Illuminated on the front panel of the LED of the ruleboard the terminal is buzzed. Video What are you doing right? LED lighting and LED technology

But you can quickly and even dream of the solution itself.

Conversation for Tova. Yes we talkyarkYes, not for iPhones - just for Tova, it’s important for everyone. Che keschata e is bright, stilna and beautiful.

How to do it all

Pogluzdayki prez Internet for the preparation of the following material, all of them on the one interestingly interesting title, coeto vednaga me hvana.

The LED is not bright but real.

Thanks to the view LedRus for educational purposes. Interesting information is not e for the iPhone e useful :-)

I admit, I sensed a lot for the LED, but I never missed it from the polzovzam, for letting me light on one apartment. Somnayayki si, che in good will poznat Swedish shop ima deed dobir department for electrical drains, sat there, for yes seeing how to solve this base on the led, koito those offer. Veche not se varnakh praznie ptse.

Razhozdayki se about the electrical department, better open without any extraordinary reasons: the lamp with 12 LEDs is very effective. Osventova, in addition to the 220 V socket, can be connected to the USB connector (that doesn’t work much good from it).

But Tova is not the most important thing - it’s still in the store, he is impressed by the diversity of the solution in the area of ​​lighting, which is based on the LED. Lampi, lamps, pandels and many others. With one thought -dream on Kulibin.

Tsyaloto Tov variety of meyes realizira like lightening around the houseFor szhalenie, nickname from the sales can not be done yes consultation is competent and in all cases, dori and togawa, razbrah, that offers a range of nyam even in consensus and dissuade from need.

LED and LED lenti

From time to lamp, prez invented in 1802, technology, from clarifying to light, all traded on the spot. And from the modernity for the clarification of the sa stesta visoka: hopefulness, productivity and the most iconic.

LEDs and pandels with tyah for the sake of tezi izdyvaniya. More later - adding all the simplicity on the instaliran and security on the use.

Svetodiodat or svetlinniyat diode e semiconductor device, somehow converted electrically a current directly into svetlinnata radiation.

Ribbon LED e is from a source of light, is curved on a bazaat on a LED. Goods are printed (montazhno) planes, at which they are led by one unit from each other.

Prez last godini, LED strip svetlina stanakha widely distributed and not the very characteristics, for koito i'm talking about grief. Goodsunique istochnik on svetlina - with it, you can realize the solution to all problems and you will find your sonority and malka.

Entries and improvings for clarification, because of clarification in difficult to reach places (killeries, checkmets and so-called), decorative clarification of a car or a motorcycle - is not a list of tasks, in kitoto tape is simply irreplaceable.

Kakvi predimstva imat those?

  • Low energy consumption - in comparison with fluorescent lamps, consumerate 3–5 ways in a little electric power, 7–10 points from a lamp with an energetic lamp;
  • the belly of the belly - not in a small way from 50,000 hours of work is continuous (more than 6 years old);
  • it is ecologically clean - to save for comrades, but this is one important moment (they don’t live, phosphorus and other harmful substances);
  • Electric security - work on a warning from 12-36 volts, which is not a sore gaze;
  • fire safety - do not get stuck to temples;
  • resistance to mechanization and vibration — you can walk without problems and cross the defenses under water;
  • without pulsiran on the light stream.

Last pre eminently interestingThe work is e, the tape is operated from a constant current, and is perfectly pulsirane on the light stream. The luminescents of the lamp and the lamp with a plug-in zhikka will work from the flow of current and their maturity on a treptena 50-120 Hz.

What is the shortage? The product is simple - it has been established, that the pulsation of the light wave is immature, the image is negative, the central nervous system is nervous and the degree of power is direct - nerve nerves on the brain and photoreceptor cells on retinate. To begin with, from the LEDs and the lenti kato LEDs, the backlight on the desktop or zone for even is ideal.

Mogah yes ptodrya tova predimstvo personally. LED lamp is attachedwell-lit space, but it is a foreseeable fact, that Masat e is sufficiently golyama, trying and buying second.

Time e yes elect

They are categorically determined that in their apartments they used the LED and Ivica Cato lighting, well, you can do it more easily with LED lamps. For yes, you can, even better, try and disassemble everything, but decided that it will be done.

Differences on LED lenti

LED pandels all distinguish: by the color of the patch, the brightness and the degree for the protection.

By color on a plaque LED, installation on the board, the tape can be done: blue, red, green, yellow, black (toplo / studeno) and RGB. With par four, it is clear, but in Byal and RGB lenti bih was looking for a little bit more.

Fact e, whatwhite LED e blue LED, on the chiato surface of the layer from phosphorus.

According toRGB LED, togawa e more interesting - toyou can shine in kakvto and yes e colorHow to grasp the effect? It is easy to talk: in RGB-LED of ima 3, the colors are: R (cherven) -venew, G (green) -green, B (blue) -Blue, and when mixed, you can get other colors.

Brood on LED, tape installationBrightness on nevovaty Svetlina, Option sa: SMD3528 - 60, 120, 240 diodes (3.5 x 2.8 mm) for 1 m, SMD5050 - 30, 60, diode 120 (5 x 5 mm) for 1 m According to the principle, ima and other variations, but the principle Got a little more than a little more than a light-emitting diode on the 1-meter ribbon, which is brightly bright.

Degree on protection on LED ribbon - i.e.Kolko e protected from influence. There are three types of options to use for the parameter list:defenseless - for installation in rooms with normal niva for humidity,protection with epoxy resin - suitable for a bath or bath andin full protection - for premises or premises of the premises ere complicated conditions.

How about?

The trail of kato lecturers base the precedence and characteristics on the LED, somehow and lenti with tyahnata use, use and mix with both options and implementation in apartment si. And the true Imam try a lot. This is itself nyakoi from tyah.

New chip! Shoot sa groupies in galeriyat - for yes, you see the following / pre-click on the arch of the arrow.

Filmirani video clips, embedcelia projectIn Koito, they only illuminate the LEDs, lamps, bases on tyah, somehow and LED lenti.

From the description, it is clear to the camp, that in every flock of ima for 3 illumination we rehearse for the cornis, Tavan is the clarification of the niche, as it were, and the main light is illuminated for 400 lux.

Moite plan

A trail of a video clip, directed by a rough plan for a comrade, just like a guide from the house - into a single one-hundred apartment with an area of ​​46 square meters.


  • illuminate the zone by the gotvene tov lenti ess 5 x 6 mm LED;
  • mainly brightening - superbright tape (stream from 9600 Lm is bright).

Entrance entree, pack:

  • mostly brightening - superbright tape ecs bleaching stream from 9600 lm;
  • additional places in the corridor;
  • wall dimer with remote control - serve for control on the brightness on clarified;
  • The LED of the light line in the zone on the light - the election of the base on the opa from the lamp on the lamp for the mas, is ideal for the light.


  • Mainly brightening - the tape is specially protected for rooms with moisture
  • the lamp above the ogledaloto - with him all over did not decide.

Problems and solution

The trail of kato is planned for goods, some claims, new problems - the selection of the shop. It’s not a mystery, but it’s just flooded with high quality products. On the good of knowledge from the website of the website there will be desks of Hiladi offer and it’s simply unrealistic and you can truly choose LED Ivica.

But for yourself, this decision is intentional andin Moscow and dori at adequate price, Tezi momchet of the direction of the project, coitospomenava vv videoto. What are those? The LedRus company - the specialist has a huge amount of money in the field of lighting the system and helps to solve the problem. Hopefully, we can help and implement ideas.

cv Now I’m glad and smelling suggestions and comments for my "project"!

Apple Fresh:

On the front side of the lamp, the LED lamp is filled with the source on the light. For this, direct, sufficiently yes, you depend in a kasetata and e is ready. The height of the goods is not such. Takiva Lampi imat is a complicated device and they offer a variety of forms. Yes, they will work smoothly, trying and knowing technical specifications and types and models are suitable.

The LED lights are a classifier that is spread out on the mark, which is based on technical characteristics. In a special way, the product is unaffected, the design and appearance of the socle. For yes, the imam is kindly presented for the species, some sort of evidence is all-separated attribute.

persuaded to cross

With the appointment of a LED lamp, you can divide the following types:

  • for lightening on housing dwellings. Chesto se izpolzva at home from the bazate E27, E14;
  • models made from a lighting project;
  • for podrazhane on clarification. You may already consider the point on the architectural structure or landscape design;
  • for the light on the object in the explosive atmosphere;
  • street lighting models;
  • A lot of LED lights out of the spotlight. I creep up in front of the zone and the building.


By the view of the structure, the LED lamps will be divided into the following view:

  • models with the overall mission of izpolzvat for clarifying the office and housing premises;
  • LED lamp with wet flow from svetlina e instalirana in the projector. These are crawled out for underlined on the element of architectural structure and landscape lighting;
  • For sublimation on fluorescence from a point on a light, to select a linear model. Tezi Svetododni Lampi sa directions under the format for trъba and sa suitable for the view of the kapachkata, allowing you to allow a bazo zamestane on a single source on svetlina with a friend.


LED lights, depending on their purpose, will distinguish between different types of basements. Kato Tsyalo Ima Takiva Sort:

  1. Standard plinth with the meaning of "E" means the type of carving. The numbers show the diameter of the bearing, for example E27. Based on the carving on the LED, the lamp is identical to the socket on the traditional basis from the point of view of the light with the bit pressed. If you allow them to let them replace the ones in the polylines, the desktop models, and in the streets for street lighting, go to the pole. When izpolzvanetto on the ground of izpolzvat obyknoveni lampi ñs standard kapachka, bearing the designation of E27 or E14. Other than E14 e miniatures.Street illumination from the support of the system is made of LED lamps. Golemy size on the sausage is naturally ima gogolyama base - E40.
  2. The GU10 interface is complete from 2 pinches from the bottom to the top. The design on the kapachkat is identical with the vector on the starter, from the old one to the light (gas discharge). A LED lamp with such a base is embedded into the chamber. Meaning the letter on the connector shows, that G is a f pin type, and U e is present on the udebelivane on the painted one. The number of views is between the igrate. Into case e 10 mm. Based on the pinch, it is electrically safe and forestry for the instaliran. Lamp with plugs connector is designed mainly for lighting the body on the tavana with the reflector.
  3. Remove the GU5.3 connector and unite it with the spacing between the element from 5.3 mm. Tosi type connector for LED lamps e start in production from the beginning to another on the halogenni from exact points to svetlina eds conditio nidi, montiran in tavanni illuminate the body. Model with takava base is suitable for skin clarification, mounted in a tavani pumping. Plot se varkarva forest in the nest and e is so electrically safe.
  4. Lineline LED products under the format for matt basis G13.The product is the only one with a view of the spacing between the element from 13 mm. Takiva is a model of three of them creeping behind the fluorescent light from light on light. Those of you creeping out for those who are illumined in the golems and plains, as well as for the installers in the rooms from the high places in the golyama, are very popular.
  5. Bazat GX53 e with 53 mm spacing between the elements. Light bulbs with tozi connector are made of creeping into body lighting for citizens and citizens for furniture and tavani.

The table with the type of kapachki

Izlchena svetlina

Svetlinata, the lamp has been illuminated from the LED, otsya to reflect the characteristics of the product and the classification of technical characteristics.

Svetlinen stream

One of the important parameters that determine the technical characteristics of the light source, the light stream, i.e. silat on negovata radiation and efficiency. The unit for measuring the light flux e lumen. The second is the parameter of efficiency, determined by the power of the parameter of power consumption at the source of the light line Lm / W. According to the principle of reflecting the indicator of the comic.

In addition, compare the lightness on a LED with a conventional nishka, a rag and a vision, a source on a light with a power of, for example, 40 W, a stream of about 400 lm.Ima table for equal to the stream of light from the difference from points to light. From tyah, you can sort it out, what with the LED light of the mite imat svetlinen stream ten way to the power of chafing from the source on the svetlina.

When you purchase a lamp for it, you need to study the marking. Unplug the manufacturers from the light stream or the light stream. But the best way to mark a comparison of the characteristics for LED is from a source to a direct analogue with a pinch bit. Especially the same meanings for the sake of naypak on Chinese products. According to the principle of tova etiketirane, it can be considered as a rule, in the meantime, in a short time it is advertised.

It is necessary to generalize it, then at the appropriate moment, the diode, emit light, develop a resource, polishing silat to a light stream. Tovah shows a lack of them, Makar Che poverty is not e forever.

Led lights can be distinguished from traditional outlets on a light with a press switch. Vlaknata sdzdava one color with topl nuance - zhlt. LED mogat and izvetvvat svetlina from a wide range of colors, one way is determined from the color for the temperature.

Kato is the basis for constructing on the skalatu of the seizure of flowers on the heart of sorrow a bitter metal.Measure the Kelvin degree units. For example, zhlto grief metal with a temperature of about 2,700 temperature K daylight svetlina varira from 4500 to about 6000 K. Dokato byala svetlina with the edge of the image zhltenik in shade. Flowers with a temperature of over 6500 ° K will be charged for svetlana svetlina ess sin ёnk. When selecting a light source, the source is required and special attention should be paid to these characteristics. In addition, when illuminated on the flock in different colors, showing a lot of things, often partly on the ground, something like that might be reflected negatively on the eye on the person. When dwelling on a kotoku, the understudy of a deficiency on a LED is lightened, but it is forest and true corigir selection on flowers.

Distribution to Svetlinata

Ako Conventional from Iztochnitsi on Svetlina podzdavat maximally lightening on the space around you si, then togga LED light posokata on Svetlinniya flow in one place. Those ischvvat svetlina before itself si. The distribution of the light into the light is suitable for night-time lighting or another light, from which all of this is filled with light from the light.

For yes they will direct the light emitting diode and generate uniformly illuminated on the space, the equipment with the diffusor.With such a uniform, even distribution on the light complex is comprehended through instalirana on the LED in the plain at different angles. Vsychki tezi metodi allow me and yes to the exit evenly distribution on svetlinata in the defined area. For example, a LED lamp mogat yes imat the distribution on svetlinata under Ygl from 60 or 120 °.

Color Stripes

Ima index on the color rendering, denoted Kato Ra. Indicator dissuade for naturalness on the color of the object, falling into the region on the light on the daden svetlinen from the source. The standard on the index of the light of the light is equal to the resistance of 100. The LED indicator has an index from 80-90 Ra. For comparison, a conventional lamp with a plug-in boom has an index nai-mako 90 Ra. Consider it, what the index, nadkhvrlyasch 80 Ra, his temple.

Adjustable lamp

Svetodiodni lampi, somehow and from the point of view of the light at the svetlina with the press on the scab, mogat and the regulation of the brightness on the svetlinata. Controlling light on the control device on the LED - freezing. The product is shown on the LED lamps, for the difference from the iconic to them of the coil - fluorescent light from light on. With the help of the regulator, it is possible and comprehensible on the premises, which is best found for observation.

Worked on the regulator all over in the form of impulse. Yarkostta on the diode, izvychvvash svetlina, depending on the reason they. But not all LED lamps satier overhead. Restrictions on settings can be hindered by the driver on the lamp for the LED, it is determined by the honesty. Kogato elect svetlinen iztochnik for kyshta, tryabva attentively and read the technical characteristics of the product, where the package will be shown to give a LED lamp can be controlled.

Silata and work on lampit

Technical specifications for product packaging, much of it to the right will pay attention to indicator indicators for energy and work. With other Dumi, the claim suit and knowledge of the current lamp are in need of normal work and as long as the Consumer has electricity.

The resistance to consumptions for electric power play is important when it is consumed for total consumption for lighting at home or in the street. LED lamps produce different power, depending on their intended purpose. For example, for one large enough and buy food with a capacity of 3 to 20 watts. In the case of Urzhadan, street lighting should be improved by using a lamp, for example, about 25 watts.But the most important thing is, why can not you determine the brightness of the consumer from the consumption of energy.

Danny for podmyanat on the lamp with prizhaema zichka virhu LED

A friend is important indicator of labor. Istochnik on current e is constant or exchanged. The LED on the rear panel constantly warns 12 V. During his work, he is dissuaded by the need to change the coexistence to the necessary standard. With the help of LED lights, they can operate from 220 V. The ima models, working from DC and AC, have a voltage of 12-24V. Tezi indicators tryaba and se vzemat foreseen during the election of the lamp. In the case of disagreement, the product is inadequate in performance, when it is cut loose, either simply refuse to work or just go izgori.

Markirana on LED lampi

Ako takes a package on a coito and even a product, the same marking, which reflects the technical data. This is similar to the label on the iconomist and including the following parameters:

It is rightly chosen for all the parameters, LED is illuminated from the source, with the condition that the manufacturer is guaranteed by the manufacturer, for a long time. Sega ground the disadvantages on the product itself at a high price, but on the other hand, consumers will get it right.


LED brightening

LED brightening

LED lamp for campsites

In many cases, there are two light emitting diodes for lighting the grounds or the entrance.

Figure 1

Figure 1 shows a schematic for switching it to 220V. LEDEL 1, EL2 it can be turned on from any view, the brightness is increased. When combining the resistance on the resistor, the average current of the current is about 5 mA. It is important that you light up the LEDs in the opposite polarity and all the way away, working for half the time on your own.polarity, serve as a kato limiter on the opposite way for each other. Ako switch on the LED light by turning off the polarity, right from the back to the bottom of the gate and close the door and fail.

Details of the resistor

R1, the mount of the upper arm plate with a diameter of 28 mm. The needle in the periphery on the board direct three slots, it is intended for the nay-G-type brace, the work from lamarine is drunk on the ridge of the highland E27 from the cruciate. With the taxis of the taxatus, subsequently enshrined to the socle.

From the recess in the central contact on the capaccata will be removed the lamp and spoiler from the hot pot. One from the resistor

R1 preminatat in a bowl, and a friend is connected to a resistorR2 on the board.Platform track cathode track conglobrate parts of the cnm socket, from the terminal of the terminal to the resistorR1 is dirty, and the rest is partly arrested on the central contact.

Tertyshnik E.


Kaluga district

LED night light

Figure 2

Light and LEDs can be used to creep into body lights, job fenerts or dori kato warning lights in the car headlight.

There is a description for one simple scheme for a lamp, a defective fumigator (an etching agent for mosquitoes) and two euttins with golyam brightness were given by the light LED.

Tialoto on the fumigator e zapushalka with a heating element and one for the montirane on the briquette, impregnating with the substance, exactly for the mosquitoes. Kogato otoplitelniyat element is faded, the fumigator is confined to izkhvurlya. In addition, a fumigator is installed in the light of the light before it, it is necessary and installed in the case of the Verigata si, shown in Figure 2. And put a LED on the detector for the heater element.

Spreaded from the misdat se security store precondenser C1, on the reactive sprprotiva, from the pad of the pada too much pressure, the recirculation bridge bridge

VD 1- VD4 Insert a KD209 diode. Isolation of the bridge by plugging in a resistorR2 and the condenser C2, emitting pulsations.

DC dispensed from tozi capacitor preminav kam two successively svrzani Beli ultra-bright LEDs

HL 1 and HL 2.

Condensate C1 tryabay nai-malko 400V. Commodity is erected from the pole on the diode to the current collector.

Brooks on the LED can increase it.

Lyuzhin R.

LED lamp for mas

A schematic on the LED of the lamp is shown in FIG.

Figure 3

There is a decline for the last 15 consecutive LEDs with a 54V power supply. It is well known that a light diode diode stabilizes the direct voltage, such as from a technical voltage on a series serial cable cannot be done, such as the C2 capacitor is taken at 63V. On the diodeVD 1 and VD2 and the capacitor C1 e is transformed from the source with a cooling capacitor. Rolls on the cenerioid diode are completely removed from the successive LED. Those things are kept from him.

Optimum capacitance on condenser C1 e is selected in the frame at (3.3 mkF), with coito the LED shines brightly, but not all of it.

Resistor R1 - for razrazhane on condenser C1 trace of a switch on the lamp.

Condensate C1 tryabay nai-malko 250V. Tuk ce izpolzva making analogue to the condenser K73-17. You will choose the cato trail on the capacitor capacitor, you can specify the desired brightness on the light. Plate e is shown in figure 4

Figure 4

Resistor R1 Serve for the wounded C1 track from the switch to the Verigate.

Diode, by staking in the diagram, could replace it with KD105, KD209 or other middle current guides for a reverse voltage of 300V.

When adjusting to the verifica tryabva and se to bleach, in the event of a damage in C1, the LED and the condenser C2 are damaged. Now you can get damage on C2 in the case of a pre-scan on a Verigate from the LED.


Khorata is in full swing and depends on ecological sustainability for being found on our planet for generation. imat golems are possible and they play golyama role in tova. But the self-explanatory nature of the word itself is impressive, and the situation is bright. Do you really disagree with this structure, which is necessary for them?

LED lighting and LED technology

The LED is illuminated, it is semiconducting and it is known approximately from the beginning of 1960, the LED light and the crawler are many small size, about 1 square meter. mm, which can be compared to a wide range of colors. Restricting the silat to the early LEDs allows you to get out of the crawl itself into cattle electronic display devices, but the progress of technology has brought to the fact that you have come from home and street lighting.

Efficiency on LED lamps

Ako will take a 25 W halogen lamp for comparison, approximately one by one and with a stream of light that can be replaced with a LED 3 W lamp. From an example, you can understand the economy for about 80% compared to an old type of halogen lamp. The energy contests did not smack on themselves, so you can disperse over electrical energy, but you have already scrounged on natarvarvanetto on a cable.

The LEDs will operate when the DC voltage is low, such as LED lamps in the home turn on the current chains for working from current to current. Another important condition is the proper power of the light on the LED. At the same time, the light of the LED was removed from a single LED, many times a lot of thanksgiving was carried out in a basin, a part of the LED lamp, turned on a little of the LED, and after that increased the output of the LED. LED light is iztozvrezvat kato is based on the source for lighting in the house with a view on the power of the LED from tekhnologte SMD. This is a lot of bright type of LED, but they are very difficult to put in a small space with a traditional mug with a plug.

Breaking into the bowl posok prez 2009Bring to svzdavaneto on pvrviya analog on svremennite LED lamps Osram 40W. Lamp, removal from the basin of technology, letting iztsyalo and replace foreshadow the bucket from the pressurized disc with a similar flow to the stream. At the same time, Chinese manufacturers sa worked for the development of LED products for a price, much is available for the population. Takiva product may not be a guarantee for quality, but it is still an alternative to competitive quality with a guarantee.

A friend of the problems with the LED luminaire e toplinat, removed from the LED. LED light is a heat sensitive device, such as four thermal protection from the decisive value. When the location is close to each other, especially the LED light, a lot of lightning over the top, it can be forest-covered and pregryvat, which is completely dispersed on the device or painted on it. The best solution is to introduce topliners with cooling fins directly in the design of the lamp. The Tovi Osiguryava circulation to the air and to the extreme free part of the top of the board, is generated from the LED.

Price for a LED bucket

You can predict the problem with the selection of LED lamps, offers you can tell from the current year.

Price for a LED bucket

No. p / pHave on modelPrice in rubles
1. Lamp ECON GU5.3 5W 3000K 96,00
2. Lamp Camelion E27 6.5W 4500K 132,00
3. Lamp ECON GU5.3 7W 3000K 143,00
4. LED lamp E14 R39 4W 3000K "Topla Svetlina", SmartBuy LED 220V (SBL-R39-04-30K-E14) 72,59
5. Lamp ASD E27 8W 3000K 126,00
6. Lamp Navigator E14 2700K 90,00
7. LED lamp X-light E27 R90 P 12W 220V cable 464,00
8. LED lamp for dimer LED-R50-6W / E14 / FR / DIM ALP01WH 358,00

Average value for LED lamps. Ima more in the story and Yevtini LED lamp models.

How yes let's choose the best-selling LED svetlina for your apartment

Brought all the choir chooses LED lamps to others from the point of light. Tovy Seyasnyava with a little figure of unquestionable succession, koito LED lights and other lights:

  • Consumirata up to 10% of the energy from a lamp with a press switch and 2-3 from a gas discharge (fluorescent) lamps;
  • LED devices for lightening almost no cross over, which guarantees a belly on the device's sam, as well as encased in houses;
  • These devices do not prevent a fall; Kogato sparsely fall, they prodlzhavat yes illuminate uniform Svetlina eats a lightness, as if with a current of 220 volts;
  • After all, the light emitting diodes are destined for the abdomen up to 50,000 hours or up to 10 years of exploitation, for koito nyama another device for lightening.

Ikonomicata on LED lamps (illustrative example)

Goods are not listed in the list of LED street lighting and home lighting.

Negatively fail on LED lamps:

  • High price for lighting the body;
  • The led lights cannot work properly with a key from an indicator or backlight attack; For example, it is assigned to functions of this function e connected to the LED of the lamp;
  • amongst you, lighten up with a lot of falsification.

For yes, avoid a shortage of, fail and buy high-quality LED lamps in trust of the store. Neka te struvat malko poveche, but nyam and raincoat two ways, cato srednata resistance to a well-known saying.

When purchasing a LED lamp, you will notice your attention on the technical characteristics. Damn it, they denote it from the manufacturer to buy it under the bar. Medium:

  • name of the company and production;
  • power;
  • kind of kapachka;
  • resource for work and guarantee for stocking;
  • bright stream in lumen;
  • color temperature;
  • color merchandise;
  • barcode on the manufacturer.

In the photo you can see the rating on popular models of LED lamps:

Dwell on LED lamps

How yes let's choose a LED lamp with power

Comparison on consumiates for energy on LED lamps with other sources of light

First of all, it’s a good deal of coercion and you can pay attention, not the amount of current, expended from the light emitting diode. On average, the power of a single LED lamp e 5-6 is small from the lamp and the intensity of the cathode is compressed and e 2 points from the power of the fluorescent bulb. Tova Zamana, Th 10–12 W LED munchboard, the Svetlina Kato Obiknovenata 60-Vatova Svetlina is presses. As a rule, in Kutyat on the lamp at the manufacturer, a subsidiary of brightness at bright prices was taken up. And the brightness on the source in the light is properly measured in lumen and not in vat. Kolkoto more Lumen production lamp, interpreted in a bright way I shine. Because the table with correspondents in grief.

An interesting video for the election on the LED lamp:
How yes let's choose a LED lamp with a color on the plaque

A lot of choir sa sviknali from zhtentenikavat syanky on "lukovitsit on Ilic" and could not sviknat ess student student svetlina on nyakoi gas discharge model and led from iztnnitsi to svetlin. You can understand it, Takawa Svetlina dori tease, especially in private home use.Takiva of the nai-probably choir simply picked up a model on the bright-izlychvashchi diode lamps behind the house and the office, and they installed the apartment last in the apartment. Brighten the light of the lamp for the office by illuminating the white byal or studena byala svetlina, which is a daytime simulator. Takawa Svetlina is stimulated by work and not left to sleep. There are also models for LED lamps, which are coded with a light shade. Those sa purpose and illuminate the house.

Color temperature in Kelvin

The color of the light on the lamp is usually similar to that of the color temperature, Measured in degrees Kelvin, which is all the way from the manufacturer to the package. Loudly for domestic use, koito give a light yellow shade, the temperature is 2700 K. The office of the lamp, the koito shines the daylight, and the color is from 4100 K and in high temperature. Those who work, and in workers, workers, workers, and children, bright clarification is necessary.

How yes let's choose a LED lamp for lighting up a specific flock

Kogato kupuvate LED lamps for lighting up on a particular pack, you can see and cross the guidelines:

  • do not buy buns with a temperature on the colors in the order of 2500 K, they will be produced on the basis of the light of the sun, which is depressive to the psychic force;
  • nai-dobriyat option for homemade lighting - a lamp with a colored temperature of 2700-3000 Kelvin - that izlchva meka zhlt tsvyat, koito se naricha more "toplo byalo", coitus nervitet and pleasant atmosphere; luminescence lamps with tozi cross the preparatory side of the ruins into the burned, hola, kitchen, and the area behind the rest;
  • lamps with a temperature on the colors of 3000-3500 K daylight svetlina with zheltenikav shade; Kato rule is the purpose of lighting shops, salons, libraries and cafes;
  • light-emitting diode from a point of light to a light with a value of 3500–4000 K ivychvat is pleasant by the light of light, which is co-ed with natural beauty; they are suitable for body lighting, film shows, bookkeepers, offices, and expositions;
  • lamps with a temperature of between 4,000 and 5,000 K are out of creeping behind the light on classes, medical establishments, and production facilities of the enterprise; izchvvat, such is called, studena byala svetlina, who give a high-quality clarification on the subject and stimulation of chokek and work;
  • luminescent light of light with a temperature of over 5000 K, not a single part of the pollen cathode, the source is bright, the shadow of the cathode is blue and the shade of it is harmful for the eye; Takiva Lamps is the only one izpzvvat only for the lights on the windows, bijut and workwomen.

A tryabva and all imagined, it is possible to change the color of the light on the definition of an object in the light on the techite luchi. For example, zheltata svetlina drowned out cool nuance, kato underlining the tone on the color of the subject, but on the green and blue color of the cloth from the curve. Svetlina underline red and greenish colors on your reddin, but zhlltyte items in the barley you will grind greenery, orange-kafenikavi and cherries-lilavi.

Tozi the phenomenon of the characterization with the Kato index or the coefficient on the transformed color (Ra), which is measured in percentages. Kolkoto is an e-index, interpreted in realistically, fill the objects with a light on the LED of the lamp. Absolutely betrayed on flowers e 100%. For home lighting, it is advisable to buy a lamp with an index of not more than 80%. An index is found on color reproduction from the manufacturer in order to stock up on the drain.

Video for treptena on LED lamps
Nay-christo, baptize the species of the Conventional Kapachka Tavan and fill the lamp - E27 (the bucket is usually filled with a nest) and E14 (close to the basement, which is typical of the type of lamp).

View of the kapachki for the lamp (dolna figure - type of kapachka, part of the mountain on the ground)

In light of the whole of the LED, the body illuminates the body of the stand GU10, GX53, MR16 and others. A special type of socket is highlighted on a separate site on the site, such as this and that, for a long time. Kato, with soccles, like a letter and a number in it means they can.

As a friend, choose a LED lamp when electing:

  • Not all LED lamps will work with dimer - ako ima Takava function, you would be bleached on the packaging;
  • The LED bucket with a declared belly for up to 50,000 hours of frustration and a guarantee from Nai-Malko for 3 years; It is not provided, e kindly do not buy the product;
  • In the LED bucket, the dust is prefixed with aluminum (in extreme cases - plastic), the edges of the toplin heatsink, the temperature can damage the light of the diode;
  • LED brightening the lamp can be transparent and opaque. The flask is transparent and allows you to see the LEDs located in the lamp without breaking, but kindly turning the light into a light stream, from 10% to the light of the center of light);
  • The charge on the diffusion on the svetlinat depends on the LED on the lamp, somehow, and on the format on the unshakable bar; I want to do it in the light of the electionindividually, as shown in the figure, out of whale, depending on the type of light (conventionally or point), and on your needs.

Power on the LED lamp

On the dark, the illumination on the LED lamp was looking for and left in detail. In addition, for example, turn on the parameters, the indicator depended on the commodity bream in the lamp and set it with phosphorus.

Distinguish between the lights on the LED lamps

And the figure in the form of how it is shown on the diode in light of the influence of the concentration on the negoviya light stream.

Charger on the light, depending on the location of the light diode in the lamp

Ako svetodite sa in a single and edging plain, they will produce cramped luch svetlina. Many podrazhdane on the led, on the contrary, diffusely brightening.

LED lighting lamps, which are not suitable for home use.

And still, the video for the product, co-LED lamp and cupola, is not deserved:

How yes let’s count the amount of LED lighting

Parviyat option for counting on the amount of the need for clarification

For yes, and from the number of needed, the amount of lighting for the house and yes, you know, the LED lamps and the lamps will be purchased,Suffice it well, you can see the document of the kato "Rules for the Construction" or SNiP. Tukie quotes from him are relatively light on the room, which is most interesting for us. But firstly try and disassemble how one defines lightness.

It is necessary to have an amount of light per 1 sq. M. the premises. Measure in Lux. 1 Lux = 1 Lumen multiplied by 1 sq.m.

From SNIP to the last extract:

The amount of need for light is the flow of the difference in rooms

No. p / pI have on the packSize to lighten in lux per 1 sq.m.
1. In banyatas 30
2. WC 30
3. maze 20
4. Library library 300
5. corridor 50
6. Input Entry 50
7. Proachvane 300
8. kitchen 150
9. baby flock 200
10. cemetery 20-100
11. Wardrobe room 75
12. Pluven swimming pool, sauna 100

From the table, the table can be more or less concluded that the amount of clarification of the screen, which is increased in the flock, will be worked on most actively.

Sega Neka can be seen as a practitioner for calculating the quantity needed for clarification as an example for a kitchen with a size of 12 sq. M.

Kitchen with an area of ​​12 sq.m.

The kitchen e is divided into three zones:

  1. Entertaining area - 3.0 sq.m. (turkowen color);
  2. Total area of ​​6.6 sq. M. (orange color);
  3. The working area is 2.4 sq.m. (pink flowers).

In the kitchen, we will deliver lED lighting, In the center, on the flock, we put the lamp on Tavan, plus on the perimeter on the Tavan, we put a lamp on the screen and on the light box.Kato additional illumination or mainly light on the working area can be bought and you can buy it just a little from the purchase of LED lamps. Instaliranto at the department of lighting for the hard-working zone is not at all necessary.

Sporded SNIP, standard for lighting on the kitchen e 150 lux per 1 sq. M. Nashata kitchen e with an area of ​​12 sq. M., Coeto zazava 150 * 12 = 1800 Lx.

Dependence on brightness on the LED lamp for consumption of power

No. p / pLED lamp for storage in WLightning flow in Lm
1. 3-4 250-300
2. 4-6 300-450
3. 6-8 450-600
4. 8-10 600-900
5. 10-12 900-1100
6. 12-14 1100-1250
7. 14-16 1250-1400

Providing a 1W LED lightening giving about 86 lumen is luminous or 86 lx lightening. Power on all the lamps for lighting on the kitchen box of 12 sq.m. until 1800 LK / 86 LK = 20.93 W. Priplyusuem to the basin figure three times cotton wool compensation for assimilation on the wall and light from other objects, and get 23.93 cotton, calmly and safely close to 24 cotton. Leaving this and that, they will correctly distribute all of the bodies on the tavana. Tov is not difficult to interpret, because of this.

Above the zone for installation, the 2 W power indicator is light on the 2 points. In the center of the moor, you can cross the monitor and basically 9 W. Ako mama ceiling light, the basin can be increased even more.Others have 2 points and illuminate the bodies from 4 W to the whole between the working and the common areas. Tov e e vsichko. High-quality lighting in the kitchen is guaranteed! Cross mogat yes to include, collectively or individually, depending on your needs.

Another opportunity for calculating on the amount of necessary clarification

The ima and friend method is calculated on the size of the light stream, which is more exhaustive, it is not the square itself that is placed on the room, but it is also from the inside of your tavani. Determination of ce from formulas: light stream = X * Z * Y. Into the equation:

  • X is the norm for clarification, which depends on the type of flock (mapped on the table);
  • Z is the coefficient on the visochinat on the tavan (ako the visochinat on the tavan e in the range 2.5-2.7 m, togawa Z = 1, 2.7-3 m, the next one is Z = 1.2, 3-3.5 m Z = 1.5 3.5-4.5 m Z = 2);
  • Y e area per square meter.

Multiplying all the way up, you get the amount of clarification necessary for the determined flock. For example, ako tryabva and light a flock of 20 sq.m. from temple to tavan from 2.6 meters, then we’ll define the need for a bright stream, as follows:

150 (X) * 20 (Y) * 1 (Z) = 3000 Lm

Tovah is signified, what is the lighting of a basin, and a pack of shchyaba, for example, 5 LED lamps with a capacity of 8 W and a brightness of 600 liters of all:

3000 Lm / 600 Lm = 5 lamps

The LED light bulb, which is a koyato-generated light stream from 600 liters, is approximately equal to the brightness of the straight-through lamp with a flashing 60 W.

If you disassemble the cross, you cannot occupy all of them with calculus, and trust on instinctite si and buy LED curls, koito roughly bikh corresponded to a brightness on the lamp with a plug-in boom, koito biach in flock and prei. Such a method is sensitive to private areas and is unacceptable in the public, medical, educational and occupational areas, there will be a lightening of harassment and dissension on sanitary standards.

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