Italian Football Championship 2017-2018

Italian Football Championship 2017-2018 will be one of the most interesting lately. In the upcoming season, Serie A will be held under the motto of the revival of "Milan", the desire for another championship, "Juventus", claims to the title "Napoli" and "Roma". In the presented tournament, a few teams preach attacking style of play, and most clubs prefer closed tactics with an eye on their own goal. However, this does not make the Italian championship less attractive, because many viewers like tactical confrontation in football, along with an abundance of power struggle and extreme emotional intensity.

Competition rules

The question, when the Italian Championship 2017-2018 starts, excites millions of fans. The leadership of Serie A, it was decided to abandon the traditional winter break for the sake of the World Cup. Due to this, the tournament will end a week earlier than usual. According to the president of the league, Maurizio Beretta,An additional week of rest will allow the national team to approach the main planetary championship in optimal physical fitness.

The first games of Serie A will be held on August 20, and the last 38 round is scheduled for May 20. The schedule of the Italian Football Championship 2017-2018 is currently at the last stage of coordination and will be published soon. As for the regulations, it has not changed. In the championship will continue to take part 20 of the best clubs in the country, which will compete for the champion title and the right to play in the European Cup 2018-2019 year. The scoring system is standard: for a victory - 3 points, for a draw, each team is awarded with 1 point, the losing team does not receive credits.

The champion and vice-champion of Serie A automatically qualify for the group stage of the Champions League. Third place allows you to play in the qualifying round for the most prestigious club tournament of the Old World. The fourth and fifth line entitles teams to try their luck in the group stage of the Europa League. Football teams that took the last three places in the table (from 18 to 20), go down in class and move to the next season in Serie B.

Newcomers league

The following clubs have replaced the last draws of Palermo, Empoli and Pescara:

  • "SPAL";
  • "Verona";
  • "Benevento".

The opening of last season in Serie B was a modest club from the small town of Ferrara "SPAL", which only three seasons ago played in the backyard of Italian football - in the league Lega Pro / V. In the elite division of the country, “blue and white” have not been for more than 40 years, so the entrance to Serie A was perceived by football experts as a sensation. After bankruptcy in 2012, the club’s budget is significantly limited, and the team can recruit football players either under rental agreements or as free agents. In this off-season, “SPAL” did not make loud acquisitions and tried to keep the backbone of the players, thanks to which it was possible to break into the top division. Obviously, the main task of the club with modest financial opportunities is to maintain a residence permit in the elite.

“Verona” is returning to the Italian Championship 2017-2018 The club can be called lucky, because in Series B it won the second place, having defined it only by the additional indicators of Frosinone. “Canaries” in the end could not get through the play-offs, and the “yellow-blue” began to calmly prepare for performance in Serie A.As part of the "Verona" no stellar names, except that Giampaolo Pazzini, at one time shining in "Fiorentina". The team takes its points thanks to the diligence, rejection and desire to fight until the last minute. In the upcoming season she will have to put a lot of effort so as not to be in the relegation zone.

Experts consider the Benevento to be the obvious candidate for a lower class. The club for the first time in its history will take part in the elite division, breaking through the transitional matches. Like all the other newcomers of Serie A, the "witches" did not make serious acquisitions in the offseason. The main star of the team is considered to be striker Fabio Cherevalo, who scored 21 goals last season. It is on his shoulders that the main burden of getting points in confrontations with more experienced rivals will fall. We venture to assume that "Benevento" will be very difficult to gain a foothold in Serie A.

Will the hegemony of Juventus continue?

The flagship of Italian football - Juventus is preparing once again to defend the title of the strongest team in the country. Last season for the wards Massimiliano Allegri turned out to be quite successful. Among the main achievements of the “Old Lady” are:

  • Italian Cup 2017;
  • championship winnings;
  • Champions League final.

Over the past 5 years, no club from the Apennine Peninsula can not impose a fight Turin. Juventus has been retaining the title of champion since 2012 and more and more resembles Bayern, buying up the best players from competitors. In the current off-season, Douglas Costa, Benatia, Betancourt joined the club, which is quite a qualitative boost. Of serious losses, we can mention the departure of Dani Alves, who, as a free agent, moved to “PSG”.

At the same time, Juventus is preparing one of the loudest transfers of this summer: the main defender of the team Leandro Bonucci may move to Milan. For him, the Turinians are asking for two young defenders Alessio Ramanoli m Matia de Chiollo plus 10 million euros. If the deal goes out, “Old Signora” will not only get promising players who are already ready to play for the national team, but also additional money for transfers. Agree, the leadership of Juventus is able to negotiate.

Title Applicants

In the Italian Football Championship, Juventus will compete for the title with the following clubs:

How will the departure of Roma from world football legend Francesco Totti, this is the main question that worries fans of wolves. Now the responsibility for the result will fall entirely on the shoulders of Raja Naiggolan, who last season was not very stable and more than once succumbed to the provocations of his rivals. From the gain in the offseason, we note the acquisition of striker Juan Iturbe, rising star Lorenzo Pellegrini and midfielder Rick Karsdorp.

"Milan" is going to return to the former leadership positions in Italian football. The current transfer campaign has become the most expensive in the history of the club over the past decade. Chinese owners do not spare money for the project: Matteo Musacchio from Villarreal (18 million euros), Ricardo Rodriguez from Wolfsburg (18 million euros), Hakan Chalkhanoglu from Bayer (22 million euros), Frank have already been bought Kessier from Atalanta (28 million euros), Andre Silva from Porto (38 million euros). In addition, Milan signed a three-year contract with goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, taking in his brother Antonio (one of the conditions of the goalkeeper). With such a star line-up, Milan simply does not have the right to fail, and fans and club owners are waiting for at least the Champions League next season.

While competitors do not spare the money, the bosses "Napoli" took a break.In the offseason, only Jonathan de Guzmán, who returned from the lease, and defender Nikola Maksimovich, acquired from Torino, strengthened the club. If, before the transfer window is closed, the purchases will not take place, then in the upcoming draw, given the tight schedule of the team, Napoli will have very little chance of winning a troika.

Thus, Series A is a noteworthy event of 2018, where the best football teams will meet in pursuit of the main trophy. Fans expect a fascinating spectacle with genuine emotions, uncompromising nature of the matches and spectacular goals. Do not miss the start of the championship of Italy on August 20, 2017.

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