How to Remove an Enlarged Nail

Make artificial nails on the hands of thislaborious and creative work, you need to have special knowledge, materials, tools and experience. Perform such work professional professionals in beauty salons. They can also remove the raised nails if necessary. However, this procedure does not require special materials and a lot of time, as well as experience and special knowledge, so it is quite possible to perform it yourself. Moreover, there are situations when there is simply no time for recourse to a specialist.

First of all, to correctly make allprocedure, you need to know exactly what material and technology has been applied to your advanced nails. This is either a gel or acrylic. To remove acrylic nails, a special liquid is used - Acrylic Remover. When it is not at hand, you can try a nail polish remover, but if there is no acetone (usually indicated on the label), then you will not succeed. It is best to purchase Acrilic Remover in the store of professional cosmetics, even better if the manufacturer of it will be the same one that has released material for your nails. With the usual solvent from the hardware store it's better not to experiment, as a result you can not only spoil your nails, but also the skin on your fingers.

Removal of nails extruded in the nextsequence. First you need to remove the protruding edge of the nail, for this purpose, the cutter - a tool for shortening tips is best suited. You can do this with scissors or nail clippers. Acrylic nails are too hard and very fragile, they crack when cutting, so take care of your eyes. Do not try to saw off the free edge with a saw, even worse trying to tear off acrylic from the nail. This all can seriously damage your natural nail. The strength of the nail itself is much lower than the strength of its connection with acrylic. Your natural nail can exfoliate or completely exfoliate from the finger.

After you have shortened yournails, it is necessary to remove the finish-gel with a rough file. This layer is applied to protect the material from scratches. He is poorly drunk, but without this procedure it is impossible, since it is not soluble even with acetone. If this layer is left, then acrylic will not soften. After that, you need to moisten the 4-piece cotton wool disks in the liquid and apply them to the nails. To prevent the liquid from evaporating, each finger must be wrapped in a piece of food foil. It takes 35-40 minutes to soften the acrylic, it acquires a jelly-like consistency and is removed from the finger with a simple scraping, but do not use a sharp tool to damage the natural nail. Remains of acrylic are removed with a cotton pad moistened in the same liquid. Then wash your hands and apply cream, then the whole procedure is finished.

In case your exfoliated nails are gel,the procedure will be much more complicated. Gel nails do not dissolve and do not soften, they need to be cut. The master can perform this work with a special machine in about 1 to 3 minutes for one finger, and then completes with a saw. If the master works only with saws without a typewriter, then the time for processing one finger takes up to 10 minutes. He can do this work more quickly, but it is necessary to wait for the nail to cool, as it heats up during processing. You will take much more time for this job, since the master has two free hands, he does not handle his nails, he has a lot of experience and knows how to remove the nails. A few tips: before removing the gel nails first shorten them, in which case they will have to saw much less. First, use a rough file, and then a small "finishing" file. If the material begins to flake off the nail, just peel it off. You can leave a thin layer of gel on top, it will strengthen your natural nail. If you do this work yourself for the first time, be prepared for the fact that it takes you a whole day to process ten fingers.

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