How to trim the door slope

January 28, 2018

After installing the door, the next operation is to decorate the adjacent area, because even if the door slope would have been decorated, then after installation this procedure will need to be repeated again. Choosing the method of this operation, it should be borne in mind that an additional load in the form of constant vibration from the operation of the door and the abrasive effect is placed on the door-type slopesHow to trim the door slopeto the surface, especially around the door handle. Therefore, the finish should not only be beautiful, but also resistant to vibration and abrasion.

Building technologies offer the following options for arranging door slopes:

1. Wood, MDF.In any kind of finishes, the material most naturally and naturally looks similar to the item being decorated. Since the doors are usually either wooden, or with imitation under the tree (this also applies to metal products), the most luxurious option would be to use for the decoration of the door slope of wood, or MDF, which is even preferable. The fact is that natural wood is very scrupulous in processing and operation, and with MDF everything is much simpler, although it is difficult to distinguish between the two in appearance.Installation of such a slope is very fast, and can be carried out within one working day.

2. Plaster.
A rather old look of the decoration of the door slopes, in today's construction it is used mainly for finishing the outer planes, since they are more resistant to climatic factors than wood and MDF. When working with plaster, there is always a lot of dirt, and the installation process itself is much longer than the previous one, because the plaster must be dry. Typically, this process takes at least three days. Subsequent finishing on plaster is not included here.
How to trim the door slope
3. Drywall.The principle of this type of finish is similar to plaster, but due to the use of drywall, dust and mortar are less drained. Also, in contrast to the plaster, the plasterboard slope may be further enhanced by thermal insulation, laid under the plasterboard. But it should be borne in mind that due to its fragility, this type of design can be applied only in cases of low mechanical stress on the surface. In any case, after the installation of drywall, it is necessary to carry out the subsequent finishing by puttying, painting or pasting with wallpaper. Faster than three days such work is impossible.

4. Plastic.This method is used infrequently, usually in cases where the walls are finished with plastic panels. Also sometimes laminate is used as a finishing material, but this method does not differ by its practicality and low cost.

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