How to repair shower drain

If your shower drain is flowing or not, this instruction will show how you can fix the old drain or install a new one from modern PVC materials. Look at what drain system you have installed, remove the dimensions and head to the plumbing shop.

Buy PVC fittings of the right size to fit your existing sewer system. Remove any cracked or broken pipes. If the system consists of metal pipes, use rubber adapters. Be very careful when installing new pipes, press the pipes as hard as possible so that they hold each other more reliably.

Carefully make a hole in the shower or bath so that it goes down the drain. Smooth out all rough edges so that there is no leakage.

Apply a fill of PVC on all parts of PVC pipes that are going to be attached. Wait 20 seconds, and then apply PVC cement on the existing part of the sewer and the new part of the drain. When connecting rubber parts with PVC pipes or metal pipes, cement glue is not needed.Apply plumbing putty to the lid of the drain hole and to the backing of the shower or bath floor. If the cover does not have latches, fasten it with screws. When putty and glue are caught, check the system for leaks. On this work with the drain in your soul is over.

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