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Inner strength or how to be happy in conditions of instability

We live in a time when, in fact, it is not clear how we can feel confidence and stability in life,in which everything is constantly changing. There are crises in the economy that affect work and quality of life. In personal life there is no stable relationship. All this leads to the fact that in the end a person does not know on what or on whom he can rely.
If you look at the picture as a whole, we will see that today many people are focused on themselves and their own interests. They want everything to revolve around them and satisfy their needs. In the minds of most people, the concept of "I want to enjoy life and enjoy everything that surrounds me" operates. In the past, religion, morality, morality, and culture gave stability to relationships to a certain extent.
People understood that doing so well is good, but that’s bad.Now everyone is doing as he pleases.In order to preserve and develop relationships, in order for true love and friendship to arise in them, one must have inner strength and qualification.
This should make one who wants to have a happy relationship. If I want them, then I should influence the situation, regardless of how my partner behaves. Often, people say about their partner that this is “he is to blame,” so I don’t need such a relationship. See what happens, a person behaves like this only in a relationship with me, but not with others. This suggests that I myself create a situation around me. When you start working with yourself, you influence it and it changes. If you constantly blame the other person, you always lose.You cannot influence or force a person to behave differently, but you are able to change yourself.
Few people understand this. Therefore, we see that the families that are saved are much smaller. In the words of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy: "All happy families are equally happy, but unhappy in their own way."
The identity of happy families is always in simple deeds and actions. For example, in gratitude, respect, patience.If every day I tell my partner words of gratitude, then I guarantee you that the relationship will develop in a positive way. If I find in my mind qualities for which I respect the partner, then your relationship will change for the better. If every day I do not focus on his shortcomings, then there is a high probability that the relationship will change for the better. See, here are these 3 qualities:respect, gratitude and patience can change a problem situation.
The work of changing yourself is a serious work. Most people prefer a simpler scenario. It is easier for them to change the whole world than themselves. It is easier for them to yell at another person, to make him act differently than to change his qualities and very quickly influence the situation. When we speak of patience, this is not about restraining ourselves. It is important to contact your needs and feelings, respect your own values ​​and honestly talk about them to your partner. Also, it is important to respect the values ​​and needs of another person. All qualities must be balanced.

If I act in the right direction, then I push another person to changeand everything happens by itself. Remember, there was such a Soviet film “In love at will”? In the picture, this relationship is clearly visible.
Or. Imagine that before you a heavy door. You pressed on it, but it did not open. You still pressed on it, but it did not open again. You pressed a little harder and it began to open. Remember, as in the Russian proverb, "Water wears away a stone." Water runs, the stone lies, nothing happens. But she runs, runs, runs ... once and something has changed.
But it also happens that the door still does not open. For example, a man is seeking the attention of a woman, and she does not pay attention to him. How long do you think you can persevere? We are not managing everything. There are certain laws of the world. When we begin to combine our freedom and strength with them, we get much more opportunities. Imagine a captain driving a sailing ship. He, of course, can believe in himself, but if there is no wind that fills the sails with air, the ship will not budge. If the captain shows intelligence and understands how the wind blows and sets the sails under it, the ship will begin to turn.
There is the active will of man, but there is a world with its laws and this needs to be combined.
Inner strength is the purpose of man. TOeach of us is given a path in peace. When a person lives in harmony with his purpose, he finds happiness and success in life. Happiness is harmony with oneself.When a person realizes his mission, the Universe and the whole world begin to support him, sending a fair wind in the way of realization. Please note that in the world around us there are few such people. Why? Because they do not live in harmony with themselves, but adapt to the world and become consumers. We are implanted in the culture of the consumer who enjoys life. If I enjoy life, it means that there are no other people for me. People stopped feeling relationships, stopped feeling others.

A person must be in touch with his values. Respect, gratitude, patience - these are the main qualities that he should show towards other people, but also response actions are important. If I always adapt, thank, tolerate, and do not notice me, then I'm sorry, such a relationship will also be unsuccessful.It is my responsibility to be able to show myself in a relationship and tell a partner that I need his attention and help.It is important to be honest with yourself and open with others.
Happiness and satisfaction come when a person realizes his mission. If a person does not search for answers to the questions “Who am I in the world?”, “Why did I come?”, “What is my purpose?”, “What are my main talents?”, Then even patience, gratitude and respect will not help him. Here the balance of the two sides is important.
On the one hand, to develop qualities that help me to build relationships with others, and on the other hand, to develop qualities that allow me to build relationships with myself. The combination of both creates success.

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