Kinetic sand

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Kinetic sand is a great entertainment that will appeal to both adults and children. It is useful for kids to play it, because this “material” perfectly develops fine motor skills of hands. Well, for adults it is a powerful anti-stress: it’s a pleasure to touch this sand with your own hands!

kinetic sand

Kinetic sand keeps its shape perfectly, so your child can sculpt kulichki, pyramids, and even majestic castles from it! And it is very nice to do it. Such sand does not look anything different from ordinary sand, but in fact it is airy, fluffy and directly flows through the fingers. What is especially nice, he does not dirty hands. Well, if you suddenly drop the kinetic sand, then it will be easier to assemble it. It does not shatter into small grains of sand, and this is a very big plus.

kinetic sand

Today this toy is a real hit. In any children's department, it is snapped up. True, to lay out for such entertainment will have a lot. If you can’t afford it or just love to do something yourself, to know exactly what your child is playing with, then our “recipe” is for you.

kinetic sand

To make kinetic sand at home, we need:

  • starch (potato or corn) - 2 cups;
  • clean sand (you can dial on the beach, but better go to the pet store - there it is light, pretty and without excess impurities) - 3 cups;
  • water at room temperature - 1 cup.

kinetic sand

How to make kinetic sand?

In a plastic container, mix the dry ingredients, and then pour in a thin stream of water.
Tip: if your child likes to taste his toys, replace the sand with brown sugar (starch will not allow him to dissolve in water)

kinetic sand

That's it, kinetic sand is ready! As a "sandbox" you can use an ordinary plastic basin or oilcloth, spread out on the floor.

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