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On this page of the site "Mom can do everything!" You will find the most interesting children's insect riddles with answers. There are mysteries about the ladybirds and ants, butterflies, May beetles and other insects.


Who has the whole back in the points?
Who grazes on the leaves?
Who we ask
Rise to the sky
And bring us bread from there? (Ladybug)


In appearance, of course, too small,
But all that can be dragged into the house.
Unruly guys -
Their whole life is connected with work. (Ants)


Ran down the track
Someone's little legs!
And on the legs, look, -
Freight more than three times!
And I almost do not see
Under the luggage ... (Ants)


Flew past the ear
Like a fly, but not a fly
This fly didn't buzz
She guys have a sting
Kohl sting, will be "ah"
Who is this guess!
- A fly with a sting? - Miracles!
Know it all - (Wasp)!


On the flower odorous
The flower has flown. (Butterfly)


children's insect puzzles

On a large colored carpet
Village Squadron -
That will open, then close
Painted wings. (Butterflies)


On the flower sits a flower
In two, just a petal.
Colored petals,
Along the edges carved!
Sit and fly away.
If anyone fails,
That will tell mommy:
"But this is ..." (Butterfly)


A walker walks through the ceiling,
All annoying health threatens.
And as autumn comes,
More and bite will start. (Fly)


On a blade of grass near the legs
Light flashed
But he did not burn for long -
With the wind flew away. (Butterfly)


He nets, like a fisherman, cooks,
And he never catches fish. (Spider)


Tired of the beetle
Do not break out in any way. (Web)


Who is above us
Upside down
Not afraid to walk
And not afraid to fall? (Fly)


A bug crawling through the grass
Red in point coat -
Two elytra then, darling.
Exactly seven points on each! (Ladybug)


On the surface of the water
lives in summer
Under the bark, without fuss,
winter is wasting.
The course of her long legs -
water surface yardstick.
Who else could slide so?
Only ... (Waterman)


In green uniforms
In the grass in the meadows
Live musicians
On long legs. (Grasshoppers)


Red-brown, coleoptera.
At least the pest is cute in appearance.
Starting May Day
He buzzes like a plane. (Chafer)


Circling, flying.
Where will sit down shortly
Leaves a hole!
Wool like chocolate
Sweet for baby!
In the house, no one is happy -
Little cheat!
There is she and food,
Toasts bread and cereals,
She does not taste only salt.
Who is she, kids? (Moth)


Who in every met flower
Its lowers the proboscis,
And after the hive
Rushing a bullet
And hiding something in a corner? (Bee)


Insect - in high esteem,
All day she is in flight
Pollinates all flowers,
That medku you tasted. (Bee)


Businesslike, domovita,
The voice is not at all angry
Buzzed past us:
- Roads in the summer every hour! -
Not to talk
During the honey harvest ... (Bee)


Cold look in a striped belly,
But the bees are not at all a girlfriend,
Her beauty is terrible to us.
It flies insidious ... (Wasp).


Resolutions did not ask
Flew up - and bit! (Mosquito)


Musical crumb very much!
All elytra strekocheta.
And not only on the edge,
But behind the stove in the hut. (Cricket)


Winged Pest -
Plant destructor.
Housekeeping, he shkodit!
Like a cricket. (Locusts)


He beeps when he flies!
A bite it itches.
With a proboscis, though not an elephant.

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