Instruction for the application of Stronghold. Analogues and reviews

There are many means that, in the treatmentcats and dogs have an antiparasitic effect, Stronghold is one of them. This drug is effective, it does not harm the health of animals. With the help of this remedy, the internal parasites, which are helminths, are removed from the organism of the pet, and external ones, whose representatives are ticks that infect ears, fleas. The drug allows you to destroy insects and parasites such as worms at different stages of their development. As the instructions for use show, Stronghold is suitable not only for ridding the animal of parasites, but also for processing objects to which the pet has access.instruction for the application of the STRINGSHOLD

In what form is it produced, what substances have an antiparasitic agent in its composition?

The preparation is available in the form of a solution withactive ingredient, like selamectin. The concentration of the main substance in the structure of Stronghold is 6 or 12%. The medicine is safe for dogs and cats. The main component is supplemented with isopropyl alcohol and dipropylene glycol. The blister contains three pipettes of a certain volume. If the active ingredient is composed of 6%, their volume is 0.25 ml or 0.75. At 12% of the active substance, except 0.25 ml, the pipette can contain 0.5 ml, 1 or 2 ml of the agent.

Pharmacological action, pharmacokinetics

"Stronghold" instruction manual recommendsUse as a systemic drug whose action is directed to the destruction of parasites in the body of the animal. The drug effectively copes with the destruction of nematodes, sarcopthoid ticks and many insects. Cats and dogs inhibit the formation of round helminths, which is associated with the ovocidal properties of Stronghold. The drug is not capable of affecting sexually mature nematodes, which refer to the species Dirofilaria immitis. Stronghold violates the development of microfilariae, reducing their number in the bloodstream. The drug can also be used to treat those animals that have been previously invaded.Stronghold instruction manual

Action by the Stronghold toolapplication depicts both a binding-based active component with the receptors of cells that make up the muscle and nerve tissue of parasites. The result - providing for chlorine anions better permeability of membranes of parasite cells, blockade of their electrical activity. Parasites are paralyzed, which causes their death. In mammals, such receptors are found only in the central nervous system, so the components of the drug can not break the blood-brain barrier.

In those areas where the medicine is applied, its rapid absorption occurs. The drug for a long time is present in the blood, its concentration corresponds to therapeutic.

After what time antiparasiticaction after using the "Stronghold"? Instruction for use shows that the drug after application begins to act after 24 hours. Toxicity for cats and dogs is negligible, animals of almost any breed tolerate treatment well.

Since the therapeutic concentrationStronghold is present in the blood for a long time, the body is cleared of parasites, protection against re-infection is formed, which lasts for thirty days.


Efficacy of removing parasites from the bodycats with the help of this tool and the implementation of treatment by means of "Stronghold" for dogs, the instruction for use confirms in cases of such diseases as:

  • toxocarosis;
  • presence of fleas (prevention, treatment);
  • ankylostomiasis;
  • sarcoptic disease;
  • otodektoz, which causes infection with an ear mite;
  • dirofiljarioz (preventive maintenance);
  • flea dermatitis of allergic etiology (complex treatment).

rigging for cats

If the drug is used for preventive purposes, it is applied to potential infection sites.

Application of Stronghold

Drops are used only externally and only on dryskin of an animal. The protective membrane on the pipette is pierced, then pressed on the cap and removed. To implement the procedure, the wool is moved apart in those areas where it is required to apply the remedy. Usually the drug is applied in the neck (at its base) and between the scapula directly from the pipette. "Stronghold" for cats instructions for use recommends applying very carefully. When applying the drug, dogs should also ensure that hands and other exposed areas are not smeared with the product. Do not touch the places covered with the drug. In the massaging of areas on which a drug is present, there is no need.

Stronghold is applied only once, independentlyon whether one or more species of parasites are infected with an animal. The desired dose is selected taking into account the weight of the pet. Usually for every kilogram taken 6 mg of the drug.

In the treatment and implementation of preventive measuresStronghold's instructions for use for puppies (weight less than 2.5 kg) recommend the use of a dose of the active ingredient 15 mg. For the same purposes for dogs of different weights, the following doses are recommended:

  • 30 mg - animals weighing 2.6 kg, not more than 5.1;
  • 60 mg - cats and dogs weighing 5.2 kg, not more than 10.1;
  • 120 mg - pets weighing 10.2 kg do not exceed 20.1;
  • 240 mg - weight from 20.2 kg to 40.

Stronghold instruction for puppies

Stronghold 6 for Kittens Instructions for UseDo not allow to inflict animals under the age of less than 1.5 months, for other pets weighing not more than 2.5 kg, 15 mg of the drug are used if the weight of the cat is about 2.6 kg, but does not exceed 7.5 kg - 45 mg.

If the animal has otodectosis,Pre-clean the ears, from the auricles and the ear canal, exudate and scabs are removed, in no case can it be instilled in the ear canals. In cases where complications such as otitis, other diseases in which the ears are injured, additional therapy is provided with appropriate medications that have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. If necessary, the treatment is repeated, but not sooner than thirty days later.

Use of the drug for dogs and treatmentantiparasitic agent "Stronghold" for cats, the instruction for use in all cases, except for the treatment of sarcoptosis, recommends to be performed only once. With sarcoptosis this action is performed twice with an interval of one month. For preventive purposes, the treatment can be performed every month.

The medicine must be applied before the seasonparasitic activity - one and a half months before it began. Its regular application will stop the development of parasites and destroy their larvae and eggs that parasites left in the dwelling.Stronghold for dogs


Both Stronghold 3 and Stronghold 6the instructions for use prohibit the use for the treatment of puppies and kittens until they are 1.5 months old. The drug is not prescribed for the sensitivity of the animal's organism to the components of the remedy. It is not recommended to perform treatment if the animal has recently been ill with any disease and has not fully recovered. The solution is not applied in the presence of infections.

Adverse Events

Probability of occurrence of side effectsInsignificant if properly used Stronghold. Instructions for use, reviews confirm that there are no side effects in cats and dogs if all the recommendations of a specialist are observed and the doses of the drug selected by them are used.

special instructions

In the process of applying the medicine you needadhere to the sanitary and hygienic rules and follow the instructions for use. If the solution has got on mucous or open sites of a skin, they should be quickly washed out well. Pipettes should be discarded immediately, since they can not be used for other purposes.STRINGHOLD 6 instructions for use

During the procedure, you can not smoke, you can notnear there were food, water and drinks, do not use them when processing. After it is completed, you need to clean your hands using soap. It is worthwhile for some time (at least three hours) to exclude the animal from contacting the children and to ensure that the pet does not approach the open fire, sources that have a high temperature, until the treated areas are dry.

The cost of the drug, analogues

The price of Stronghold depends on the weight of the animal andof the desired volume of droplets. You can buy a package of antiparasitic products for 300-1785 rubles. To replace a medicine it is possible means "Inspector Total K" or "Advantage". There is no agrochemical analogue in the preparation.Stronghold instructions for kittens


Reviews buyers leave in the mainPositive after treatment of pets with the Stronghold solution. Instructions for use for kittens, puppies and adult animals should be well studied before application. In addition, the veterinarian should be consulted so that he selects a suitable dose of the solution for the pet. Judging by the reviews, the drug effectively relieves animals of fleas and ear mites, avoids infection when implementing preventive measures, helps cure otodectosis. As a result of the application of Stronghold, it is possible to remove worms and many other parasites. For the prevention of the solution is usually used once every two to three months, according to the owners of pets, this is enough.

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