How to relax on the New Year 2017 in Ukraine

New Year's holidays are waiting for every worker. After all, only in the New Year you can not only hope for a miracle, but also enjoy plenty of rest at home or, on the contrary, go on a holiday trip. As a rule, the government is trying to fine-tune the New Year's holiday in such a way that the exhausted workers for the whole year could relax and recharge their batteries for the next year.

To plan the New Year holidays, we need to knowhow to relax on the New Year 2017. In Ukraine, every time the number of days for rest changes, therefore it is impossible to predict in advance how many cherished moments will fall, which can be devoted to fun and relaxation.

Most likely, in 2017, residents of Ukraine should not count on a solid vacation between the New Year and Christmas. The country's leadership will not introduce such a long vacation, so those citizens who intend to fly to hot countries or visit another city on all the days of the New Year's celebration should ask for help in advance or take time off at their own expense. It is also possible to use days from the future of the proposed leave.

New Year 2017 in Ukraine

According to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers, New Year and Christmas are considered to be traditional state holidays for Ukrainians. It is worth recalling that in 2016, based on the project of transferring working days approved by the Ministry of Social Policy, the duration of the New Year holidays was only three days.

holidays in 2017 as a rest

After such a short rest, the residents of Ukraine, not having time to relax, were forced to return to the working process until the birth of Christ. In honor of this holiday, people got the opportunity to rest for another 4 days. At the moment, it is difficult to determine exactly how many legal weekends Ukrainians will get in January 2017. As a rule, this issue is discussed in the summer, at one of the meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers.

But judging by the data of previous years, it is not difficult to assume that in 2017 we will rest as follows:

  • December 31, 2016.This day falls on Saturday, which means that there will be a shortened day. At the end of the work, all residents of Ukraine can, with a clear conscience, go shopping for a New Year's table and, of course, for gifts. Also, the remaining time can be spent on preparations and decorations.
  • 01/01/2017 and 02/01/2017.Due to the fact that the first number falls on Sunday, the output is postponed to Monday. Therefore, all Ukrainians get 2 days of full-fledged winter holidays.
  • From 03/01/2017 to 01/06/2017years begin working weekdays. It would not want, but the Ukrainians will have to begin to fulfill their official duties. As a rule, Christmas Eve will be abbreviated afternoon, so in the evening you can already begin to prepare for Christmas.
  • From 07/01/2017 to 01/09/2017the Christmas weekend will last. Such a number of days is due to the fact that Christmas falls on Saturday, which means the day off is postponed to Monday.
  • 01/10/2017The work week begins.

Do not forget that this schedule of weekends and holidays is applied in public institutions and organizations with a five-day working week, with the exception of the Treasury, the Pension Fund, Ukrposhta and state banks. If you work out with a six-day firm, then you need to coordinate rest days with your superiors in advance.

What is expected in the winter of 2017

how much rest the new year 2017 in Ukraine

To rationally plan the New Year holidays, it is advisable to know what weather conditions you will expect in 2017.Forecasters have already made an approximate weather forecast for January next year.

According to the data, winter at this time will not freeze the citizens of Ukraine with fierce frosts. The first snow will fall in November, but not the fact that it will linger until the New Year. Closer to the holidays can hit the cold, which will have time to "pinch" the noses of citizens, not only in the New Year, but Christmas. But the cold will be settled briefly in these parts. After a short time, a moderate European winter with a mild climate will come to Ukraine again.

Cheap New Year Holidays

For those who prefer not to travel outside the country and are a lover of domestic recreation, we suggest considering budget options for the New Year holidays, which will give you a lot of pleasure and a lot of impressions.

  • Kiev.In the capital of Ukraine you can celebrate the New Year in a fun and inexpensive way. Residents and guests of the city can walk in plenty in the central square, where mass celebrations will be organized with a concert, contests and tents around the clock with food and other necessary paraphernalia. After the clock strikes 12 times, you can stroll through the beautiful streets of this ancient city.
  • Popular ski resorts (Bukovel, Slavske, Verkhovyna, Dragobrat, Tysovets). Ski slopes in these regions can be a worthy alternative to "foreign" resorts. Developed infrastructure, professional service and, of course, affordable prices will be able to satisfy the desire of any Ukrainian.
new year holidays 2017 how many dayshow to relax on the new year 2017New Year's holidays 2017 as a rest in UkraineNew Year's holidays in Ukraine calendar
  • Mukachevo or Uzhgorod.These two cities are the center of educational tourism. You will not find other picturesque cities that will meet you with kindness and hospitality.
  • Lviv.One of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine will gladly shelter tourists for the New Year 2017. Here you can spend time in cozy cafes and restaurants, walk along the picturesque streets and enjoy the fabulous atmosphere of the winter city.
  • Truskavets.The most beautiful and useful will be your New Year holidays, if you spend them in Ukrainian toast.

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