Kia Sportage 2019

Our compatriots have long and fairly valued KIA cars from South Korea, which are notable for their power, reliability, and, of course, proud and courageous beauty. Perhaps, even in modern conditions of the most severe competition, when almost all car manufacturers without exception play ahead of schedule, offering the market a wide variety of off-road passenger vehicles, cars with the KIA logo remain the most popular in our country. To the attention of potential buyers - there are new details about the concept with good market prospects called Kia Sportage 2019.


About the past and future models

In the most severe conditions of the modern market, it is difficult to find a more persistent competitor in the field of consumer preferences and sales than the Sportage series. The new model, which has become a worthy successor to one of the most advanced range of crossovers, has emerged as an effective proposal to restore the position of South Korean off-road vehicles in Asian stores.The updated compact van is a radically improved version of the seventh generation car that is being sold today, which has been produced starting in 2016 and has proven itself on Russian roads.

Kia Sportage 2019

  • Since the premiere of the lineup, held in 1993, this model is confidently holding the second place in popularity;
  • On the available photos, despite their small number, the changes in appearance are clearly visible, with careful adherence to the brand’s traditional format;
  • The crossover is still popular among domestic car enthusiasts due to the weight of its merits. First of all, it is a complete set and prices that are in full compliance with the best trends in the combination of supply and demand;

Leading positions in the market are provided with numerous indicators of quality. First of all, cost, reliability in the new body, high level of security, high-tech equipment, excellent maneuverability, comfort and convenience of the cabin, which is perfectly illustrated by spy photos caught in the network.

About prices and analogues

An additional factor of popularity - many cars appeared in the market in the same segment.Worthy restyling received crossovers Renault Duster, Ford Kuga, Toyota series RAV4.

The presentation of new items from KIA at international auto shows has already taken place. The release date for sale in the salons of America and Asia at the turn of 2017-2018 was a significant event for the automotive public. The basic version received a full drive as the main option, the cost is also acceptable - up to $ 25,000.0. The start of sales in Russia - this fall, most likely, the minimum grade for the domestic market will start from 1,200,000, 0 rubles.

What's new outside and inside

Kia Sportage 2019

The redesigned front end significantly improved not only the external data, but also made it possible to achieve better aerodynamic performance. What's new in the 2019 model year crossover:

  1. The hood has become more voluminous and convex, with a renewed grille, highlighted by wide bright edges, all corners and sharp protrusions of the structure have been completely eliminated;
  2. Head optics narrower shape, installed a new set of LED fog lamps, the quality of which confirmed the test drive in extreme conditions;
  3. Changed the angle of the roof, there were exterior mirrors with LED elements in turn signal doubles;
  4. The changes are designed to improve ergonomic performance and increase the level of driving comfort with the same dimensions: 452 x 186 x 164 cm.

New Kia Sportage 2019 model year

Judging by the reviews of experts, all the planned structural improvements are very successful and allow you to talk about the good prospects of the model. No less interesting is the new Kia Sportage 2019 salon. The interior is decorated with modern high-quality materials, ultra soft plastic, wear-resistant fabric, genuine leather with metal elements. But the latest news concerns technological issues. This is a large display, multifunctional control complex, an informative console, chairs of ideal forms.

About engines and their performance

Not only the exterior and interior are interesting, but also the technical characteristics of the power system, which has a variety of options.

Fuel Power Volume
Petrol 135 l. from. 1, 6 l
171 l. from. 1, 7 l
240 l. from. 2, 0 l
Diesel 115 l. from. 1, 7 l
195 l. from. 2, 0 l

All types of power units will work in the system of front and all-wheel drive, they plan to install a 6 - speed manual transmission, 6 tbsp. Automatic transmission and seven-range robot.

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