List of popular professions for 2019

The life of each person largely determines his profession. Occupation affects almost all areas: from the daily routine to the style of clothing and eating habits. After all, a profession is also an income, on which our quality of life depends.

Specialists in the field of recruiting (search and recruitment) always identify two factors that characterize the ideal profession for a person: work should bring pleasure and income. That is why it is so important for young people to decide on their future career as early as possible so that their whole life will be successful, both psychologically and financially.

Knowing the profession in demand in 2019 is important not only for today's graduates, but also for those who once made a mistake with the choice of the work of a lifetime. Today, the educational sphere offers a lot of courses, trainings and licensed master classes, which means that everyone has the opportunity to improve their skills and master a completely new profession.

On whom to go to study, in which departments and services are desperately lacking specialists - we will deal with these issues in detail.

Social professions

Any person who has visited the state clinic or hospital at least once in the past year knows that the field of medicine is going through difficult times. Good specialists, as a rule, are elderly people who will retire in a few years. There are very few young specialists, and, unfortunately, many young doctors are not so well qualified.

Popular professions

It can be said with confidence that in the years 2019-2020 there will be a real boom for experienced doctors, the medical profession will be increasingly necessary and, as a result, it will be better paid. It is also believed that this is one of the most sought-after professions for girls. It is important that the most needed doctors will be narrow areas: neurologists, cardiologists, oculists, radiologists, etc. The field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine is actively developing, in which dermatologists and dentists (surgeons and orthodontists) will find themselves.

No less important for society is the profession of a teacher. There is a shortage of personnel both in schools and in higher education institutions.Moreover, in universities, the shortage of teaching staff is especially felt. Today there are many new directions in science, marketing, programming and technology. There is often no one to teach such directions.

The career of a teacher can appeal to both excellent graduates and those people who have enough experience in their field and are ready to share it. You can try your hand at not only public institutions, but also as a home tutor or teacher for paid courses.

Computer technology

top occupations 2019

The sphere of computer and information technology is developing by leaps and bounds. Almost daily new devices, gadgets, high-tech devices appear on the market. Someone invents and develops them, someone - repairs.

Accordingly, the demand for inventors, programmers, developers, tuners will not fall either in 2019 or in the near future.

Transport and Traffic

10 popular professions in Russia

Experienced drivers for passenger bus transport - a very common vacancy. In 2019, having a driver's license with several open categories will open many doors to you.

Such professions as the city bus driver (trolley bus and tram) and the bus driver on international flights will be in demand. Not less scarce are train drivers, including the subway.

Separate active demand is now on civil aviation pilots. To get an education and a flight license in this matter is difficult, but very prestigious. Due to the rapid development of airlines, as well as with the advent of new high-tech aircraft models, the demand for pilots will only grow.

Working professions

In recent years, marketing, jurisprudence, and IT technologies have been developing very briskly, which has resulted in the inflow of personnel to blue-collar jobs. Meanwhile, our society still needs plumbers, electricians, builders, bricklayers, painters, engineers.

the most sought-after professions in 2019

There is a shortage of people in the repair teams, in the field of light and heavy industry, engineering, housing and utilities. In 2019, the demand for "workers" will be very high.

Interestingly, there are now many private companies offering paid utilities - a call to a plumber or a porter, for example, in a new elite house, can be very expensive.Accordingly, there is a high need for specialists in this area, and such work in 2019 will be adequately paid for.

A separate item is to provide architects and people building professions. Modern megacities are expanding very rapidly, the need for new housing is growing every year. At the same time, in our time, a lot of attention is paid to the appearance of buildings, which means that they show considerable interest to architects.

And, of course, to those who can bring architectural projects to life: from installers, to crane operators, from surveyors, to bricklayers and decorators.

Science is also actively developing now. These are military technologies, the development of new types and models of transport (flying machines and supersonic airliners are just around the corner), highly complex technologies in the field of medicine, robotics, space exploration.

All these areas are happy to attract ambitious and promising employees. Even a lack of work experience does not always prevent getting a position: a good scientific basis (education) matters, as well as profitability and prospects of the applicant's ideas.

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