Is it possible to get married in 2019

That just came in 2018, and many women are already thinking about their personal lives and a common question today is this: is it possible to get married in 2019? Many believe that 2019 is a leap year, and therefore it is impossible to start a family. But, we hasten to please you: the year is not a leap year, it has 365 days, so you can legitimize the relationship. It remains the case for small: choose a favorable wedding date and you can prepare for a festive event.

Zodiac sign influence

When choosing a date for your marriage, you should pay attention to the sign of the zodiac in which the moon is at a given time.

  • Aries. The most difficult thing in a couple's life is the first time, when each of the partners will try to show leadership and primacy. But over time, experience will help dot the i's and family relationships will become normal.
  • Taurus. Union, under the auspices of this mark, is considered the most favorable. These partners are ideally suited to each other: they bring up children together, build a house and are addicted to the common cause.
  • Twins. Such a pair has everything in common, including interests. It is important in the union to understand that one of the partners is tired and he needs to rest, left alone with himself.
  • Cancer. Under the constellation of cancer it turns out not less interesting union, which is constantly surrounded by loyal friends, caring relatives.
  • A lion. Couples who have concluded an alliance under the auspices of a predator are very passionate, they constantly support each other.


  • Virgo. But the union, created under the auspices of the Virgin, is considered difficult, and it can break up from everyday problems that the spouses can not overcome.
  • Libra. To enter into relations under the auspices of this sign should romantic couples. The union turns out strong, and withstands any tests.
  • Scorpio. If the moon is in this sign, then the young couple will have a quarrel, provoked against the background of jealousy. Only the birth of a child is able to unite the relationship of the spouses.
  • Sagittarius. Couples who have concluded an alliance under the auspices of Sagittarius are not only good spouses, but also loyal friends who, even after 20 years, will not get tired of each other.
  • Capricorn. Another fragile alliance that can disintegrate over time.
  • Aquarius.Couples entered into an alliance under the auspices of Aquarius are distinguished by loyalty and trust. Newlyweds are hospitable, they are ready to come to the rescue at any moment.
  • Fish. As a rule, couples who create a union under the sign of Fish, are silent, but they like it, they understand each other at once.


Best days for a wedding in 2019

So, we figured out that 2019 is a good year for marriage. In order not to darken this event, it is necessary to choose an auspicious day when you can get married:

  • 3rd number. The third lunar day provoke scandals between the young, but still the date is favorable for the union. Having created a family on this day, the couple will be engaged in extreme sports and constantly travel.
  • 6th. Couples concluding an alliance on this day of the lunar calendar are notable for their special wisdom, which they can carry through the years, keeping the family after 20 and 50 years. But this day for a wedding is suitable for mature people who prefer family evenings rather than youth parties.
  • 7th. This day is considered great for couples, in which both husband and wife are art lovers. In order for the holiday to be unforgettable it must be attended by artists.
  • 10th. This is the most favorable date for the union in 2019. The family promises to be united and friendly.

Bride and groom

  • 13th. The 13th lunar day is a good date for a family between people over 30 years old and simply with their heads immersed in science. But such a union would be suitable only for calm and balanced people.
  • 14th. This date is great for celebrating a wedding for spouses who do not legally enter into a relationship for the first time. This is a great opportunity for a second chance given to people who had a sad experience in their first marriage.
  • 17th. This calendar day is suitable for creating a family for people who are planning to have a child.
  • 22nd. This day of the lunar calendar is suitable for couples who work in creative and budgetary areas. And at the time of the holiday special attention should be paid to the table, it should be rich and diverse.
  • 24th. On this day, marry must people who checked the relationship of time. The longer they were together, the stronger the union will be, and the age of the spouses will be completely unimportant.

These are the most favorable days for the conclusion of relations between the couple in 2019.

Successful phases and days of the week

It is equally important to choose the day of the week and the phase.Astrologers recommend when choosing a date for a wedding to pay attention to the following days of the week:

  • Monday. This day is most suitable for passionate partners.
  • Friday. On this day of the week, families are created, filled with happiness, harmony and mutual understanding.
  • Sunday. Families married on this day are full of warmth and comfort.


The most unfavorable days for a wedding in 2019 are Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Below are listed when it is better to get married in 2019 on the lunar phase:

  1. First quarter. The renewing moon gives energy to couples who have checked their relationship with time and responsibly approached the issue of creating a family.
  2. Full moon. The union concluded at this time will be complete, as if one big bowl, where the spouses understand each other perfectly.
  3. Waxing Crescent. The union will be successful only if it is completely sincere and built on love.

If you are still wondering whether to get married in 2019, then listen to your feelings. After all, you want a happy life in the future, and not a beautiful holiday for one day - on the day of your marriage. Of course, the date and day of the week when choosing the number of weddings play a rather big role.

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