Japanese interior

In our time, very popular in interiors has becomeJapanese style. Japan is one of the most beautiful countries. It was from Japan that the fashion in kimono came to our country. In our restaurants and houses began to prepare sushi and arrange tea ceremonies.

Japanese interior

Japanese interior is simple enough. It looks simple and elegant. In Japan, houses do not have internal partitions. Therefore, different rooms are separated from each other by various colorful screens, which are also considered part of the interior. With the help of screens, the owners of the house have the opportunity to update the interior daily.

In order to carry out the design in the style of Japan,you need to free up a large amount of free space. To do this, the house must be cleaned and remove all unnecessary things that you have not used for a long time. Also all things need to be arranged in places. Japanese design will help you discover your creative abilities.

In the rest rooms it is necessary to installspecial mattresses - tatami. They are not only a floor, but also a bed on which you can relax. On top of the tatami, if desired, you can install a futon. This mattress will help create a comfortable bed for relaxation.

Bedroom interior in Japanese style

Tatami perfectly regulate the cold and humidity in the premises. The second mattress is a futon - after a night rest you can collapse to free space.

All materials for the decoration of the room must be natural. For example: you need to use different types of wood, bamboo, rice paper, straw, uneven bricks.

Walls in rooms need to be painted, because the wallpapercan not be glued. The color of the paint must have a shade of reed or wood. When using different fabrics to decorate the room, you need to choose silk and cotton.

Japanese interior suggests that the place for rest and meditation is located in the center of the house.

Windows must be made of natural wood only. Window frames should be made in the form of a frame for a picture.

Interior Design in Japanese Style

Furniture in rooms must also be chosen fromnatural materials. The interior of a Japanese-style bedroom will appeal not only to women, but also to men. The bedroom should be small in size and should look elegant. For the house you need to buy low sofas and tables. As you know, the Japanese write and eat food while sitting on the floor.

To store personal items you need to make a special niche. It can be decorated with beautiful vases or statuettes.

Choosing furniture for the house, you need to give preference to light colors and smooth surfaces.

For a house that is decorated in Japanese style,important is not a very sharp light. For rooms it is necessary to purchase lamps of elegant form. It is with the help of fixtures that it is possible to give the house the mystery of the east.

The Japanese interior in the rooms also suggeststhe presence of various oriental souvenirs: caskets, dolls dressed in kimono, rugs made of bamboo, straw rugs. Very beautiful look vase with sakura. Japanese interior is very beautiful and looks modern.

In the kitchen there must be a tea set made in this style.

Interior design in Japanese style will give you comfort and coziness. If your house is designed in this way - many will know about the wisdom of its master. In this house there will always be peace and beauty.

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