LED - lamps in the interior

January 27, 2018

LED-type luminaire can be divided into three groups, depending on the purpose of their use: domestic, industrial and street. The latter are used as illumination of transport roads, parks and structures of the architectural plan. The lamp is not replaced by them. Office lamps or LED lamps used in manufacturing are also not equipped with removable elements.

However, they put forward more serious operational requirements, for example, the presence of stable color or a certain quality of lighting. If we talk about household lamps, then often their power is small (about 20 W), they are highly decorative and are equipped with interchangeable lamps. The household category of led-lamps is diverse in terms of design and installation site, so it can be mounted in the floor, ceiling, walls, and so on. www.feron.ua can be purchased both in a specialized store and through the Internet.

Led lamps, produced recently, differ not only in design, but also in color and shape.Due to this, they can be used not only to fill the room with basic lighting, but also as a decorative light. Most often they are used in order to highlight in a qualitative light objects of art, for example, vases, paintings, furniture or the outline of a building.

LED - lamps in the interiorLED - lamps in the interior

Low costs

LED lamps are interesting not only for their design, but also practical properties. To produce light, such a lamp does not need to consume a large amount of electricity, as a result of which utility bills are reduced. Their operational period reaches 50 thousand working hours, and the light bulb needs to be changed no more than once every few years.

Many are accustomed to the classic incandescent bulbs, which work with a weak flicker, almost invisible to the naked eye. This side effect does not occur when the LED light is on. LED-lamps are absolutely safe for human health, because they do not flicker and do not emit ultraviolet and infrared color. Such parameters are important in order to install a lighting device in a room where residents of the house relax or work.In addition, due to low heat radiation, the objects closest to the lamp will not heat up, and the air will remain optimal, without drying.

Famous manufacturers produce modern LED lamps, differing in their performance and long service life, however, their cost is currently high. Of course, you can find simpler models, however, the price is compensated by the use of poor-quality materials, which can lead to early failure of the lamp.

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