How to withdraw money from the phone "Megafon" in cash?

Another 15 years ago, when mobile phones onlybegan to actively enter into our lives, no one could even imagine that there might be a need to withdraw funds received on the balance. But times are changing and now the question of how to withdraw money from the phone "Megaphone" is quite relevant.

Features provided

If a person has a sufficient amount on the account, then hecan withdraw some of it in cash even without going to the office to the operator. A few years ago, they could be cashed only if the contract for the provision of telecommunications services was broken. In this case, the balance on the account could be obtained at the checkout of any of the offices of the telecommunications operator.

How to withdraw money from MegafonNow there are several ways, likewithdraw money from Megafon. They can be cashed through one money transfer system: "Unistream" or "Leader", withdraw to a bank card, transfer to another phone or simply to a bank account.

Cash withdrawal in Russia

If you live and useFederation, then problems with obtaining cash will not arise. Using the system "Unistream", you can withdraw money in one of more than 7 thousand points by selecting the closest to you. Subscribers have two options for processing an application for withdrawal of cash: via SMS or a special form on the site.

How to withdraw money from MegaphoneUnderstand how to withdraw money from the phoneMegafon is not difficult. In the first case, you can simply send an SMS message to 3116. In its text, you must specify the type of payment (for the Unistream system - Unim), the amount and the surname of the name of the patronymic. In response you will receive a message that requires confirmation of the transfer. Only after performing all the necessary actions the subscriber will receive a message in which the control number for receiving the sent amount will be indicated. After that, you can go to the nearest point "Unistream", located on the territory of the Federation. By submitting an identity card and saying the transfer control number, you will be able to get the indicated amount. Please note that the commission for the transfer will be debited from the account of the phone.

With "Megaphone" you can withdraw money through the "Leader" system. The procedure is no different from receiving money through Unistream. Only when sending SMS to number 3116 should you specify the type of payment - Lid.

Tariffs of payments

Of course, the cashing of funds, although simple, butquite expensive service. If you use the "Leader" system, then you need to pay 5.95% of each transaction, while a transfer for the amount up to 5000 removes a one-time commission of 95 rubles, if transferred from 5000 to 15000, then 259 rubles will be debited from the account. In this case, the maximum one-time transfer amount can not exceed 15,000, and within one month you can transfer not more than 40,000.

If you want to withdraw money from the phone "Megaphone"through the system "Unistream", then keep in mind that the tariffs are no different from those that are set for the "Leader". However, subscribers have the opportunity to make payment not via SMS, but through the site. In this case, it is necessary to pay only 3.3%, fixed commissions will not be lifted.

Transfer abroad

With Megaphone you can withdraw moneyCurrently withdraw money from MegafonCash can be not only in the country, but also send them outside the Federation. All the same payment systems "Unistream" and "Leader" provide an opportunity to receive a transfer in several countries abroad. The commission for transfer of funds abroad will be the same as for Russia - 5.95% of the payment and a fixed amount of 95 or 259 rubles, respectively, for transfers up to 5,000 or up to 15,000.

Through the system "Leader" and "Unistream" to listfunds can also be sent to foreign countries, the main thing is to specify the code of the recipient country: Ukraine (UKR), Takjikistan (TJK), Moldova (MDA), Kyrgyzstan (KGZ), Kazakhstan (KAZ), Georgia (GEO), Belarus (BLR) , Azerbaijan (AZE). When transferring funds via SMS to number 3116, you need to specify the payment system, the amount, the country code, the name of the recipient, the sender's full name and its status (whether resident or not).

Alternative methods of funds transfer

Currently withdraw money from your phone"Megaphone" is possible not only through translation systems. The operator provides an opportunity to receive funds on a bank card or account, you can also transfer money to another phone.

It is most convenient to make transfers through the websiteoperator "Megafon". The telecommunications company provides the opportunity to use the service "Mobile Payments". To do this, you need to enter your phone number and password in the given form, which will come in SMS. After that you will get access to additional opportunities - transfer of funds to any bank account or card. But please note that the transfer of money can last up to 5 working days.

Withdraw money from Megafon

If you do not want to use the site, thenyou can make a transfer of funds and using SMS to the already known number 3116. How to withdraw money from the phone "Megaphone" in this case is very easy to understand. For their transfer to a bank card, simply type card, its number, the validity period, which is indicated on its face and the amount of payment. But you can not transfer money to your bank account via SMS, for this you will need to use the Megafon website. But keep in mind that not all financial institutions are in the list of partners, in which case you will receive a message that the service is not available.

Another method is how to withdraw money from your phone"Megafon" is the transfer of funds to another number. To do this, it is enough to send SMS to number 3116, in its text it is necessary to indicate the number to which the funds are transferred, and the amount.

Tariffs for transfers

Withdraw money from Megafon in cashIf you decide to withdraw funds from Megafon, thenbe prepared for the fact that this service is paid. The cost of it depends on the method of transfer and its amount. So, when transferring to a bank account or card, the tariffs are set at 5.95% of the amount of funds transferred. Also a commission is charged for amounts up to 5000 - 95 rubles, up to 15,000 - 259 rubles.

But for transfer to the account of another phonewill have to pay 6.95%. But there are no fixed commissions to pay. This way is often used by people familiar to each other. You can transfer a certain amount of money to the account of another subscriber, and he will give you it in cash.

Please note, sending SMS from Megafon to number 3116 is absolutely free.

If the payment is canceled for technical reasons, then try to repeat it. If it does not pass, then subscribers can contact customer support at 8-800-333-05-00.

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