Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital: where is it, feedback

Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospitalwas established in 1938. The goal of the establishment of the medical institution was to provide assistance to all those who applied to the patients living in the region. Since then, many years have passed, but the appointment of the hospital has not changed, the equipment has become high-tech, the service is modern, the range of services has significantly expanded.


Leningrad Regional Clinical HospitalHospital "is the leading multidisciplinary clinic in the region.On the end of 2016, more than 190 thousand people applied for help to the hospital, some of them were residents of the Leningrad region, there were many patients from St. Petersburg. About 26 thousand patients received treatment in the inpatient department and consultative services visitors, ambulance services were used by 160 thousand people.

Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospitalprovides medical assistance in most traditional areas. The clinic participates in the state program of providing patients with high-tech medical services. Surgery is performed at a high level of complexity in the hospital with positive results in most cases.Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital


Where is the Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital located? Address - Lunacharsky Avenue, buildings 45-49.

Structure of the institution

The Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital is a modern medical institution, which includes structural subdivisions:

  • Diagnostic center with a wide range of tests performed on modern equipment, which guarantees the accuracy and speed of the results.
  • Thirty-eight treatment units, where patients are provided with a full range of medical services and treatments.
  • The largest in the field of inpatient department, designed to stay 1 110 patients at a time.
  • Polyclinic, where the reception is conducted by specialists in thirty areas.
  • First aid (including sanitary aviation).
  • Pharmacy, household services and many more.

Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital reviews


Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospitalprovides patients with the fullness of medical care. For treatment, diagnosis, counseling, visitors do not need to contact other medical facilities, all procedures are performed at the hospital.

The Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital (Lunacharsky, 49) has a diagnostic center where research is conducted in the following areas:

  • Functional diagnostics. It is carried out in four groups: cardiology (ECG, treadmill test, daily monitoring of pressure and ECG, echocardiography, etc.); scanning of vessels (arteries and veins of extremities, neck, brain, etc.); neurophysiological studies (EEG, electornoneuromyography, etc.); research of the respiratory system.
  • Clinical and diagnostic laboratory (test for hepatitis B and C, immunology, general clinical studies, bacteriological, HIV diagnostics, dysbacteriosis, urogenital infections, etc.).
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI of the spinal cord and brain, adrenal, spine, etc.).
  • X-rays (internal organs, joints and bones, vasography, fistulography, urography, cholecystography, digital mammography, etc.).
  • X-ray surgical methods of diagnosis and treatment (stroke and other acute disorders of cerebral circulation, aneurysm, thrombolysis (thrombus dissolution), ischemia, etc.).
  • Computer tomography (spiral CT scanner).
  • Ultrasound diagnosis (organs of the digestive tract, liver, lymph nodes, pancreas, kidneys, breast elastography, etc.).
  • Endoscopy (diagnosis of tumors and their minimally invasive removal, endoscopic diagnosis, diagnosis of lung diseases, diagnostic and planned endoscopic operations, etc.).

Hospital departments of the hospital

Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital intreatment of patients adheres to humanistic philosophy, relying on the principle of "the main thing - a person". The employees of the clinic are doing everything possible to ensure that the patient receives a comprehensive consultation, a full diagnosis and the whole complex of effective medical procedures.gubuz Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital

To assist in hospital settings, there are departments:

  • Resuscitation and anesthesiology, endocrinology.
  • Gastroenterology, rheumatology, traumatology and orthopedics.
  • Burning.
  • Two cardiosurgical.
  • Three oncological and two oncohematological.
  • Gynecology, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology of pregnancy.
  • Ophthalmology, two neurological.
  • Operating unit, department of neurosurgery, vascular surgery, cardiosurgery, maxillofacial surgery.
  • Therapy, nephrology, hemodialysis department, transfusiology department.
  • Otorhinolaryngology, pulmonology, radiology.
  • Physiotherapy, barotherapy, exercise therapy.

Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospitaloccupies a leading position on innovation, complex operational interventions not only in St. Petersburg, but also across the country. The clinic aspires to carry out complicated operations, with minimal intervention, using endovideosurgical methods of conducting operations. Many of them became exclusive. Doctors prefer to develop new ways to conduct blood-saving operations using modern technology and technology, which positively affects the health of patients.


Polyclinic of the Leningrad Regional Clinical HospitalThe hospital daily receives about 535 patients per shift. Visitors who come for consultation and diagnostics in the clinic receive a full range of services within one day, which greatly speeds up the survey process and saves time for both the doctor and the patient.

Consultations are carried out in five branches:

  • Two consulting departments (on compulsory medical insurance and commercial price).
  • Department of laser ophthalmology.
  • Department of Dentistry.
  • Family center (health and reproduction).

Doctors of the polyclinic are specialists,practicing in the departments of the hospital. This combination supports their professionalism and provides patients with due attention. Reception of visitors is conducted in 45 directions:

  • Endocrinologist-cytogenetik, gynecologist-endocrinologist.
  • Vascular surgeon, neurologist.
  • Surdologist, cardiosurgeon and other specialists.

Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital of Lunacharsky 49

Healthy Family Center

Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital(Lunacharskogo, 49) provides comprehensive medical care for violations of reproductive functions in men and women. The Center for Family Health and Reproduction provides medical services in the outpatient clinic to women with gynecological diseases and reproductive disorders, provides support for pregnant women in the prenatal and postnatal period. Specialists of the Center help men to save and restore their fertility.

A lot of attention is paid to patients with congenital and hereditary pathologies, genetic disorders. The structure of the Center includes the following departments:

  • Reproductive health care (diagnosis of infertility in men and women, diagnosis and treatment of STDs, detection of neoplasms, diagnosis of breast pathologies, etc.).
  • Medico-genetic consultation (including a laboratory of molecular genetic, cytological analyzes).
  • Prenatal screening (conducted in the first trimester, consists of three stages - ultrasound, a blood test, consultation of an obstetrician-gynecologist).

The center accepts patients for compulsory medical insurance (compulsory medical insurance) and on a commercial basis. Admission by CHI is carried out by prior appointment.

On guard of children's health

Leningrad Regional Children's Clinical HospitalThe hospital is located on Komsomol street in building No. 6. About 10 thousand small patients receive treatment, diagnostics and attention from medical personnel every year. The staff is staffed by specialists of the highest and first categories and consists of almost 600 people, keen on their business. Many doctors of the clinic have the highest qualification in the profession, scientific degrees. The polyclinic of the hospital annually serves about 45 thousand children.

Leningrad Regional Children's Clinical Hospital


  • Two departments of anesthesiology and resuscitation.
  • Pulmonary, surgical.
  • Otolaryngological, psychoneurological.
  • Two pediatric units.
  • Eye Microsurgery, Medical Rehabilitation.
  • Pathology of newborns, traumatology and orthopedics.
  • Physiotherapeutic, exercise therapy, hyperbaric oxygenation.

LODKB has a stationary andconsulting and diagnostic (polyclinic) departments. Practitioners work both in a hospital and in a polyclinic. The Children's Clinical Hospital of the Leningrad Region is a versatile medical institution, the leading center for rendering professional assistance to children. In addition to the provision of medical, consultative and diagnostic services, the hospital is the base for medical educational institutions of the higher school of St. Petersburg.

High-tech help

Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital(Lunacharsky, 49) provides patients with high-tech medical care. The technical base of the hospital is equipped with innovative models of European and Russian equipment.

VMP (high-tech medical care) is conducted in the following areas:

  • Gynecology, obstetrics, neurosurgery.
  • Oncology, traumatology and orthopedics.
  • Combustiology, abdominal surgery.
  • Surgery of the heart and blood vessels, hematology.
  • Transplantation, rheumatology, urology and other directions.

The VMP is provided under the MLA or on a commercial basisbasis. Help can be obtained by any patient who has indications for treatment by these methods. The referral to the procedure is prescribed by the attending physician of any medical institution in the Leningrad Region. To get the VMP, the patient needs a package of documents:

  • Extract from the medical card.
  • Direction of the attending physician.
  • A copy of the SNILS.
  • Passport (copy).
  • Copy of the insurance policy (OMS, two pages).

VMP under the compulsory medical insurance programis at the expense of the federal budget, the patient does not bear any costs. The volume of financing covers completely all procedures, consumables, work of specialists of all levels.Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital of Lunacharsky

Positive reviews

Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital(St. Petersburg) daily receives a large flow of patients. The feedbacks were positively assessed for the high professionalism of staff at all levels. Most visitors received effective diagnostics and full treatment.

It is pointed out that chambers and places of generaluse are neat and regularly cleaned. Conditions of stay in the hospital almost all arranged, especially since there is a choice between standard chambers and luxury chambers. Many patients are constantly observed in the clinic and are advised by her friends. The Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital is trying to provide quality assistance. Doctors of many departments of the hospital and polyclinic received gratitude from their patients for effective treatment.Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital, St. Petersburg

Negative feedback

Not everyone liked the medical services thatis provided by the Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital. Reviews with negative assessments are left to some specialists who have treated patients neglected. As a result of negligence, an incorrect diagnosis was made and treatment was incorrect. Almost all patients criticized the food in the hospital, and some even picked up the intestinal infection.

In general, the feedback on the professionalism of the specialists and the organization of work of the institution are positive, their number prevails over negative stories, which indicates a good level of service in the clinic.

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