Ice for the face: the benefits and harm

Ice for face benefits and harm

What effect brings ice to the face, not everyone knows, and many argue about its positive and negative effects on the skin.

The benefits of ice skin

Perfectly removing edema, ice tones the skin, increases blood circulation, removes fine wrinkles, acne. He perfectly prepares the skin for applying creams and thus making it fresh.

The effect of ice treatments will be much stronger if you add herbal decoction, berries, vegetables, fruits or essential oils. Ice cubes will help remove dark circles under the eyes and relieve fatigue.

Watch a video on how cubes can remove bags under the eyes:

Ice damage

Facial ice benefit and harm 2Any procedures have contraindications. So you need to know that people who have dilated blood vessels should not use ice. For thin or sensitive skin on the face, inflammatory processes, colds, wounds or scratches, eczema, sinusitis, fever, problems with capillaries, ice is also not recommended. Procedures must also be stopped if you are allergic to cold when using cold cubes.Among the contraindications is also worth highlighting weak immunity, herpes rash on the face and lips.

Be careful when wiping ice:

  • rubbing with ice - stress to the skin;
  • after the procedure, the pores narrow, leading to a delay in the secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands;
  • if you actively rub your skin overnight with ice, you will get insomnia;
  • After the procedure, the pores are closed, so the use of the cream is useless.

Ice application

Facial ice benefit and harm 3The cryotherapy procedure has now become very popular. If you follow certain rules, you will achieve a positive effect. Otherwise damage the skin.

For effective action of cosmetic ice, follow these rules.

  1. Do not use ice with sensitive skin, at sub-zero temperatures. It is better to do such procedures in the summer. Do not keep frozen cubes in the freezer for more than seven days. Otherwise, they will deteriorate and adversely affect the skin.
  2. For ice cubes, use filtered or boiled water. Massage the skin with ice in the morning or in the evening after removing makeup and walk on the cubes along the massage lines.

In order not to cause the skin to stress and not to overcool it, spend the procedure 3 times a week. Do not hold the ice piece in one place for a long time, move it strongly, without pressing on the skin. To avoid frostbite fingers, hold the cubes with a napkin.

Before rubbing the skin with an ice cube, clean it thoroughly. To avoid an allergic reaction, before using the cubes on your face, try ice on your wrist or elbow. After rubbing your face with cosmetic ice, rest for half an hour before you go outside.


  • Mimic wrinkles can be removed by applying ice from coffee. Make strong coffee, pour it into molds and freeze.
  • In the summer, use strawberry or watermelon juice for ice pieces. It is great for covering skin and gives freshness and tone. After rubbing the skin with such pieces, after 20 minutes wash with cool water.

For dry skin of grated cucumber, grapes or kiwi, squeeze the juice, diluted with a small amount of water. Then pour into molds and put in the freezer. To the cucumber juice can be mixed with aloe in a crushed form. This ice perfectly nourishes dry skin and relieves it from flaking.Watch the video on how to make cucumber ice for the face:

  • For normal skin, mix one spoon of chamomile, sage, dried rosehip and steam with boiling water. Leave for half an hour, cool, freeze.
  • For oily skin, ice cubes from juice or citrus peel will be very useful. Dissolve green tea with mint in a ratio of 1: 3 or water and freeze.
  • Dry oily skin and pimples can be eliminated by applying calendula nails. Spoon the plants with water and boil. Then cool, strain, fill in forms, freeze.
  • Ice rose rejuvenates and tones. Rinse and tear the petals of a single rose into small pieces. Bring a glass to the boil and put pieces of rose into it. Insist to cool, strain and freeze. Better to use homemade roses.
  • The skin will become toned and elastic, if you use good quality mineral water without gas for rubbing the face and body.
  • It is possible to freeze ice from lotion with herbal broths and tonic. Divide the tonic into molds and place in the freezer. To whiten your skin, take fresh parsley juice or decoction.In addition, it acts well on edema and absorbs the skin with essential vitamins.
  • Excess oily skin can be removed with ice and lemon. Such cubes make the color more matte and even. These cubes relieve inflammation and narrow pores.
  • Aloe cubes restore the skin and remove age spots. They treat acne and rejuvenate the epidermis. Aloe pulp dissolve in water and freeze. You can also freeze the juice of a houseplant.
  • For problematic and oily skin, use an infusion of fresh horsetail. Chop the plant into small pieces and brew boiling water in one glass and wrap it in a towel. Insist until the morning, then prepare the cosmetic ice.

The following video presents the ice recipes for the face:
Let us introduce to your attention some of the ingredients with which cosmetic ice is often prepared:

  • chamomile, which perfectly disinfects the skin and relieves inflammation, whitens and refreshes the skin;
  • parsley, known for getting rid of age spots;
  • mint, invigorating and refreshing the skin;
  • salt (and sea, and ordinary), helping to cure problem skin;
  • natural juices from berries, cucumber, watermelon, citrus.

Cosmetic Ice Tips

Facial ice benefit and harm 4Observe the following rules when applying cosmetic ice:

  • The procedure with ice should last no more than two minutes.
  • Ice cube spend on the face quickly and smoothly, try not to put pressure on the skin and do not stop in place. To keep your fingers warm, do not hold the cube with your fingers, but with a napkin.
  • If you feel a tingling massage, finish. If you wipe your face with ice for a long time, you will get harm, not benefit. Therefore, make sure that the procedure was carried out quickly.
  • There are certain lines of massage, which should be carried out with ice cubes. It is necessary to move on them during the massage.
  • When rubbing the upper eyelid with ice, start wiping from the inner corners of the eye towards the outside, and the lower eyelid from the outside to inside.
  • After the procedure, wait for the face to dry itself, do not wipe it. Wait for 15 minutes, then cover the face with a cream and lotion for the skin.
  • You can achieve a good result by rubbing it with ice if you carry out such procedures in the morning and in the evening for several weeks. But you can not systematically (a few months) do the procedure, because it will be harmful, but not good for the skin.

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