Limousine Vladimir Putin in 2018

"Cortege" - the unofficial designation of a specially designed cars of representative VIP-class for the movement of leaders of the country. Officially, this project is called “Unified Modular Platform”. The development of the project began in 2012, FGUP "NAMI" and consists in the design, creation and production of premium passenger cars for the first persons of the country, as well as vehicles for tracking a minivan, sedan, and SUV.

Release of the first representative limousine Putin is scheduled for 2018 for the inauguration of the president. In the future, the serial production of VIP-class cars of this project is planned. Currently, the project is being implemented in accordance with the approved schedule, however, the design of the SUV has been suspended.

External image and interior

The appearance of the presidential limousine can be viewed in detail in the application for the approval of a patent for an industrial design registered by Rospatent. It represents the form of a classic three-volume limousine with a sufficiently long body for comfortable accommodation inside.

The high status of the car emphasizes the classic limousine look with a long bonnet, strongly protruding vyshtampovki lines which go into a large grille, gilded coat of arms of the country, mounted on the hood. The brutality of the car emphasizes the rectangular design of LED head optics, as well as unusually located running lights parallel to the side lines of the grille.


On the side, the car is distinguished by a smooth transition of the roof line to the luggage compartment, a long light molding consisting of three horizontal guides and a chrome edging around the perimeter of all side windows. In the back, the original type of combined lights are distinguished, having a narrowed shape and passing on to the wings. The massive bumper, at the bottom of which there are wide chrome-plated holes in the exhaust diffusers, underlines the solid and powerful image of the car.


The interior of the limousine is distinguished by a refined design with a combination of high-class finishing materials (polished aluminum, genuine leather, carbon fiber, noble tree species).The dashboard resembles a similar panel from the BMW 7-Series, and the multifunctional steering-spoke steering wheel as well as the adjustment blocks located on the front doors are very similar in design to those used in the Mercedes S-Class design. On the center console, there are two color multifunctional displays that allow the driver and the accompanying person to receive information about the status of a large number of systems that will be equipped with a limousine.


In the rear of the passenger compartment, four separate beige leather seats were mounted. These chairs are located opposite each other, while two of them have an extended shape, resembling a sofa.

Technical equipment

As the power unit on the presidential limousine will be installed the most powerful of the engine line "Tuple". This is a 12-cylinder petrol turbocharged engine with a capacity of 850 liters. from. All-wheel drive transmission with this engine is equipped with a 9-band automatic transmission. This will allow the car with a mass of 6 tons to reach speeds of up to 250 km / h, while the acceleration time to 100 km is only 7.00 seconds.


According to the technical requirements of limousine has the following dimensions (seeTable 1):

Table 1

Name of the parameter (m)
Wheelbase Length Height Width
4,30 6,80 1,68 2,00

A little is known about equipping a limousine with equipment and special systems, but now we can note the following:

  • multisystem developed by Harman Connected Services;
  • U-shin has developed a device for locking doors, door handles, LED ceiling lighting for rooms, various switches.

In addition, all seats will have a large selection of electric adjustment, as well as be equipped with heating, ventilation, and part of the memory and massage function.

More complete, as far as possible, information about equipping the presidential limousine Putin will be known by the beginning of its production in 2018.


Production and sales

The first batch of 14-car motorcade of 14 cars will be handed over to the FSO at the end of this year. For 2019, it is planned that the issue of VIP cars of this brand to make up to 1000 units per year. In this case, the price will start from 12 million rubles.

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