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Self-regulating organizations, abbreviated SRO, are non-profit structures that are created to unite business entities on the basis of the unity of the industry and market for goods and services. The law of the Russian Federation provides that the structure of such an organization should officially include more than 25 subjects of entrepreneurial activity, or more than a hundred subjects of professional activity of one or another kind of it. Joining such an organization is very beneficial for individual enterprises, because such membership allows you to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of the enterprise through the services provided. If a company decides to join an SRO in Chelyabinsk, then opportunities such as training and certification of employees within a self-regulating organization, no need to contact directly with authorities, analysis of information provided by a separate company, SRO specialists, full information about activities competitors, on the state of markets and so on.All these services are provided for individual member companies of SROs on the basis of entering into the appropriate register and paying entrance and periodic membership fees.

To enter into such a self-regulating organization, an enterprise will need to assemble a package of documents, coordinate insurance conditions and qualifications of employees with conditions imposed by SROs. To help select one or another SRO, a company can contact special agencies that for a fee will provide reliable information about the ratings and reliability of various self-regulatory organizations, which often operate in the field of construction, survey and design.

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