How to stop lactation? Ways to stop lactation

on 06.04.2016

Lactation cessation is a difficult moment for every mom and baby. But sooner or later the time comes when breastfeeding should be stopped.


Important! Pediatricians recommend breastfeeding a baby for up to 6 months, and starting cessation of lactation after 1 year.

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How to stop lactation?

Lactation termination is the personal desire of every woman. For various reasons, sometimes breastfeeding is not possible or it is time to complete it. Most often, the main criterion is the age of the child, because many mothers believe that feeding after 1 year leads to developmental delay. This, of course, is not so, and if you combine breast milk with full-fledged food, you should not even talk about delays.

But if you have firmly decided to stop lactation should not rush to extremes, you should abandon such extreme measures:

  • The decision is made, and the child is not allowed to breast.This behavior will lead to the psychological trauma of the baby, he will not sleep well, be nervous. Explain to the baby that he is now drinking from a cup or bottle, and he will receive breast milk at bedtime and during the night feeding.
  • Restriction of drinking water. It is impossible to limit water intake at the termination of breastfeeding. Hot tea, milk and all drinks that stimulate milk production can no longer be drunk. A part of pure water, replace the decoction of herbs, for example, mint. Daily fluid rate with soups is 0.5–1 l.
  • Some pediatricians recommend rubbing nipples with lemon juice, so that the baby’s breasts are associated with an unpleasant taste, but here you should consider the state of the nipple. If there are microcracks on it, then it is necessary to refrain from the procedure, otherwise it will be very painful.

Causes of lactation termination

There are many reasons for which lactation is stopped, the most common are:

  • Lack of breast milk and the personal desire of the mother.
  • Medical indications for mother or child. For example, the use of strong medicines by the mother or lactose intolerance in the baby.
  • Age of the child: the baby is already 1–1.5 years old, and it is time to abandon HB
  • Lack of proper support and advice on how to properly feed, increase the amount of milk, etc.
  • Hospitalization of the mother when she is treated separately from the child.
  • The child refuses to take the breast because of weakness, gradually ceases to be interested in the breast.
  • Miscarriage, aborted pregnancy.


Tip!Most often, babies refuse to breast, having tried a pacifier or purchased milk formula.

Ways to stop lactation

There are two ways to stop lactation:

  • Drugs.
  • Folk remedies.

Drug medication is a hormonal cessation, the consequences of which for the body can be unpredictable. After the birth of the child, the woman's body needs 3 years to recover, and the use of aggressive drugs can lead to a decrease or a sharp increase in weight, chest pain, irregular cycle. But there are cases of cessation of lactation, when only medicines can save the day.


In the recipes of folk remedies used herbs, cabbage leaves, various decoctions.Before taking any funds, we recommend that you consult with your doctor, because your health is above all!

The natural termination of lactation

To begin with, with the proper cessation of lactation after 1 year of feeding, hormones or breast-pulling will not be needed. The female body produces milk according to the principle “there is a demand — there will be a supply”. That is, if you reduce the number of daily feedings, the milk in the breast becomes less and less, the baby gets tired during sucking and gradually the issue of lactation disappears.

Tip!There is no point in dressing the breast: it spoils its shape and contributes little to the reduction of milk. But the possibility of mastitis, the deterioration of the blood supply to the mammary glands, ligation will provide.

If gradual weaning does not work, then with a feeling of overflow you should definitely decant. Squeeze milk a little bit, and after 1 week it will be less. After decanting, a cold compress is applied to the chest and the chest is checked daily for seals. If the chest is soft and slightly sore, then everything is fine; if it is hard, then it is better to consult a doctor.chest

But it is not always possible to complete lactation so simply and quickly, and women begin to use medication and folk remedies. We will tell about them a bit later.

Tablets and drugs to stop lactation

Pills to stop lactation affect the pituitary gland, and milk production is performed in slow motion. Usually, a course of drug discontinuation is 1–2 weeks, depending on the milkiness of the woman.Bromocrypin

Taking pills is not possible with these diseases:

  1. High blood pressure.
  2. Phlebeurysm.
  3. Thrombophlebitis.
  4. Diseases of the kidneys, liver and pancreas, in particular, diabetes.

If there are no contraindications, then you can ask for help in stopping lactation with such drugs:

A powerful tool that suppresses the production of breast milk by acting on the pituitary gland. The drug is taken within 2 days, every 12 hours you need to drink ½ part of the tablet at a dosage of 0.5 mg. The drug may be accompanied by dizziness, chest pain, nausea and stomach pain.


Available in the form of 2.5 mg tablets. The dose of the drug is calculated individually based on the amount of milk produced.The drug is taken from 3 to 14 days, if the termination of lactation is accompanied by vomiting, headache, cutting in the abdomen, then Bromocriptine is canceled.


It contains bromine, not hormones. The drug is intended to treat the heart, but it has an effect on the central nervous system, and doctors often advise it to stop lactation. The specialist also calculates the dose, it is not recommended to drink Bromocamphor without an appointment, otherwise the pressure may increase and tachycardia will occur.

Important!Some medicines, successfully used 3-4 years ago, are now considered obsolete. They are heavily tolerated by the body, and nausea, vomiting, pain and fainting is the minimum set of side effects. Therefore, use modern drugs approved by doctors to stop lactation.

Folk remedies to stop lactation

Folk recipes are effective in stopping lactation and, pleasantly, do not deal a crushing blow to a woman’s health. Used infusions and decoctions of herbs with a pronounced diuretic effect:

  • Mint.
  • Sage.
  • Basil.
  • Parsley.


Tip!To prepare the broth is taken 2 tbsp. l any of the listed herbs and poured 400 ml of boiling water. At 1 tbsp.l - 200 ml of hot liquid. Such a decoction is infused for 2 hours, after which you can drink it instead of water. From 4 to 6 glasses per day is allowed.

Compresses applied to the chest have an excellent effect:

  • Camphor oil.This oil lubricates the chest every 4 hours for 3 days.
  • Cabbage leaves.A leaf of cabbage fresh or boiled is applied to the breast, changing the sheets every 3 hours. It is recommended to wear a soft fixing bra.
  • Cold compress.For such a compress will need ice, which is wrapped with a towel and applied to the chest with pain. Keep the ice is not more than 15 minutes, so as not to get cold.


Tip!Broths of belladonna, jasmine, horsetail, brewed and taken on pharmacy instructions.

How to take sage to stop lactation?

Sage is a phytohormone plant that is a natural analogue of the female hormone estrogen. Sage is used to treat many female diseases and it has proven to be effective in stopping lactation.sage

For the preparation of infusion, reducing the production of milk, take 2 tbsp. l pharmaceutical sage and fill it with 250 ml of boiling water.It is better to pour in a thermos so that the decoction does not cool, and sage has given all its useful substances. Already in 2–3 hours, the decoction will be ready, and you will be able to start reception, having previously filtered the liquid through the gauze. Drink a decoction 3 times a day, 100-150 ml, replacing water.

Tip!To sage, you can add 1 part of nut leaves and 2 parts of hops, pour all 150 ml of water. Drink such a tool in the same proportions as pure sage decoction.

And the last way to use a medicinal plant is compresses:

  • 2 drops of cypress and sage oil.
  • 3 drops of geranium and mint oil.
  • 1.5 Art. l olive or vegetable oil.

The ingredients are mixed, impregnated with gauze and put on the chest for 1.5 hours once a day.

Lactostasis and mastitis when feeding is stopped

During the completion of lactation, a woman may face such unpleasant and even dangerous phenomena as lactostasis and mastitis. Disease provokes blockage of ducts through which milk passes.chest hurts

You can determine the disease by the following symptoms:

  • Condensation in the chest.
  • Hardness of the entire surface of the chest, accompanied by redness and a general increase in temperature.
  • When expressing milk is poorly allocated, but the woman feels that the breast is full.

At the first symptoms should urgently consult a doctor. The disease in the not-advanced stage is treated with medication and breast massage, and if it is started, then surgery is possible. To avoid unpleasant phenomena during the completion of lactation, check the breast for seals, knead it and strain, avoiding milk stagnation.

Tips for lactating mothers to stop lactation

Summing up, we can highlight the following basic tips for women completing lactation:

  • Do not make quick decisions, wean the baby from the breast gradually, which will secure the process of completing lactation.
  • The optimal time for completion of lactation is 1–1.2 years after the birth of a baby.
  • During completion, use folk recipes after consulting a doctor, if they are powerless, ask them to prescribe medications. The use of hormones is recommended.
  • Reduce the amount of daily fluid, replace water and tea with unsweetened decoctions of herbs that reduce milk production.


  • At the first signs of lactostasis or mastitis - urgently to the hospital!
  • Do not bandage the breast to prevent stagnant milk and pinching ducts. Ligation is best replaced by decanting, focusing on your feelings.

Remember that the termination of lactation in the physiological time frame is the key to your health and the happy childhood of your baby!

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