September 4, 2018

Modern man is under constant stress. Regularly emerging risks of modern life make it impossible to live calmly, steadily and confidently. They engender a fear of natural phenomena, which increasingly began to show their destructive power. And a person’s lifestyle has become so active, swift, and risky that even a person who leads the most passive way of life is subject to great risks of getting into a difficult life situation.

Insurance companies

In order to somehow protect yourself from the vicissitudes of fate, there are insurance companies that will help you financially in solving the problem. For example, you are a businessman and you want to open your production or start construction, but you see that you are at risk of burning down on some criteria.


The insurance company will, in this case, offer you to conclude a contract for the insurance of your business or construction from on mutually beneficial terms. You pay a small percentage of your profit so that in the event of a difficult material situation in your production, the insurance company, according to the terms of the contract,helped you solve the material side of the problem.

Insurance policy

The guarantor of your payments is an insurance policy issued by an insurance company, based on your agreement with them. The policy will describe the conditions of the service provided to you (at the insurance company this service is called a product) and your obligations to the insurance company.


When concluding a contract, carefully read its terms, paying attention to all the points that are incomprehensible to you. Immediately, before signing the contract, check with the insurer everything that you do not understand. If you agree with all clauses of the agreement, put your signature.

Insurance contracts are divided into:



With voluntary insurance, it is clear that this is life insurance, property insurance or liability on your own initiative.

And compulsory insurance occurs in cases when there are big risks:

on fire safety;

contamination or contamination;

when working at height and other activities that may cause harm to a person;

with medical contraindications;

passenger and railroad passenger insurance.

All the incomprehensible questions you can clarify by contacting the legal service, or read independently in the Civil Code.

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