Independent computer diagnostics of VAZ cars: what could be simpler? Connecting diagnostic equipment to the car

Code numbers and their description for GM ISFI-2S - brains.


Code Number Description
13 No oxygen sensor signal
14 Coolant temperature sensor low signal
15 High coolant temperature sensor signal
16 High on-board voltage
19 Error crankshaft position sensor
21 High throttle position sensor signal
22 Throttle Position Sensor Signal Low
24 No vehicle speed sensor signal
34 Incorrect air flow sensor signal
35 Deviation of turns of idling
41 Camshaft sensor malfunction
42 Ignition control circuit failure
43 Malfunction knock control circuit
44 Poor oxygen sensor
45 Enriched oxygen sensor
49 Diagnosis of vacuum loss
51 Calibration Memory Error
53 Malfunction of potentiometer for adjusting CO (carbon monoxide)
54 Malfunction potentiometer octane-corrector
55 Depletion under high engine load
61 Degradation of the oxygen sensor

check lamp

Self test

Everything is very simple.
To communicate with the computer serves as a diagnostic unit. The diagnosis block is located on the car VAZ 2108, VAZ 2109, VAZ 21099 under the dashboard on the right side next to the computer. Car fault codes stored in the computer memory can be read by a special diagnostic tool or by counting the number of flashes of the CHECK ENGINE lamp. To read fault codes, the lamp must be connected with a jumper to the “ground” contact B of the diagnostic pads with contact A, which is connected to the “weight” of the engine.


Marking of pins for diagnostics of VAZ 2108, VAZ 2109, VAZ 21099
And - the contact connected to "weight"; B - diagnostic contact for signaling to the ECU; G - contact control of the electric fuel pump; M - contact issuing information (serial data channel)
When contacts A and B are connected, turn the car key in the ignition switch to position I (ignition), and the engine should not work. Under these conditions, the “CHECK ENGINE” lamp should flash the code “12” three times in a row. This should occur in the following order: flash, pause (1-2 seconds), flash, flash — long pause (2-3 seconds) and so two more times.
The code “12” indicates that the self-diagnosis system works, if the code “12” does not work, it means that the ECU system itself is faulty. After flashing the “12” code, the “CHECK ENGINE” lamp flashes the fault codes three times, if they exist, or simply continues to flash the “12” code, if there are no fault codes. If more than one fault code is stored in the computer memory, each of them is displayed three times.

Code reading order

At the end of the diagnostics, it is allowed to open the contacts A and B of the diagnostic pads 10 seconds after turning off the VAZ 2108, VAZ 2109, VAZ 21099 ignition on the car.

Electrical connection circuit of ECM EURO-2 GM VAZ-2108, 2109 with engine 2111

1- nozzles;
2- spark plugs;

3- ignition module;

4- diagnostic block;

5- controller;

6- block attached to the instrument panel harness;

7- main relay;

8- power supply fuse of the controller and the ignition module;

9- fuse of power supply circuit of speed sensor and mass air flow sensor;

10- power supply circuit fuse;

11- electric fuel pump relay;

12- coolant temperature sensor;

13- idle speed regulator;

14- knock sensor;

15 - adsorber purge solenoid valve;

16- crankshaft position sensor;

17- speed sensor;

18- mass air flow sensor;

19- oxygen sensor;

20- throttle position sensor;

21- electric fuel pump with fuel level sensor;

22 - the block attached to a plait of system of ignition;

23- control board;

24- ignition switch;

25- mounting block;

26- electric fan of the cooling system;

And - the block attached to a plait of the conditioner; B - to the terminal "B +" of the generator; C - to the terminal "+" of the battery D1, D2 - grounding points;

another circuit diagram:

VAZ cars are very popular due to the affordable price, reliability and availability of spare parts on the car market. Many drivers are familiar with the design of the car, so they can do the repairs themselves. The article tells about self-diagnostics, discusses diagnostic equipment, including an adapter for diagnostics on a VAZ automobile.

Advantages of self-diagnosis

A car is a complex structure consisting of various mechanisms, sensors and other devices. Previously, diagnostics of cars VAZ and other vehicles was carried out by visual inspection of components and parts.On modern cars installed a large number of electronics, all kinds of sensors that monitor the compliance of the current values ​​of the specified parameters.

Full control leads to the fact that the stable operation of the car is completely dependent on electronic systems. Sometimes the failure of one of the systems can lead to the fact that a good car may not start. To prevent such situations is computer diagnostics. It is designed to detect faults in the electronic system for their subsequent elimination.

All information arrives at where it is stored and processed. For diagnostics it is necessary to connect special diagnostic equipment. To connect it to cars installed.

It is advisable to diagnose your car as a preventive measure several times a year.

In addition, diagnostics are performed if the engine error indicator (check engine) lights up on the dashboard or if there are any problems with the engine. The reason may be in the sensors or electronics (video author - Pavel Master).

Diagnostic equipment

Before purchasing a diagnostic scanner, it is necessary to clarify which computer is installed on the vehicle.

Existing diagnostic adapters can be divided into the following groups:

Most VAZ models are equipped with control units with K-line. Therefore, the best choice is a diagnostic adapter VAG-COM or diagnostic adapter K-Line.

Computer Diagnostics Guide

Just a few years ago, computer diagnostics could only be carried out at a service station. Currently, the self-diagnosis of VAZ is available to any driver. To carry it out, a computer, tablet or laptop, diagnostic adapter is needed at the VAZ.

To connect the adapter, you must have a diagnostic connector (pads). It is mandatory present in the cars VAZ 2109 injector, as well as other models with an injection engine. K-Line VAGCOM adapters are directly connected to the electronic control unit via a 16-pin diagnostic OBD-II diagnostic connector (connector). Some models have a 12 pin connector, which is not compatible with the adapter. In this case, you must purchase an additional adapter or K-Line scanner with OBD1 (GM12) housing.

The main thing when conducting computer diagnostics is to correctly connect the scanner to the diagnostic socket of the machine. This requires pinout pads.

After connection, the main signals are read and information about the nodes and systems of the car can be read. To read the information you need special software that can be downloaded from the Internet resources or it is attached to the adapter.

To test, you must insert the adapter into the diagnostic connector VAZ. Basically VAZ is located under the torpedo.

But for different models, the location is different:

  • on VAZ 2109, 2108 with an injector - under the clothing shelf;
  • VAZ 2115 - under the cigarette lighter;
  • on Lada Priora - behind the glove compartment;
  • on Lada Kalina - above the cigarette lighter;
  • VAZ 2110, 2111, 2112 - on the right side of the steering column.

By the time checking does not take much time. On the one hand, the adapter is connected to the computer ECU, on the other end of the wire there is a USB input to which a personal computer or laptop is connected. The program offered to the scanner is usually recorded on a CD. It installs on a computer without any problems.

The interface is Russified, so even an inexperienced user can perform the settings.Decoding codes can be found in the application to the diagnostic equipment. Having decoded the error codes, you can independently perform diagnostics.

K-Line adapter allows you to:

  • obtain sensor data in digital and graphic form;
  • reads error codes stored in the controller, and gives the opportunity to remove unnecessary information;
  • adapt the work of some mechanisms;
  • coding control units with the ability to activate and deactivate a number of functions;
  • set service intervals;
  • check the operation of some nodes and systems.


The ability to carry out computer diagnostics with their own hands gives confidence in the health of their own car and saves a significant amount of money on a visit to the service station. However, for this it is necessary to know the structure of the mechanisms and components of the car in order to detect a malfunction, to be able to eliminate it.

Diagnostic connector VAZ 2114 is required to connect the onboard computer. Such a device is in high demand among motorists, because it makes the operation of transport more convenient. There are many computers that fit VAZ.They can be connected to the car using this connector.

In most cases, there is an instruction for using the device, the connection. But often drivers use second-hand products that do not have relevant documentation. In this case, you will need information about where the connector is located, and how to carry out the installation.

Where is the right connector

Most often it is located under the torpedo. By the way, it can be located on the right or on the left side. In certain models, the device is located near the steering column. It can be located to the left and below it. In cars that have europanel, the connector is located under the cigarette lighter.

Attention! The required connector can be covered with a decorative panel.

It is worth saying that two additional contacts, which are located on the diagnostic block of VAZ 2114, are needed for the temperature sensor of external air. After you connect, you need to activate the K-line. It is necessary in order to transmit to the device all the important information.

This is done as follows:

  1. The meter wire is connected to the second pin of the connector block.
  2. The second end of the end is held to the diagnostic connector.
  3. The connection is made using the M-socket at the EURO 2 pad, or into the seventh socket of the EURO 3 pad.
  4. Connect the on-board computer and install it in the planned place.

The main steps in the diagnosis

When you have found the diagnostic connector VAZ 2114, you can proceed to the required diagnostic work.

By the way, before you install the device, think about what exactly it will be used for. When choosing an onboard device, you need to take into account the characteristics of the car, so inexpensive models are suitable for the VAZ 2114. It will be enough to choose a system that has a monitor, a set of wires, as well as the processor itself.

Next you need to find a place where you can mount the monitor. You need to take into account the individual characteristics of the machine, the optimal place is the central part of the console. When there is not enough free space on the torpedo, then you should mount the monitor on the torpedo.

Remember that you need to find a place for the processor, it is important that there should be free access to the ventilated openings. The case should be fixed in a certain place for greater reliability.

Wires deserve special attention, they must not be damaged during operation. To do this, experts advise to carry them through a special tube.

After the connector for diagnostics of vaz is found, other work is done, you can connect the wiring.

After the installation is completed, you can install the software, make the necessary settings.

Now you can see auto diagnostics.

What are the?

Diagnostic connector 2114 on almost all models is the same. Since 2002, the injection models use a 12-pin rectangular connector. It is located in the cabin under the torpedo, while it can be located on the driver’s side or on the passenger side. But there are also models for which a 16-pin connector is suitable, also since 2002.

Connecting diagnostic equipment to the car

To connect the car to a personal computer, you must purchase or make the communication interface between the COM port and the diagnostic connector K -LINE .

The first inscription on the screen of diagnostic equipment or a computer, causing panic among beginners, as a rule, is something like “No connection”, “No controller response” or something similar, but no less intriguing. A motor tester, for example, begins to offer options - from unconnected power to a hardware failure of the adapter.It is good if the car with an immobilizer was the first to diagnose and you are sure that everything is in order with the adapter. The reason for the lack of communication on cars without is immo banal and is possible only in the domestic auto industry - a break in the diagnostic line from the diagnostic connector to the computer. The immobilizer uses K-Line to communicate with the ECU and is included in the diagnostic line break. If the immobilizer is not installed, the diagnostics line hangs in the air and there is no connection with the ECU. This place was supposed to be a plug, but ... To restore the connection, you just need to install a jumper between contacts 9-1 and 18 of the immobilizer connector (or install an immobilizer) as shown in the figure. In practice, to preserve the functions of the smooth extinguishing of light, and simply to scare away the pioneers, they cut and splice these two wires, leaving the immo in the connector.

Diagnostic connector GAS.

1 + 12V
2 + 12V from battery
10 L-Line
11 K-Line
12 Mass

Diagnostic connector VAZ

B - L-Line (may not be)
M - K-Line
G - Fuel Pump Control.
H - 12V. Constant c battery through the fuse. / may not be.
The latest versions of the WHA, designed for the EURO 3 (4) toxicity standards, use the standard European OBD-II connector.

Pin Assignment of the Diagnostic Block

2 - J1850 Bus +
4 - Chassis Ground
5 - Signal Ground
6 - CAN High (J-2284)
7 - ISO 9141-2 K Line
14 - CAN Low (J-2284)
15 - ISO 9141-2 L Line
16 - Battery Power

Location of diagnostic pads

VOLGA - under the hood, on the wall of the engine compartment, on the passenger side
VAZ 2110 - to the right of the driver, next to the steering column
VAZ 2109 Low panel - on the shelf under the "glove box", next to the computer
VAZ 2109 High panel - behind the center console.
VAZ 2108-2115 "europanel" - on the "torpedo", closed hatch.
Chevrolet-Niva - OBD-II, near , partially covered by steering cover.
VAZ 11183 "Kalina" - Under
near the gear knob.
VAZ 21126 "Priora" -

Location of blocks

VAZ 2106i - The control unit is located at the place of the shelf under the glove compartment, there are also located the ECU fuses, diagnostic block and the PTF relay. All this is closed purely on the domestic, plastic flap with huge gaps. To connect the diagnostics, the shield will have to be unscrewed, since despite its “flexibility”, it is not possible to insert the diagnostic connector.
VAZ 11183 "Kalina" VAZ 21126 "Priora"

Connector for connecting diagnostic equipment to
VAZ cars (old type, GM equivalent)

To connect the diagnostic equipment to the block, you can use a pin contact of the appropriate diameter, but it is much more convenient to make .

This design was developed NPP NTS to connect its diagnostic equipment. In a slightly modified form, these connectors can be found on the Tolyatti car markets. This drawing has been completed and provided.

(c) AIST

The connector depicted in the photo can be purchased in Tolyatti on the "Flame" car market. It is fairly well made and has one undoubted advantage - the presence of a fairly large amount of free space. For example, I easily put in it the k-line adapter. It turned out a compact adapter for a laptop.

And here You can order such a plug to connectors on-line at the Togliatti company website SPARE PARTS - SERVICE . The block is a plastic double-sided connector, on the one hand of which there is a connection to the standard VAZ diagnostics block, on the other - OBD II. I have repeatedly ordered them, delivery by parcel (to Volgograd) within a week.

How to make connectors for diagnostic connectors? His manufacturing experience is sharing Sany77 - .

Diagnostic cords

Now a little about the cord. NPP NTS, for example,It assembles its KR-2 adapters with a 3-wire cable with a length of 5 meters, two of them are supplied with power ("+" and "-" with batteries, crocolils) and one unshielded signal wire connected in the box to the "M" pin. When self-fabricating the cord, it must be borne in mind that when using high-quality shielded wire, the length can be increased up to 15 m, and the fact that the system with a separate power supply was chosen due to the fact that the old wiring types did not supply power to the diagnostics block. time can all be connected directly to the block. The photos show "replaceable" cords for VAZ and GAS with power adapter from the diagnostic pads.

And, undoubtedly, the most convenient to use when using a laptop is a pad with a built-in adapter K-Line. The adapter shown in the photo on the left is actively used to diagnose and work with the engineering J5 On-line tuner ECU in conjunction with the IBM Thinkpad P-II / 366 laptop. Diagnostic block of this type can be found in Tolyatti, the market "Flame" or make

In conclusion, we give the pinout adapters:
1. The most popular K-Line from the site - it fully corresponds to the pinout of the KR-2 adapter from the Scientific-Production Enterprise NTS: 2-K-Line, 4.5 + power, 8.9 - GND.

2Adapter K-Line v.1.7: 9-pin from Autoelectric: 1 - K-Line, 4 - K-Line mass, 5 - power supply mass, 8 - power supply plus.

3. Adapter K-L-Line v.2.1 (and from USB K-L-Line) from Auto Electric: 1.14 - K-line; 13.25 L-Line; 17.18 + 12V; 21.22 GND; 3 - J1850 Bus +

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