Instant Sauerkraut - 8 Recipes for Delicious Sauerkraut

Hello. Today, the spotlight will be on very tasty and crispy recipes. This salad is very popular because it is healthy and has summer freshness. It is also easy to prepare and is an excellent preparation for the winter.

In order to cook this dish you need to use white cabbage varieties, as well as take only dense and strong heads of cabbage. Of course, all the rules and advice do not end there. Although the process is not difficult, but some conditions must be fulfilled. Therefore, read the post to the end, then learn all the tricks and subtleties. 😉

Let me remind you that white cabbage cooked in this way is excellent for all main dishes, be it patties with mashed potatoes or meat in French, or maybe pea soup with smoked meats.

I also draw your attention to the fact that the preparation procedure in almost all recipes is the same, since the whole process is reduced to the banal chopping of vegetables, adding spices or brine and waiting for the ready time.


Delicious instant sauerkraut

First of all I want to offer you the traditional way of cooking. Usually it includes a minimum of products in the composition. In addition to carrots and salt, I suggest adding black pepper and cumin to the ingredients.

For souring, do not use too early varieties, as such preparations are poorly stored.


  • White cabbage - 1 kg;
  • Carrots - 1 pc .;
  • Salt - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • Sugar - pinch;
  • Black pepper - pinch;
  • Caraway - pinch.

Cooking method:

1. Take a good tight head. Rinse and dry it. Then chop the vegetable into thin strips. Peel and rinse the carrot, grate it on a grater.

Cabbage choose only white, which is suitable for winter storage. Summer forks with green leaves will not work, otherwise bitterness will appear after fermentation.

2. To chopped vegetables, add salt and sugar.

Salt use coarse and non-iodized.

3Now mix everything well and press the mixture a little with your hands so that the juice appears. To taste the vegetables should be slightly salted.

4. Next, add the cumin and pepper, mix everything again.

5. Place the resulting mixture tightly in a clean jar. And set the load on top. This is necessary so that the cabbage is well pressed and completely immersed in its own juice.

6. Leave the blank at room temperature, placing it on a saucer. At the same time, pierce the contents 2 times a day with a wooden stick.

The piercing of cabbage to the very bottom is necessary in order to release the accumulated gases.

7. Usually, the speed of its preparation depends on how thinly the white one is cut. But usually on the second day, the snack can already be served at the table.

Usually when serving salad water is watered with vegetable oil and sprinkled with onion or green onions.

Recipe for sauerkraut for the winter (in a 3 liter jar of pepper)

In order to diversify the salad, I propose to add, in addition to white carrot and carrots, sweet Bulgarian pepper. This snack is always bright and sends us back to summer!

You will need a 3 liter jar: 2 kg of cabbage; 1 PC. carrots; 2-3 piecesBulgarian pepper; 3-4 bay leaves; 10-15 pcs. bitter peppercorns; 6-7 pieces allspice; 1 PC. carnations; 2 tbsp. spoons of salt.

By the way, the dish will be ready for use in 3 days.

Making cabbage with beets according to the recipe of my grandmother's

A popular method of fermentation is the next option. When salted with cabbage and even beets. Thanks to the addition of beets, vegetables get rich bright color and unsurpassed juiciness.

If the plug has bad and damaged leaves, then do not use them when shredding.


  • Beets - 1 pc .;
  • Cabbage - 1/2 pcs .;
  • Carrots - 1/2 pcs .;
  • Salt - 1 tsp;
  • Sugar - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • Bay leaf - 3 pcs .;
  • Clove - handful;
  • Allspice - a handful.

Cooking method:

1. Forked white forks on strips and remember hands.

2. Then add grated carrots and beets. Clean and rinse the vegetables beforehand.

3. Mix everything well, add salt and sugar. Remember hands again before the juice appears.

4. Take a clean jar and place half of the spices on the bottom (peas, cloves, bay leaf).

5. Now, half of the jar tightly tamp down the vegetable mixture and again put the remaining spices.

6Tamp the cabbage again and set the press on top. Place a saucer under the bowl itself. Cover all with a clean towel and leave at room temperature for 3-4 days. Do not forget every day to pierce the contents with a wooden stick, so that bubbles, which are formed during fermentation, will come out.

7. After 3-4 days, the appetizer is ready for serving. It turns out very bright and fragrant food.

Crispy and juicy sauerkraut per day without vinegar

So we got to the classics of the genre. Probably, the photo recipe described below is familiar to everyone, and by this method every woman mistres the white vegetable. Let's once again remember this cooking option.

For souring is best suited wooden and glass container. However, aluminum and plastic utensils can also be used.


  • Cabbage - 3 kg;
  • Carrots - 300 gr .;
  • Sugar - 1 tsp;
  • Salt - 3 tbsp. spoons.

Cooking method:

1. Wash the forks and remove the bad leaves. Now coarsely chop with a special grater or a sharp knife.

It is desirable that the strips were the same in size.

2. Now wash and clean the carrot, grate it on a coarse grater.Also, carrots can be cut into thin strips.

3. Combine the vegetables with each other, mix well. Then add salt and sugar. Grind the mixture by hand to form a juice.

4. Next, transfer the mixture to a clean jar, while tightly tamping vegetables. Cover with gauze and leave at room temperature for a day. In the morning you need to pierce the blank with a wooden stick. And leave until the evening.

5. If you are preparing a snack in order to eat immediately, in the evening, once again pierce the contents and serve to the table.

If you want to prepare for future use, then for another 3 days repeat the procedure with piercing. At the same time, leave the container with cabbage at room temperature and cover with gauze. And then close the lid and store in the basement or in the refrigerator.

Sauerkraut in large chunks and garlic. Fast Food Recipe

But the fastest and most delicious way of cooking. This dish can be prepared at any time of the year, and the resulting salad will always be in demand.

The best temperature for the fermentation process is from 17 to 25 degrees.


  • Cabbage - 1 medium head;
  • Garlic - 6 cloves;
  • Carrot - 5 pcs .;
  • Dill - 3 umbrellas;
  • Zira - on the tip of a knife;
  • Oak leaf - 3 pcs .;
  • Seasoning for Korean carrot - 0.5 tsp;
  • Salt - 1.5 Art. spoons.

Cooking method:

1. Remove the head from the top leaves and wash it. Chop the vegetable into large pieces.

2. Carrots need to be cleaned and cut into large sticks.

3. In a large container, mix the vegetables and add all the specified seasonings and spices. Also add peeled and chopped garlic. All salt a little and mix thoroughly with your hands. Next, fill the 3 liter jar with the resulting mixture.

4. And now in the bank, put 1.5-2 Art. spoon coarse salt and fill with plain clean water. Cover the jar with a capron lid, but in no case tightly cover it, otherwise the workpiece may “fly”. In this state, leave the workpiece in the room for 3 days, while placing the jar on a saucer and every 3-4 hours deeply pierce the contents with a fork or spoon to allow the gas to escape.

Usually when fermentation is formed not very pleasant smell. Do not worry, it should be.

After 3 days the snack is ready. Can be served at a meal or stored in a refrigerator.

Option sourdough cabbage with honey and in brine for the winter

The following technology is not familiar to everyone, but those who have already tried this technique no longer refuse such winter blanks. What's the secret? In adding honey! Try it, it turns out cool.


  • Cabbage - 2 kg;
  • 3-4 carrots;
  • Cumin, bay leaf - to taste;
  • Water - 1.35 l;
  • Salt - 1 tbsp. spoon with a slide;
  • Honey - 1 sec. spoon with a slide.

Cooking method:

1. Rinse and dry the cabbage and carrots. Chop into thin strips.

2. Leave the resulting mixture for a couple of hours so that the whites will settle. At the same time hands nothing to knead.

3. After a while, place the contents in the jar as follows: a layer of cabbage with carrots, some cumin and bay leaves, again, spices, vegetables, etc.

4. Now cook the marinade. Pour clean water into the pot, add salt and honey. Put on a small fire, stir everything and heat a little liquid so that the honey and salt dissolve. Next, fill the vegetable mixture in the jar with warm, but not hot brine.

5. Put the filled jar in a plate or baking sheet and leave overnight at room temperature. The pallet is obligatory, as the marinade will drain during the fermentation process.

In the morning, pierce the billet so that extra gas is released. Leave for another day, again pierce. Then again we wait for the day, we pierce again. After all the manipulations our treat is ready!

Delicious sauerkraut with vinegar - a quick way to cook

Now I want to invite you to view the video plot, in which the vegetable will be boiled in a saucepan. The result is a salad option.

This adds vinegar, so the fermentation process will occur many times faster.

On average, it takes 3 days to ferment cabbage, but with the method described below, vegetables will be ready in 3 hours.

How to cook young sauerkraut

At the very beginning, I said that early varieties of white squirrel are not very suitable for fermentation. However, young plugs can be used. Just do everything according to the following recipe and try to eat a snack in the coming days.

In addition to carrots, you can add apples, beets, and zucchini to cabbage. As well as spices such as bay leaf, greens and black peppercorns.


  • Cabbage - 2 fork;
  • Carrots - 4 pcs .;
  • Water - 2 l;
  • Sugar - 1.5-2 tbsp. spoons;
  • Salt - 4 tbsp. spoons.

Cooking method:

1. Belokochannuyu fine shred in a deep basin.

2. Grate the carrots and add to the white cabbage.

3. Pour water into the pan and boil it.Add salt and sugar, wait for the loose ingredients to dissolve. Pour the marinade in the vegetables and mix everything thoroughly.

4. Now cover the contents with a plate and set the load.

5. After 5 hours, the fermentation process will begin. Therefore several times pierce the contents with a fork. A day later, the dish is ready to eat.

Store sauerkraut fast-cooking need at temperatures from +1 degrees and below.

Sauerkraut: Health Benefits

Well, at the end of today's topic, I also want to raise the question of the benefits of this product. So, thanks to the natural fermentation process, the vegetable normalizes the state of the intestinal microflora and improves all digestive processes. Even sour cabbage can always keep in itself all of its mineral and vitamin complex for the whole 2-3 months. Also white contains a large dose of ascorbic acid. Therefore, with regular use of vegetables increases immunity and prevents vitamin deficiency.

This acidic product helps to cope with constipation, relieves from parasites and intoxication of the body. Plus, the vegetable has the ability to resist malignant cell damage. Sauerkraut is used in the treatment of diabetes.But for men, this vegetable helps to maintain sexual activity for a long time. Also fermented option is used in cosmetology.

Of course, we should not forget that despite such positive and useful properties, sauerkraut can not be eaten by everyone. So, its use is not recommended for people suffering from gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, urolithiasis and other gastrointestinal diseases.

For those who suffer from flatulence, its use is also undesirable. If you are prone to edema or have kidney problems, then also refrain from taking an acidic product.

If you have no contraindications, then in order for sauerkraut to bring the body only benefit, and not harm, use it 2-4 times a week, not more often.

I hope my information was relevant, well, and the recipes are in demand. I have it all. Bye Bye!

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