Ilios Malia Apartments 3 * (Malia, Greece): pics and reviews of tourists

If we talk about the most popular Europeanresorts, many tourists come to the mind of Greece, namely, its island part. After all, each island is a unique story, interesting sights and, of course, miles of beautiful beaches. Perhaps, one of the most famous is the island of Crete, which every year hosts thousands of tourists. It is here that Ilios Malia Apartments 3 * is located, which often becomes a stopping place for travelers.

Of course, when planning it is important to study the official information about the chosen hotel, as well as to get acquainted with the opinion of tourists who have already managed to spend there a few days.

Infrastructure and location of the hotel

ilios malia apartments 3

Ilios Malia Apartments is a small, friendly hotel 3 *is located very close to the center of the picturesque resort town of Malia. Within walking distance is a stop of public buses, as well as numerous shops and cafes. By the way, you can reach the sea shore in a few minutes.

The hotel itself consists of a modernthree-story building, which, by the way, was recently renovated. In the center of the courtyard is a swimming pool. The hotel territory is small, but very well equipped. And literally at every step of the eye pleasing blooming bushes, tall trees and bright colors.

Hotel Ilios Malia Apartments 3 * (Heraklion, Malia): photo and room information

ilios malia apartments 3 crete

The hotel has 54 rooms - there arehere standard rooms, more comfortable rooms of the "superior" class, as well as apartments that consist of a bedroom and a living room with folding furniture. The design of the rooms is discreet and pleasant. From your private balcony you can admire the view of the garden and the surrounding area, breathe fresh air.

Each room has its own kitchenette,where there is all the utensils and, of course, appliances (a toaster, a microwave oven, an electric kettle and a small stove) for cooking, which is important for many tourists. Of course, the room also has everything to ensure maximum comfort, including air conditioning, safe, TV and even a small refrigerator. The bathroom will be pleased with modern plumbing, quality cosmetics and towels, which change really every day.

Meals: what to expect the guest?

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Since nutrition is an integral partleave, then this moment needs to be planned well in advance. What can the Ilios Malia Apartment Crete 3 * offer to its guests? There is a restaurant here, where guests are always welcome. Most tourists prefer to pay in advance only breakfast, which, as usual, is held in the form of a buffet. The menu here is not bad, the dishes are fresh and tasty.

The rest of the day tourists can also eatin the hotel restaurant. You can either pre-pay the "all inclusive" scheme or pay the bill for each meal. Dishes for lunch and dinner are already cooked to order, offers not only standard international cuisine, but also island and Mediterranean dishes. And also there is a bar, in the price list of which - local drinks, cocktails, fragrant coffee, fresh pastries and light snacks.

Naturally, you can have a bite without problems outside the hotel walls, as in the resort area there are always a lot of cafes and colorful island taverns.

Recreation and comfort on the beach

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What can a tourist expect, who has decidedstay at Ilios Malia Apartments 3 *? Crete is an island that is famous for its beautiful beaches, pleasant weather and clean sea waters. The convenient public road leads to the nearest public beach - it will take no more than 10 minutes.

Travelers speak well of thisthe place is really beautiful and clean, and the waters are calm, and the entrance to the sea is completely cleared of stones. Since this beach is intended for public use, sometimes many people gather here. The use of sun loungers and sun loungers, of course, is paid extra. And on the shore there is a tavern, where you can relax in the cool and eat delicious.

Of course, you can have fun playing inbeach volleyball, boating, boats and water skiing, windsurfing, trying out in diving and sailing - a full range of entertainment for tourists is provided.

Should I count on additional services?

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Staying in one of the rooms of the Ilios Malia hotelApartments 3 *, you, of course, can count on some additional amenities. The territory has its own parking lot, which guests can use for free (in the town you can easily rent a car and go on a trip around the island).

The hotel can easily exchange currency, with the ratealmost the same as in the city. Almost everywhere in the hotel territory there is Wi-Fi, so you can connect to the World Wide Web at any time of the day. By the way, at your service and computer corner, where you can use office equipment and laptop.

Hotel Ilios Malia Apartments 3 * (Greece, Heraklion, Malia): entertainment and leisure for tourists

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As evidenced by the reviews, tourists in mostthey spend their time in the hotel only a small part of the day, preferring to relax on the beach and explore the island. Nevertheless, it is possible to have a good time in Ilios Malia Apartments 3 *. As already mentioned, in the yard there is a spacious swimming pool with clean, fresh water. This is a favorite place for guests, where they rest, bathe, take sun baths, chat and just have fun, especially if you go to the beach there is no mood. Nearby, there are plenty of plank beds with soft mattresses and umbrellas in the shade of which you can hide.

Here, in the open air is equipped with a largeJacuzzi - a rounded pool equipped with a powerful hydro massage system and you can relax here for free. You can skip the time at the pool table. In the evenings, guests are invited to the bar, where you can dance and even sing in karaoke.

Do not forget about the sightsisland, after all Crete is not only beaches and hotels. There are a lot of museums, archaeological finds, remains of ancient temples. In short, this island is an ideal place for excursion holidays, and an interesting tour can be purchased right at the hotel, at the local excursion bureau, where experienced and friendly employees work.

Rest with family: conditions for children

Parents who are going to spend their holidays withchildren, are interested in a few other issues, because when traveling with a child, comfort comes to the fore. Hotel Ilios Malia Apartments 3 * often becomes a place to relax with children. As already mentioned, spacious apartments are provided here, which are perfect for a family with a baby.

Moreover, on request to the room alwaysthey deliver a folding bed with a soft mattress. In a local restaurant you can always find something delicious for a child, and nearby there are shops where baby food is sold. For a fee, you can leave the baby for a while with a nanny. And for the guys in the yard there is a swimming pool - it is quite spacious for games, but small and safe, and the water always warms up well and changes regularly. In the city itself there are also many places where children of any age can have fun and get a lot of fun.

How do the former guests respond?

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Surely every tourist who is going on vacation,is interested not only in official information, but also in the opinion of former guests. What do they say about the Ilios Malia Apartments 3 *? Reviews for the most part are positive, because there is really nothing to complain about. The hotel area is really beautiful, and the rooms are comfortable - they are pleasant to relax in. A huge plus is having your own kitchen, although at a local restaurant is well fed.

The staff here are sympathetic and polite, at theirhelp can be expected at any time of the day (some of the employees understand Russian speech well). A bit inconvenient is the relatively large distance to the sea shore, although most tourists do not have anything against daily walks. The hotel is perfect for a relaxing beach holiday, and the prices here, by the way, are pleasantly pleasing. Many travelers even become regular customers, and this indicates a quality service.

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