Interior doors

Interior doors are an important element of the room, performing not only the basic functions, but also decorative. Finishing, design, appearance, material and quality clearly show the status of homeowners, their tastes, preferences, position in society.

Competently selected and stylish models will allow to achieve comfort in the room, harmoniously fit into the interior.

InteriorDoors Guardian in Rostov-on-Don- the original and stylish models for interior decoration opening, which will successfully fit into any interior, have a favorable price.


Veneered natural doors are very popular, characterized by the following advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly, high level of reliability;
  • Affordable cost that is ensured by the use of inexpensive wood, for example, pine, for the inner part of products. To finish the outer side, veneer is used, which is made of expensive wood species - oak, pine, walnut, mahogany, etc .;
  • Natural veneer allows you to make products of various styles, using original ideas;
  • An important advantage of veneer is the ability to preserve the testaurur and shade, which imitates real wood. It will be appreciated by the most demanding customers who pay special attention to the selection and combination of colors and materials;
  • The advantage of interior copies is the ease of reconstruction in the case of minor light damage;
  • Uniform beautiful surface texture products.

Product Features

Doors Guardian differ unique design solutions. There are traditional classic models and more modern original ones. Every year the range is supplemented. Manufacturer products have high performance properties. When finishing the surface are taken into account the properties of modern cleaning products. The production process involves the use of modern technology, each stage of work is carefully thought out by the designers of the plant.

Lungsinterior doors in Rostov-on-Don, pricewhich is available to everyone, easy to use, of high quality. A rich range of products will allow you to choose the most suitable model depending on the interior of the room.At the moment, the products in the domestic market occupies a leading position, successfully developing and improving.

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