Irina Pegova. The filmography of the actress is growing day by day

Last year Irina Pegova, filmographywhich has more than one dozen roles,For the first time in more than ten years of acting career she came out with a short haircut. To the journalists she told that she really wanted some changes in herself. She was sure that by radically changing her image, she would attract something new and good in her life. How could she have been right!

Oh, childhood, beautiful time!

The city of Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod region. In the family of a working woman of a metallurgical combine and a professional sportsman, June 18, 1978, a daughter was born, who was named Irochka. Parents did their best to ensure that their child developed comprehensively. In childhood, Irina Pegova, whose filmography contains a variety of genres of paintings, went to a music school, where she mastered the violin quite well.

Mom and Dad girls hoped that theirmy beloved daughter will devote herself to sports, like her father. Indeed, little Irochka tried her strength and abilities in a variety of sports. She fenced, she learned to ride, skiing and skating, she fought splendidly with the water element.

Music or cinema?

Once a schoolgirl Irina Pegova, whose roles,which brought her incredible popularity and tender love of TV viewers, were still ahead, gets to the contest "I want to become a star." Her performance was so interesting and successful that she began to think that it would be nice to become a singer. To realize his idea, Ira even enters the music studio. The collective consisting of several girls, altered known to the majority of listeners of a song popular at that time of actors. Some of the girls even tried to write songs themselves. Young artists did not only have usual concerts, but even touring. They recorded in a professional studio.

Irina Pegova's filmography

It was 1995 year. The future star of Russian cinema Irina Pegova, whose filmography contains both detectives, comedies, and pictures about love, heard her farewell school call. In just a couple of years she already imagined herself on the big stage in a beautiful dress and with a microphone in her hand. And before my eyes - a hall full of admiring audiences. Her ideal was the "French sparrow" - Edith Piaf. To continue to practice vocal and work on her speech, she convinced her parents that she would only go to a theater college. To say that Mom and Dad were, to put it mildly, not delighted with the idea of ​​their daughter - not to say absolutely nothing. But their decision was made by the girl. True, Ira also made some concessions: she first goes to the Polytechnic Institute, and then to the theater school.

The studio-studio of Petro Fomenko appeared on the threshold of herSchool in the period when Ira was a second-year student. There was an original exchange of experience: students and artists showed each other their work. It was then, after hearing the good words addressed to Fomenko herself, Irina only became firmly convinced that she should definitely go to GITIS.

The time has passed, the study is over. Many of Ira's classmates, having received the coveted diploma, hastened to take exams at GITIS. Ira, of course, did not give up her dream and also went to the address of her own hope. But only our heroine was admitted to the faculty of directing (training on the course of Fomenko). Later in the interview, she recalled that she had saved money for this trip for a very long time, so she worked in the evenings as a cleaner in her native school.

Debut in theater and cinema and subsequent work

In the first year of the new millennium Irina Pegova,whose filmography will now be replenished with incredible speed, became part of the troupe "Workshop of Peter Fomenko." Almost immediately she was introduced into several performances - "Wolves and Sheep", "Barbarians", "War and Peace". And whatever heroine she had to embody on the stage of the theater - whether a dishwasher, or a noble lady - each turned out very talented. And for the role of Sonya in the production of "Uncle Vanya" she was nominated for the "Golden Mask".

Cinematographic roles also did not force themselveslong to wait. In 2002, she played a veterinarian in the movie "Spartacus and Kalashnikov." A year later, the role of the charming Olga in Alexei Uchitel's "Walk" happened. This work has become so successful that the actress received the award - "The Golden Eagle", which was a pleasant surprise for her.

pergovi irina

The debut in front of the camera lens was morethan successful. A very short time has passed, and Irina has been showered with proposals for filming. Now she could not rush and disagree on the first part of the role. She carefully read every script and chose the most suitable role for herself.

In the theater Irina plays mostly classical repertoire. Her heroines are all especially positive ladies, who evoke in the viewers of different ages only a feeling of touching and sympathy.

Which is better: a film or a TV show?

The bar of skill in recent times stronglyIrina Pegova, who has lost weight, has raised so high that the large number of proposals for appearing on TV series she diligently rejects. The exception was made only for director Anatoly Mateshko (mini-series "Girlfriend of Special Purpose") and the TV project "The Savior Under Birches".

irina piego role

Irina's filmography invariably replenishes, becausethe number of paintings with her participation is constantly increasing. Only in 2013, the audience could see as many as five paintings with this popular actress! And once again she made an exception, having starred in the television series "Masha in Law" the main role of lawyer Masha Pirogova. But it was really an interesting scenario. And the shooting in her life continues.

Love, family, daughter, divorce ...

Her future husband (actor Dmitry Orlov) for the first timeI saw Irina in the play "War and Peace". He was pleasantly surprised and even amazed. Later there was a meeting at the Moscow Film Festival. But the rapprochement Dmitry did not hurry, and especially did not plan, because he was sure that the actresses are not getting good wives. The Warsaw Film Festival put everything in its place, and the acquaintance finally took place.

Their relationship began very beautifully, asdescribed in a book about love, with many hours of walking around Warsaw. Irina Pegova, the growth, whose weight began to interest many fans of her talent, at first glance realized that Dmitry is her man. But the one, on the other hand, was hiding under the guise of coldness and fickle indifference. After Irina left for a month on tour, Orlov continued to show indifference. Therefore, Ira had to take the first steps. And one day, they said such important and necessary words of love to both of them. They played the wedding at the request of relatives, because they were sure that the notorious stamp would not add anything new to their relationship. Soon their small family increased by one pretty little man: they had a daughter, Tanechka.

irina piego growth in weight

Friends and colleagues on set do notceased to admire their friendly family, because all their free time they spent three of them, choosing to parks, to exhibitions, to cinemas ... Dmitry Orlov in many interviews confessed to journalists that he was very lucky with his wife, because she is - and a wonderful mother , and a loving spouse, and a wonderful housewife, and a talented actress. The couple even managed to fulfill their dream - to build a house. They lived there. And none of their entourage could admit the thought that Ira and Dima have some misunderstanding. Seven years later the couple broke up. Tanechka stayed with her mother. Did Dmitry keep his promise to take part in the education of his daughter, remains a mystery to the mass audience.

For the actress, divorce was a huge stress. Soon after this event in the periodicals began to appear pictures on which was very thin Irina Pegova. Now, with an increase of 1.55 m, her weight is 56 kg. For her at first it was unusual, but then she gladly accepted the lost kilograms. And if in life after marriage, Dmitry Orlov all is clear (in October 2014 he entered into a new marriage - with the actress Ksenia Entelis), then Irina does not all so clearly and clearly. Journalists talked about her novels with famous young people from the actors' environment. But, however that may be, Irina lives with her daughter. And I really want to wish this truly Russian beauty a real woman's happiness.

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Irina Pegova. The filmography of the actress is growing day by day Irina Pegova. The filmography of the actress is growing day by day Irina Pegova. The filmography of the actress is growing day by day Irina Pegova. The filmography of the actress is growing day by day Irina Pegova. The filmography of the actress is growing day by day Irina Pegova. The filmography of the actress is growing day by day Irina Pegova. The filmography of the actress is growing day by day Irina Pegova. The filmography of the actress is growing day by day Irina Pegova. The filmography of the actress is growing day by day Irina Pegova. The filmography of the actress is growing day by day