If you like a guy, what to do?

Very often the girls ask themselves: I like the guy, what to do. Is it worth it to say about it or not? In each situation, everything is individual, but still, there are several general tips. Firstly, you do not need to rush this guy's neck, throw love letters and track every step of your chosen one. Do not shower your girlfriends with questions: "I like the boy, what to do in this situation?" Otherwise, you can simply spoil everything. Girlfriends can just slip out, and this will not do you good. You must act smarter.

So, you like the guy, what to do:

"You can ask the guy for help." It does not matter if you really need it or not, the main thing is to let it feel useful and smart. Of course, the question should not be trivial, since the guy then simply ignore your request. For example, if he understands computers, ask him to help install a program. Perhaps refer to the guy for physical help. In general, you simply need to include your imagination. But remember, when you address to the elect for help, behave confidently, without trembling voice and knees. It can only make a guy laugh.

Alternatively, you can make friends with this guy's friends. You can learn about it something new, to visit with him in the general company. If you like his friends, he will be interested in you. After all, if there are fans around you, he will think that there is something in you.

- If you like a guy, what to do to make him interested? To do this, you should learn about his hobbies. You can ask his friends about it, or ask yourself about his interests. The main thing is to do it carefully and unobtrusively. For example, ask what music he listens to. Perhaps your tastes will converge. If you've never listened to it before, then correct this mistake.

- Less ask yourself the question: "I like it, what should I do?" Otherwise you will simply become more nervous, and as a result your behavior will become unnatural. Remember that this can turn the guy away.

- You should smile more, always respond to his smiles. Then you will seem like a sweet, charming and cheerful girl, namely these girls attract guys. Even if you are not in a mood, you should not show this to anyone.

- Remember that the more you are a versatile person, the more chances you like the guy. If you are engaged in sports, delicious to cook, to understand the brands of cars, then your chances will be doubled.

- Do not forget that guys pay attention, first of all, to the appearance of the girl. Therefore, you should always look after yourself. In any situation, you should look great. But do not make a very bright make-up and wear defiant clothes, otherwise a young man can decide that you are an easily accessible girl. Then the attitude towards you will not be what you wanted. You have to dress so that only to emphasize your figure. If you openly demonstrate your body, then most likely the interest in your person will disappear. Also remember that guys, first of all, pay attention not to your chest or legs, but to the bend of the waist. Develop a way of walking with a belly drawn and straight back. You can supplement your image with accessories.

Most importantly, remember that the more you love yourself and like yourself, the more you will be interesting to the guy. If you think that you are not an interesting person, then there is one answer to the question "I like a guy, what to do?" - love yourself! Communicate with purposeful people, go in for sports, have different hobbies, learn everything new. When you love yourself, then others will love you, and like any guy for you will not be a problem.

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