in every column, while avoiding errors.

Winners selection process

A specially designed program checks and sorts poorly completed applications. After that, another computer program selects lucky profiles.

How and when to find out the result?

USA Green Card 2017The results of the DV-2017 lottery will be known only on May 3, 2016.. To find out if you won a lucky ticket, you should visit the site where you completed the questionnaire, using an individual code. Here you need to enter a personal number (issued when creating an online application), year of birth and last name. Next, click “Sabmit”.

The winner receives a special case number. After that, you must contact the embassy in order to obtain a visa. It is used to move to America and get a “green card”, as well as other issues regarding life in the United States.

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