Internship in 2018

With innovations in the medical field, many current students and those who plan to study as a doctor are concerned about whether there will be an internship in 2018. Medical reforms have been adopted to radically change the training of medical students, and the main change concerns the complete abolition of the internship.

In 2018, the internship will not be

According to the amendments to the federal law “On the protection of the health of citizens” in 2015, the internship will be canceled. The process of abolition will take place in stages:

  1. From September 2016, the internship will be canceled for students of pharmacists and dentists.
  2. From September 2017, an internship will not be necessary for pediatricians and therapists.
  3. From 2018, the internship will cease to exist for all medical specialties.

According to the adopted innovations, now graduates of medical universities will be able to immediately work in polyclinics and dispensaries independently without the supervision of senior colleagues.

Previously, the internship was a transitional stage between university education and medical practice. For one year, students were required to work in hospitals and clinics to gain the necessary practical skills.At this stage of training, future physicians performed the functions of doctors, but under the supervision of senior colleagues. For the work of future doctors did not receive payment.

When studying for a narrow specialty, students underwent residency. It lasts 2 years and is aimed at acquiring skills in a narrow specialization, for example, neurology, surgery, gynecology, neontology. In some cases, it was necessary to undergo both internship and residency, that is, after a medical school, another 1-3 years needed to be spent on practical skills. The intern or resident received a certificate that allowed him to conduct an independent practice of the doctor.


Internship will be canceled, residency in 2018 and will soon remain. It will be needed for narrow specialties. The student will be able to go to the residency after a year of work as a therapist in the clinic.

Internship cancellation and learning process

In connection with the cancellation of the internship will be changed and the learning process. So that graduates have enough knowledge and skills after graduation, practice will be increased. The number of practice lessons will be increased on each course starting from the first year.

In practice classes, students will be engaged in simulators and sent to hospitals and clinics to hone their skills. Leading doctors and candidates of medical sciences express doubts about such a scheme for obtaining knowledge. And there are several reasons for this:

  1. Due to the increase in the number of lessons of practice, narrowly focused specialists will not be able to obtain enough theoretical knowledge.
  2. The learning process is more focused on obtaining general knowledge, which complicates the training of surgeons, gynecologists, dermatologists and other narrow specialists.
  3. Simulators can not replace living patients, so the skills gained in the process of training may not be enough to provide skilled medical care in life.

At the same time, teachers of the Voronezh Medical Institute and other educational institutions claim that they graduate specialists trained for independent work, so there is no need to waste time on passing the internship.

Certification and accreditation

Previously, future doctors received a certificate after passing an internship, which gave them the right to practice.Every 5 years, the qualification was necessary to increase the passage of courses and obtain the next certificate.


After the internship is canceled in 2018, the certificates will be replaced by accreditation. Immediately after the completion of studies at the university, the graduate must be accredited, since it is impossible to work in the clinic with one diploma. In the process of activity, the doctor will earn points, which will confirm the accreditation. Accreditation points are awarded:

  1. For attending medical seminars, conferences and other similar events.
  2. For writing scientific articles and books.
  3. For carrying out complex operations and manipulations.

For the first time, practicing doctors will have to confirm their accreditation in 2021. Some doctors are very concerned about this innovation, because they care about who will pay for such trips, and whether the doctor’s daily work will be assessed, and who will work with patients if everyone writes articles and travels to seminars and conferences.

What is necessary to cancel the internship in 2018?

Now in the first link of medical care in outpatient facilities and clinics there is an acute shortage of personnel, especially in rural areas.Health officials believe that canceling the internship will solve this problem, as graduates of medical schools can go to polyclinics right away, which will allow to close open vacancies.

In order to solve the problem of the lack of narrow specialists, recruitment students will be required to work in the institutions from which they were sent.

What results will bring the abolition of internship, only time will tell.

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