Law on summer residents in 2019

The law on summer residents enters into force in 2019 - from January 1, owners of country houses and gardens will begin to live in a new way: some of the contributions will be canceled, and all payments will be non-cash, which guarantees transparency of the financial activities of the partnerships.


New law on summer residents: changes

From the beginning of next year, a new law will be introduced in the country, adopted to replace the outdated 1998 edition. Adopted changes will affect the garden and gardening farms. Simply put - cottages Russians. Thus, this summer will be the last when summer residents live by the old rules.

Law on summer residents in 2019

Firstly, Russians leaving for their plots for the summer period need to hold a general meeting at which the issue of choosing a bank to conduct the partnership’s calculations will be decided. If before payments were sent to the cashier, then from January 1, 2019, all garden non-profit partnerships, namely, the summer residences are officially called, must switch to cashless payments. Also, participants will choose a citizen authorized to open a bank account and represent the interests of SNT.

“The requirement <...> is caused by the need to increase the transparency of calculations and minimize abuses in fin. activity, ”says Yana Grigorenko, a member of the Russian Bar Association.

However, she notes that calculations imply absolutely all payments and contributions paid by owners. If the partnership already has a current account, then it is not necessary to open a new one.

Secondly, until the end of this year, the participants of the CNT will have to select the composition of the board and approve the audit committee. In this case, all members will be selected for a five-year term, and not for 2 years, as it is now. Those gardeners who are not in partnerships will be able to participate in general meetings, but they are deprived of the right to elect members of the board or commission. But the size of payments will be equal for all - both for members and those who are not part of the partnership.

Thirdly, there will be only two types of payments: membership and target. Starting next year, the collection of admission, additional and share fees will be canceled. However, if the participants of the CNT managed to pay the entrance fees before January 1 of the next year, they will not be able to return them.

Rights and obligations of SNT (full text of the law can be viewed on the official sites).

Rights Duties
Access to information on the activities of the partnership, including financial (accounting) reporting, the conclusion of the audit committee, etc. Make timely contributions
Case management Implement decisions made by the chairman and board
Voluntary withdrawal from SNT Do not violate the rights of other members, incl. not in SNT
Appealing decisions of partnership bodies

The law specifically states that it is necessary to hold a general meeting and bring the documentation in accordance with the changes introduced before January 1.

Law on summer residents in 2019. Changes. last news

Latest news: garden and gardening farm

At the initial stage of the development of a new bill, parliamentarians wanted the amount of the collection to depend on the size of the site. But this initiative was opposed by many pensioners - it’s no secret that in Soviet times the summer cottages were larger than the current six hundred square meters.

Important! According to rough estimates, about 60 million citizens in Russia (slightly more than 1/3 of the country's population) have dachas.

The new law regulates and controversial issues.For example, if the summer resident does not want to join the CNT or how to deal with sites that have owners who have not appeared there for years? After all, for the use of electricity, water, which supply the garden, garbage collection, etc. - other owners pay. The new law obliges to pay a fee, regardless of whether a person is a member of SNT or not.

The law will come into force only next year, but in some regions, as the latest news reports, the amendments have already been adopted, taking into account regional features. For example, in the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Territory adopted a corresponding law on the development of gardening and gardening in the territory of the subject of the Russian Federation, which found a response among the population. Yakip Burlachko, Speaker of the Assembly of the Kuban, noted that the law spelled out the priority areas of support provided: "Development of engineering infrastructure, assistance to the arrangement of land, the formation of markets for agricultural products grown by summer residents, and arrangement of roads." According to the Kuban deputies, the adopted regional law will create optimal conditions for summer residents,which will help improve the efficiency of the use of gardening plots and gardens.

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