Layout of two-story houses: photos, ideas for construction

Layout of two-storey houses: developers are increasingly using plans for two-storey houses for arranging country land. Buildings of this type can be considered as a middle ground in terms of size, living space, type of placement of rooms in the building. Buildings with two floors are considered classic. They suggest the traditional type of accommodation with the organization of kitchens and general purpose rooms on the first floor, bedrooms and bathrooms - on the second.


Two-storey house - the best option for a large family

Layout of two-storey houses, their features

The traditional placement of the interior has its pros and cons. Plans for two-storey houses are presented in a wide variety, and the developer can adjust them at will:

  • select materials (construction based on gas blocks, wood, foam blocks, bricks, ceramics, etc.);

planirovka-dvuhetazhnyh-domov-foto-idei-stroitelstva-51 (1)

Two-storey small house with an external staircase to the balcony

  • independently establish the dimensional parameters of each of the premises;
  • add additional structural elements to the building (terrace, porch, attic, garage, attic, bay window).

Helpful advice!Brick built cottages - the best way to solve the problem of living at the cottage in the summer season. They will also be comfortable as a permanent place of residence, since they have all the necessary parameters for comfort: durability, good thermal insulation level, durability, high sound insulation and other equally useful advantages.

Benefits of the planning of two floors

Building a cottage with two floors has the following advantages:

  • Saving land area - this issue is particularly relevant among owners of small land plots. Due to space saving, it is possible to install additional facilities for household use (a shed for storing firewood, a carport for a car) or for rest (a gazebo, carport, bath, summer kitchen, to organize an area with benches and flower beds);
  • opportunities for design decisions affecting the exterior. Using the services of professional designers or architects, you can build an interesting building, design the entire territory and the garden in the same style or using the same materials;


The building with two floors provides ample opportunities for various design decisions.

  • the opportunity to diversify the facade and architecture of the cottage with beautiful balconies (as the material for the railing, you can use natural stone, wood, decorated with carvings, durable glass, metal, supplemented with artistic forging, or use combinations of these materials);
  • there are more opportunities in terms of interior design, their decorative improvement.


Combined living and dining room, located on the first floor of a private house

Cons of two-story houses

For the construction of a cottage with two floors, a larger budget is needed than in the case of single-storey buildings.

This moment is caused by many factors. First of all, these are features of the construction of the foundation part. To hold the weight of several floors, you need a reliable and solid foundation.For these purposes, tape-type foundations made of concrete are provided. The cost of their construction is very high. But the characteristics allow you to keep the weight of the house with furniture filling and attic even on a small area of ​​the building.

The presence of the second floor requires the developer to create a staircase design. This not only carries additional costs, but also complicates the technology of building a house.


The presence of the second floor creates the need for additional expenses for the construction of a staircase

Important!According to statistics, staircase structures and sites act as the main sources of danger and cause many accidents that occur in country and private houses. And often the builders themselves fill up the ranks of the victims, since the process of building a two-story house is accompanied by the use of ladders.

Statistics of accidents on the stairs for the last 6 years:

General indicators and causes of incidents Percentage or proportion
Total number of victims 50 000
The increase in the number of accidents 62%
Sliding ladder from the support site 59%
Malfunction of working inventory (stepladders) 8%
Loss of balance during construction 27%

A certain number of falls is due to the careless exploitation by the owners themselves of the finished staircase leading to the second floor, as well as violation of technology and safety standards during its construction, which leads to the collapse or breakdown of individual parts.


Stair construction in a private house with two floors

This can be easily avoided if you entrust the work to professionals who compile the right drawings, calculate the parameters, select the appropriate materials for handrails and other parts and their fixings.

What complicates the layout of two-story houses

The cost of construction increases at the expense of other moments. Consider them in more detail:

  • the large weight of the building requires additional reinforcement of interfloor ceilings, otherwise the future living in the house will be accompanied by increased danger;


Two-storey buildings are considered to be the classic version of country houses.

  • elements of communication systems and heating in two-story buildings have a more extensive and complex scheme. Because of this, it will be necessary to install additional water supply systems, install sewage, install special circulation equipment to facilitate the normal movement of the heat carrier inside the circuit, in order to ensure full heating. Such equipment includes a circulation pump;
  • At the stages of construction, as well as finishing and facade work, scaffolding will be required to ensure that materials can be lifted to the required height;


Two-storey house in Art Nouveau style with underground garage

  • Special projects are being developed for families with elderly people, children, and people with disabilities. It is not possible to use absolutely all types of layouts. In such a house, rooms belonging to these categories of tenants must necessarily be located on the first floor, since moving along stairs can be problematic and dangerous;
  • the number of costs for the purchase of insulation increases due to the fact that the wind load on the walls increases.

Note!The cost of project development is also increased due to the design of staircase and balcony structures, the foundation part, structural and key elements.


Example of planning a two-story house with a small area

Photos of two-storey houses: projects with plans of different areas

In fact, it turns out that building a cottage with two floors has more drawbacks than advantages. But basically all the disadvantages relate only to additional costs. If you have the necessary budget, the construction of the building will be a profitable solution in any respect.

Part of the cost concerns the execution of documentation related to:

  • the creation of a powerful foundation foundation;
  • device ladder design;
  • the complexity of design solutions;
  • reinforcement of floors between floors.


Two-storey house with a seating area on the open terrace

Having sufficient budgetary opportunities for building, you can build a really reliable and comfortable house on a small plot of land. To do this, you can use free projects or use the services of a specialized company engaged in project development.

Projects of two-storey houses and cottages, free drawings and photos

Using the example of the layout of a two-storey 6 by 8 m house, one can see that even a small building can offer normal living conditions and comfort. The main entrance to the cottage is located on the porch. For convenience, there is a dressing room here. Large living room combined with a compact kitchen, which is adjacent to the bathroom.


Project 1. Facade of a two-story house 6x8 m

From the living room you can take the stairs to the second floor where two bedrooms are located. One of them can be easily converted into a nursery or guest room. The rooms are separated by a dressing room intended for common use.

Note!The total area of ​​the cottage is increased due to the long terrace adjoining the living room. This area of ​​the house can be used as a dining room in the warm season. There are two entrances to the house on the terrace, thanks to which guests and hosts have the opportunity to move freely from the street into the building.


Project 1. First floor plan: 1 - vestibule, 2 - living room, 3 - kitchen, 4 - bathroom, 5 - terrace. First floor plan: 1 - bedroom, 2 - dressing room, 3 - bedroom, 4 - staircase hall

An example of a convenient layout of a two-story house 6x9 meters

The rectangular layout is no less convenient than the square one.In this project, with dimensions of 6x9 m, the first floor is a reception area. There is a kitchen with a small dining room, a full bathroom, and a large living room, which solves the problem of placing the stairs to the second floor. The rooms have an optimal location, thanks to which it is possible to rationalize the movement of people around the house. Kitchen and living room equipped with exits to the street.


Project 2. The facade of a two-story house 6x9 m

On the second floor, the layout provides for two bedrooms, one of which may well become a children's room, the other - the parent’s bedroom. The children's room adjoins a small room that can be equipped:

  • under the dressing room;
  • under a small gym;
  • under the pantry for storage.

This version of the layout, like any other ready-made projects, can be adjusted according to the wishes of the future owner. You can always change the purpose of the rooms, as well as their placement and size.


Project 2. Ground floor plan: 1 - kitchen-living-dining room, 2 - bathroom. Second floor plan: 1 - corridor, 2 and 3 - bedroom, 4 - balcony

Plans for two-storey houses 7 by 7: photos and drawings

The layout of the two-storey house 7 by 7 m, shown on the project below, is quite functional.It includes all the rooms necessary for a comfortable stay of a family with two children. The ground floor of the cottage is reserved for reception.

Here is located:

  • kitchen;
  • canteen;
  • living room;
  • full bathroom;
  • hallway and dressing room.

Helpful advice!By connecting the spaces of several rooms, you can significantly increase the usable area. By the example of this layout of a two-storey house of 7x7 m you can see how the combination of such rooms as a living room, kitchen and dining room looks good.


Project 3. Facade of a two-story house 7x7 m

The cottage has two porches. One plays the role of the main entrance from the street: immediately at the entrance to the house through the hallway is a dressing room, where you can leave outerwear and shoes. The second porch is located at the exit of the living room on the other side of the building.

This solution is beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, you can always split up in the backyard area for recreation or a small garden with a flower garden, where it will be nice to relax with guests. Secondly, in the backyard can be located a play area for children, where they can pass through the living room. This eliminates the need to walk around the building.


Project 3. First floor plan: 1 - entrance hall, 2 - corridor, 3 - kitchen-living room, 4 - bathroom.Second floor plan: 1 - corridor, 2 - nursery, 3 - bedroom, 4 - bathroom

The plan of a two-storey house of 7 to 7 meters takes into account the needs of the whole family, while the total area of ​​the building is small. On the second floor there are rooms for rest: a parent bedroom with a large bed and a nursery. The premises of the children's room were deliberately left large, which makes it possible to organize two sleeping places at once, a work area and a wardrobe closet. Here there is a large bathroom with a jacuzzi and shower.

Features of the layout of a two-storey house 7 to 8: photo and drawing

In construction, forms close to a square are often used. Externally, such buildings, as shown in the example of the project below, look square, but an extra meter allows you to freely install the stairs, without cutting down the living area of ​​the living room and providing an opportunity to organize an additional bathroom on the second floor.


Project 4. Facade of a two-story house 7x8 m

This project is notable for the fact that the main building has a small extension at the main entrance, where a porch with several convenient approaches is installed. The building also has another entrance from the porch located behind the house.

The space of the second floor is fully occupied by bedrooms.Two large rooms are separated from each other by a small hall leading to the bathroom. Due to this, none of the rooms, designed for recreation, is not the entrance, which ensures comfort, peace and the ability to retire. The plan shows that one of the bedrooms is equipped with a large bed. Therefore, this room can be considered as a parent bedroom. While the second bedroom is reserved for a nursery with two beds.


Project 4. Ground floor plan: 1 - entrance hall, 2 - living room, 3 - kitchen-dining room, 4 - pantry, 5 - bathroom. Second floor plan: 1 - corridor, 2 - bathroom, 3 - nursery, 4 - bedroom

Note!One of the rooms has a balcony. The ability to install such structural additions to a building is one of the most attractive advantages of two-storey buildings and this particular project.

Materials for the construction of country houses

For the construction of two-storey cottages are used a variety of building materials, which on the modern market are presented in a huge variety.

For these purposes, apply:

  • timber;
  • piece materials (foam blocks, bricks, gas blocks);
  • log.

Frame construction technology today is most common among developers, but there are other options. The choice of raw materials for the construction of the house is limited exclusively by budgetary possibilities, as well as the taste preferences of the future owner.


Two-storey house with an attached carport and pool in the backyard

Features of cottages built of wood

Wood is considered a traditional raw material used for the construction of suburban housing.

It has several advantages:

  • reliability;
  • warmth;
  • environmental friendliness.

Cottages from wood perfectly keep heat. Heating of the building occurs very quickly, even after complete cooling. This advantage will be especially beneficial for owners of houses used for living only seasonally.


The interior of a two-story house built from logs

As for the interior decoration, wooden cottages practically do not need it, because the material of the house itself looks beautiful and very natural.Most of the developers prefer to leave the building in its original form, since a substantial amount may be required to complete the final repairs.

Helpful advice!Structures made of wood have a light construction, making it possible to install the building on a lightweight foundation foundation. Use a tape type foundation. It is better if it is shallowly buried. The option of using a pile base with strapping or solid slab is possible.

The following materials can be used as raw materials for building a house:

  • glued laminated timber;
  • log;
  • solid timber.


The wooden structure differs in environmental friendliness and natural beauty.

Even a small width of the walls is able to keep warm enough inside the house. The disadvantages of buildings of this type include the need to withstand the assembled box for 3-12 months. During this period, work stops, as it becomes impossible to install glass packs and door structures in openings, which can still lead to the side under the influence of shrinkage.

Features of the layout of a two-story house 9 by 9: photo and floor plan of aerated concrete

Buildings built of brick, foam blocks or aerated concrete, as in the layout of a two-storey house 9 by 9 m, are distinguished by reliability and durability. But this is possible only under the condition of strict adherence to construction technology.

The construction of such structures assumes that the finished building will have an impressive weight, which means that you need to thoroughly approach the organization of the foundation. It should be borne in mind that at home from piece materials will not allow to save. The base of poor quality will lead to the fact that the cottage will “walk”, which ultimately will lead to the occurrence of cracks and will make further exploitation not only dangerous but also impossible.


Project 5. Facade of a two-story house 9x9 m of aerated concrete

In such a house, the temperature is well preserved, but this can only be possible if the building is not cooled. Like any other stone building, the two-storied 9-by-9-meter house on the plan needs to be heated for a long time to ensure comfortable temperature conditions, since the material can absorb heat for a long time.

Constructions of piece materials give a certain freedom in matters of design. The stone structure can be complemented by architectural elements:

  • archway;
  • bay window;
  • balcony;
  • rounded corner areas.


Project 5. First floor plan: 1 - entrance hall, 2 - corridor, 3 - study, 4 - living room, 5 - kitchen, 6 - bathroom. Second floor plan: 1 - corridor, 2 - nursery, 3 - bedroom, 4 - nursery, 5 - bathroom

Houses of timber or otsilindrovannogo logs can also be built using these elements, but to perform such work will be extremely difficult.

The use of frame construction technology

The frame technology of construction of buildings can be characterized in three words: cheap, fast, simple.

Note!As in the case of brick and block houses, the construction of a frame cottage is accompanied by a certain amount of freedom regarding the distribution of interior spaces and architecture, and the operational characteristics have much in common with timber buildings.


The construction of houses on the frame technology has many advantages

Advantages of cottages of frame type:

  • low construction costs;
  • lightweight construction weight;
  • the opportunity to save money at the stage of organizing the foundation;
  • high construction speed;
  • no need to withstand the box, giving it time to shrink;
  • practicality and ease of use;
  • almost complete lack of restrictions on the shape of the building, its dimensions.

If the construction will be accompanied by the use of environmentally friendly materials, the cottage will be no worse than wood.


Two-storey cottage frame type with a small area

Features of the design of cottages per floor

The minimum built-up area with optimal dimensions is equal to a square zone with parameters of 8x8 m or a rectangular area on which the plan of a two-storeyed house of 8 x 10 m can fit.

These dimensions allow you to build a small summer house with a rational distribution of interior spaces. The use of a smaller foundation is allowed, but in this case the layout will be low-functional and not very convenient.

On the layout of a two-storey house 8 by 10 m fully fits the stairs. There is enough space to accommodate not only the kitchen and living room on the first floor and the master bedroom on the second, but also to receive guests.


After making the layout of the mandatory premises may remain free space, which can be used to organize additional rooms

The upper limit of the size is limited only by the wishes of the owners and the size of the suburban area. For a comfortable stay of a family consisting of two adults and several children, you will need a cottage with an area of ​​110-130 m². This figure can be increased to 200 m² by organizing a garage.

Building a larger house will entail additional costs, and not only in the process of construction. The maintenance and operation of large cottages is very expensive, and most rooms will rarely be used by the owners.

The first floor of a country house and its layout

In most cases, the set of rooms for the first floor is the same for all variants of layouts. There can be placed rooms for various purposes, but some of them are mandatory:

  • living room;
  • kitchen;
  • guest bathroom;
  • hallway or hall;
  • boiler room


Option layout of the first floor of a two-story house with a large veranda

Helpful advice!Arrange a small tambour room at the entrance to the house, then cold air will not directly enter the house when you open the doors. Thus, you can maintain comfortable temperature conditions even in winter.

After making the layout of the required premises you may have free space. It can be used to organize additional rooms, for example:

  • cabinet;
  • guest;
  • dining room.

The layout of a two-storey house of 10x10 m may include a garage. This room is included in the general drawing of the first floor and is brought under the roof of the building, and is also equipped with a separate entrance to the cottage. In most cases, the garage offers two entrances. One of them can run directly from the house (through the hallway), the second - from the street (through shutters).


The layout of the first floor of the house is compact in size.

To achieve successful placement of rooms is easy. The main condition for success is to eliminate the narrow and long corridors on the plan. This can be achieved by combining the spaces of several rooms. As for the corridors, the space that they occupy cannot be considered as useful and functional.

How to combine multiple rooms

The problem of a small area of ​​the first floor is solved by removing some partitions, which will maximize the free space. This method of combining the premises is called a studio layout. In practice, it turns out that the rooms of the living room, kitchen and hall are connected to one large room, which has a purely visual division into functional areas.

Combined spaces at the same time play the role of the same corridors, from where you can get to the guest room, bathroom or office, if the plan provides for these rooms on the first floor.


Studio layout allows you to push the interior of the house

Note!The staircase is an indispensable attribute of the building with two floors. It can be used as a natural septum.

In rare cases, the entrance room is the kitchen. In such conditions, the workspace has an island type of accommodation. It is necessarily completed with a bar counter, the design of which depends on the shape of the room itself.


The combined rooms of the living room and kitchen are separated by a bar.

More often, bar racks of the following forms are installed:

  • triangular;
  • semicircular;
  • U-shaped;
  • arbitrary.

The classic version of the distribution of internal spaces, where each of the rooms has clear boundaries, is possible only if the premises have a large area. Then it becomes possible to complicate the constructional shape of the rooms by adding internal partitions that cannot create the effect of confined spaces. Kitchen and living room can be combined, with the latter of them can be a completely separate room.


An example of the layout of the first floor of the house without the use of internal partitions

The second floor of a country house and its layout

In the classic versions of the layouts, the second floor of the building is allotted for the rest area for the whole family.

Here are placed:

  • rooms of bedrooms;
  • full bathroom with bathroom for general use;
  • children;
  • additional bathroom for parents.

If there is a sufficient amount of space at the top, a family leisure room is arranged, which is an analogue of the living room, but is used exclusively by people living in the building. The wardrobe is also installed here.


The layout of the second floor with four bedrooms of a large two-story house with an attic

Helpful advice!If the cottage has a garage, it is not necessary to have nurseries and bedrooms above the accommodation area. It is recommended to place there an area intended for storage, a landing or dressing room.

Layout of a two-story house: rules for combining rooms on the second floor

As with the ground floor, the formation of corridors should be avoided. The most common solution to this problem is to organize a small patch with free space. It can be located in front of the stairs and serve as a walk-through room between the other rooms on the floor.


Bedroom with access to the recreation room, organized on the second floor of a private house

Much less often the penny is used as a passage room between the nursery and the parent’s bedroom. This is due to the fact that such a solution is possible only if there is a sufficiently large amount of space. In the small two-storey cottages, only one bathroom is installed at the bottom, so that the area above can be used exclusively for the bedrooms.

The parental bedroom often has an adjacent location with one of the rooms of a small size. Such planning methods are relevant for families with small children. A smaller room settles itself under a nursery for a child up to 3-4 years old. As he grows up, the child moves into his own bedroom, which may also have an adjoining room.


3D-model of a small two-story house

If the layout includes smaller bedrooms with adjacent rooms, a separate dressing room can be arranged for each family member. The small size of the house will not allow you to perform such a decision, so the option of arranging one dressing room at all with the division into sectors, where each section is intended for an individual family member, is allowed.

Examples of successful planning cottages with two floors

When developing the layout, it is worth considering the fact that most of the time tenants spend on the first floor. This allows you to use the living room as a common room, study or nursery. The family rises to the second floor only for sleeping, therefore it is recommended to provide common spaces with the most comfortable conditions in order to create amenities for all.


Option successful planning a two-story house 8 by 8 m

Two-storey cottage with an attic and a veranda

Plans with a loft and a veranda are considered the most successful. And if in such a cottage to arrange also a basement, there will be a space for storage or preservation. On the layout of a two-storey house of 10 by 10 m, you can see how advantageous the basement space under the house can be used. And the presence of an attic floor allows you to improve living conditions and add an office on the first or second floor.

Helpful advice!On any of the layouts, the main rooms are a dining room and a living room. Use their space with the maximum benefit by setting the exit to the veranda, patio or garden. Thanks to this, evenings in the living room with friends or with your family will become more comfortable.


Two-storey cottage with an attic and an open veranda

Attic rooms are used to house the bedrooms. Their number depends on the size of the attic floor, as well as the needs of the family. Often there are settled and other rooms:

  • a guest room;
  • billiard room;
  • gym with exercise equipment;
  • cabinet;
  • Jacuzzi, etc.


In the attic of a two-storey private house there is a bathroom with a jacuzzi.

In homes where there is an attic, the first floor has a more massive structure than the second. If the layout is supposed to accommodate several rooms at the top, do not forget that the cottage will be subjected to a high weight load. Therefore, for security reasons, it is recommended to carefully carry out all calculations, taking into account the total area of ​​the building, as well as the size of the site where the construction will be carried out.

Features of the building with an attic floor

Planning attic floor is given increased attention. Since this space is intended for living and recreation of people, the attic should be as comfortable and convenient as possible. Separate consideration deserves the material for the construction of the roof.


Arrangement of the basement, garage and attic - effective ways to increase the effective area of ​​the house

The most common roof structures:

  • single slope;
  • with two ramps;
  • broken (with two slopes).

Roofs with two slopes are very simple in execution and require less construction costs.This moment is caused by the fact that the roof slopes are used as lateral sides, and the end zones are used for pediments.

Helpful advice!Gables facing should be done using the same material as the finishing of the first floor. It is necessary to decide on the type of roof and roofing material in advance - even at the stage of drawing up a project. Thought beforehand and filling the attic floor.


Children's bedroom, arranged on the attic floor of a private house

The advantages of the attic:

  1. Saving money - the construction of a two-story cottage with an attic will be much cheaper than the construction of a three-story house. Even with the cost of the roof.
  2. Attractive design - with the help of broken roofs and ramps, which are placed under different slopes, you can create a unique architectural appearance of the house.
  3. An interesting interior design - provided successfully selected forms, the owner of such a house will be able to create an original interior.


In the attic of a two-story house there is a cozy recreation area.

Advantages and disadvantages of an attic in the planning of a two-story house 10 by 10: photo

The layout of the building with the parameters of 10x10 m, which is presented below, has both advantages and disadvantages associated with the construction of the attic floor.

The plan of the house provides for the placement of three bedrooms at once (the parent and two children) on the attic floor. Due to this space under the roof, a family with two teenagers can comfortably live in a cottage. Each bedroom is equipped with wardrobe and work area. All rooms overlook the long hall.


Project 6. Facade of a two-story house 10x10 m

The placement of the rooms is rational, but there are a number of drawbacks related specifically to the attic. Most of them are still at the construction stage.

First, the installation process of the ventilation system, as well as all the elements of thermal insulation, is complicated. Any error in the technology can cause freezing of the premises or the appearance of excessive humidity, which will lead to disruption of the comfortable climate and the formation of condensate, the appearance of mold.

Secondly, there are difficulties with natural lighting, which should fall into each of the rooms in the required quantity.

Helpful advice!If we confine ourselves solely to vertical windows installed in a special construction called the “birdhouse”, the level of natural lighting will be extremely small. It is recommended to install specialized window structures designed for this purpose.


Project 6. Ground floor plan: 1 - entrance hall, 2 - hall, 3 - study, 4 - living-dining room, 5 - kitchen, 6 - bathroom. Plan of the second floor: 1 - corridor, 2 - bathroom, 3 - nursery, 4 - bedroom, 5 - nursery

The disadvantages associated with the operation of premises

Attic space is called the "dead zone". Despite the fact that the attic rooms are no different from similar rooms on the first floor, the living space in them is much smaller, since inclined walls do not allow furniture to be installed closely. The solution to this situation will be furniture for the order. These products are designed according to the design features of the room. On the one hand, such a reception would make it unusual to furnish a room, on the other, it would entail additional costs.

Attic is almost always used as a space for the placement of bedrooms and children, but this area cannot be called a suitable place.This is especially true of classrooms and children's rooms, as the sloping walls can create a feeling of anxiety, internal anxiety and threat in a person.


Cabinet, organized in the attic of a two-story house

Features of the layout of a two-story house with a garage

Often, for the construction of country houses used wood. If it was she who was chosen for construction, then for the plan of a two-story house with a garage, some additions will be required. In this case, on the wall panels, you will need to perform lining, so that the garage does not visually stand out from the general appearance of the building and is in harmony with it.

The garage may have a separate room, but this is possible only if there is a large area around the house. To organize the roof of the cottage and the garage you need to use the same materials so as not to disturb the common exterior of the yard. In addition, unity should be observed in terms of roof construction. The slope should be the same.


Two-storey house with a garage attached to it

The project of a two-story building with a garage is difficult to develop on your own. It is recommended to use a ready-made plan, which can be ordered from any construction company or downloaded for free online.

Helpful advice!In the two-story buildings, a staircase must be installed. The space under it can be effectively used for storage of things. Correctly doing all the calculations, you can put a small pantry under the stairs or install shelves for books, etc.

Plan of a two-story house 12 by 12 m with a garage

The project below takes into account the needs of a family with children. The first advantage that is striking is the presence of two entrances to the house, located on different sides of the building.


Project 7. Facade of a two-story house 12x12 m with a garage

One entrance is located on the front of the cottage. Having risen on a small porch, the owners of the house and their guests enter the vestibule, where they can take off outer clothing and shoes. This zone serves to preserve heat in the house and is separated by a door from a small hall, into which all other rooms on the first floor go. For convenience, a vestibule with hooks for guests' clothes can be installed in the vestibule. In the lobby there is a place for a wardrobe owned by the owners.

The second entrance to the house is located on the opposite side of the building. A large porch can be used to organize dining in the open air.Owners of a country house will not hurt for the summer to purchase a set of garden or folding furniture for the street. The convenience of placing the second entrance is due to the fact that from the backyard you can get directly into the living room. This is the best combination, if the owners of the house like to relax on the street and receive guests.


Project 7. Ground floor plan: 1 - entrance hall, 2 - staircase hall, 3 - living room, 4 - kitchen-dining room, 5 - storage room, 6 - toilet, 7 - garage. Second floor plan: 1 - corridor, 2 - nursery, 3 - bedroom, 4 - nursery, 5 - bathroom

Combining living room and kitchen: advantages and disadvantages

The plan shows that the large living room is connected to the dining room and kitchen. Quite often, this type of placement is recommended by the designers themselves, who see many advantages in this solution.

The advantages of combining spaces:

  • increase in space and usable area;
  • visual expansion of boundaries;
  • comfortable conditions for communication with the family during dinner or joint rest;
  • comfortable conditions for receiving guests;
  • in the process of cooking, the people in the kitchen are not separated from other tenants.

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