Ivan Kupala 2018

The holiday of Ivan Kupala is perceived by many as a purely pagan festival. But also this celebration coincides with a religious holiday - the birthday of John the Baptist. Modern holiday Ivan Kupala, combines the religious and pagan traditions, and became one of the favorite summer holidays in Russia.

Ivan Kupala 2018


The origins of the celebration

Ivan Kupala 2018Holiday Ivan Kupala wears pagan roots. We have heard of the celebration of this celebration by the Eastern Slavs, which date back to the 4th century BC. After 300-400 years, this holiday became known in the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe.

This celebration was the most important and revered among all the pagan holidays, it was celebrated everywhere and waited just as they are waiting for the New Year. On this day, the main deity in Russia was revered - the sun god Kupalo, celebrated the middle of summer and the first collected green mowing. For pagan Slavs, the sun god was considered the main deity. They believed that it was he who created all life on Earth and endowed with feelings and intelligence.

After the establishment of a new religion, Christianity, on the territory of Ancient Russia and part of Europe, the holiday did not lose its popularity.Sly church ministers combined this ancient pagan celebration with the feast of the Nativity of John the Forerunner. John the Baptist in the Christian religion is known as the prophet and baptist of Jesus Christ. It was he who was destined to prepare the people for the coming of the Mission.

What number is marked

Ivan Kupala 2018

This holiday is attributed special magical powers. This is because it falls almost at the very middle of summer, when solar activity is at its maximum. At the time of ancient Russia, the day of Ivan Kupala fell on the day of the summer solstice, i.e. on June 21st. But with the transition in 1917 to the Gregorian calendar, the date of the celebration shifted to July 7th. Thus, in 2018, the holiday of Ivan Kupala falls on Friday. I would like to note that this day is not an official holiday.

Holiday traditions

Ivan Kupala in 2018 What date

A lot of rites and traditions performed are tied at Ivan Kupala night. It was at night, from 6 to 7 July, that the most magical rituals were performed:

  1. Late in the evening, mass festivities were held on the banks of the river or reservoir. The youth made a fire on the highest hill and jumped over them in turn.If couples jumped through the fire, their fate could be predicted by their behavior. If they did not unclench their hands during the jump, then their family life will be long and happy, if they let go of each other, then they have no future together. If one leaped over the fire one by one, it was considered who jumps higher than all will be the happiest in the new year.
  2. After the jumps, the youth was going to lead round dances and sing songs in which the sun was glorified. So they danced until dawn, necessarily meeting the dawn.
  3. The people believed that through the ashes of the fire it was necessary to carry cattle to protect them from diseases and the eyes of evil scum.
  4. Special attention was paid to water. The pagans believed that on this day every evil (kikimora, mermaid, water) leaves the natural reservoirs, the water in them becomes clean and you can bathe even at night. And from the religious side, the water at Christmas of John the Baptist became healing and washed away all sins. Those who are washed during the day, July 7, will be cleansed with body and soul, get rid of ailments and a bad eye. If there was no pond or even a streamlet near the house, it was enough just to take a good steam bath.
  5. Unique properties on the night of Ivan Kupala received plants. Early in the morning, at dawn, women of any age would go out into the field to wash their face with dew, which also had wonderful properties. Then they went to collect flowers and herbs, of which they then partially woven wreaths, and some of them dried. Such herbs helped get rid of the evil spirit and heal the most serious illness.
  6. Another legend associated with this holiday - fern bloom. It was believed, who would see the flower of this plant, acquire magical power and find innumerable treasures. And the fern blossomed, only one day a year, namely on the night of Ivan Kupala.

Signs associated with the holiday

Ivan Kupala in 2018 What date

  • When collecting a bouquet of flowers, on the day of Ivan Kupala, count how many plant species there are. With more than 12, then this year get married;
  • On this day, unmarried girls gathered flowers rich. Before going to bed, they were put under their pillows, if the flower bloomed, it means that the girl will marry or meet her betrothed;
  • If a heavy rain falls on a holiday, then it will be hot until September;
  • If the celebration of Ivan Kupala see a snake, it is to the imminent loss.

Thus, the day of Ivan Kupala, is a pagan holiday, which was combined with the religious - the birthday of John the Baptist. On this day, the earth receives a special power, so this is a great opportunity to arrange some magical ritual or take a dip in the pond to cure any ailment.

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