How to pay fines traffic police through the terminal without difficulties

One of the most common operations withcash is the payment of bills. For example, taxes or fines. This action has many solutions, but not all of them are known. We will try to answer how to pay fines of the traffic police through the terminal. This procedure helps to deal with debts in the shortest possible time. What is important to remember about it?how to pay fines through the terminal

About terminals

Pay a fine traffic police through the terminal is not difficult. But only if a person knows what to do.

It is important to understand that in Russia each bank has its own ATMs and terminals. All of them are slightly different from each other. Because of this, there are sometimes difficulties with paying bills.

Total allocate the following terminals:

  • banking;
  • STSI;
  • universal.

When working with all these machines you often have to act differently, but with the preservation of common principles. All the details will be described below.

Time for the operation

How to pay the traffic police penalty in payment terminals? To do this, it is important to remember the time in which you need to meet.

Ideally, from the moment the payment is issued, it should not take more than 70 days. If this happens, then the person can be attracted to additional responsibility. For example, double the size of the fine.

Nevertheless, every fined person has timeto protect their rights. Namely - to appeal the fine. 10 days are allocated. At this time, there is no need to pay, but this period will be accounted for in the allocated 70 days for the repayment of the a fine through the terminal

On reducing the amount of fines

How to pay a fine traffic police through the terminal? Before carrying out such an operation, the payer must remember one interesting feature. It is offered to those who timely pay a fine.

It's a discount. The fine can be reduced by 30-50 percent. To do this, you need to make a payment for 20 days after the receipt of the receipt.

In the traffic police

How to pay fines traffic police through the terminal? Let's start with the study of the operation with cars located in the traffic police.

Usually, the following is required here:

  1. Select "Pay fine" in the main menu of the device.
  2. Specify information from the payment or the name of the offender.
  3. Click on "Search".
  4. Enter the amount of the penalty. Quite often it is automatically displayed on the screen.
  5. Make notes (one piece) in the car.
  6. Click on the button "Pay".

This method is not very popular. This is due to the fact that the traffic police terminals are not yet installed in all the departments of the State Automobile Inspection. Universal and bank terminals are in great demand.


Let's start with the first. They are usually not tied to any bank and work only with cash. Surrender, as it is not difficult to guess, do not to pay a penalty in a payment terminal

How to pay a fine through the terminal? You can follow the instructions of the following:

  1. Find any universal payment terminal. For example, from "Kiwi".
  2. Click on "Fines and taxes" in the main menu.
  3. Mark the body of the traffic police, which needs to transfer money. It is better to click on "Search by tax ID" and specify the data from the payment.
  4. Enter the amount due to payment.
  5. If the system requires, indicate the payer's name.
  6. Confirm the process.

Too much money? Then, before completing the procedure, the system will suggest transferring the balance of funds to the mobile number. Following the prompts on the screen, you will be able to deal with the task.

Disadvantages of universal terminals

All that a person needs to do after the described actions is to pick up a check confirming the fact of payment. Otherwise, it will not be possible to prove a transaction.

It is clear how to pay the traffic police penalty in payment terminals. Universal machines have a number of drawbacks. Namely:

  • charge a commission for operations;
  • long processing requests;
  • do not accept bank cards;
  • have not always clear interface.

Accordingly, not everyone will agree to pay the bill through such a machine. Attention is drawn to banking terminals. They usually do not require a commission for their to pay a fine through a terminal

Bank terminals

This is how Sberbank acts. With the process of paying bills through terminals we will get acquainted with the example of this financial company. After all, practice shows that people are willing to use the services of Sberbank.

How to pay fines traffic police through the terminal? The manual presented below, as accurately as possible describes the upcoming steps:

  1. Insert a bank card into the terminal. If cash is planned, this item is skipped.
  2. Choose in the main menu "Fines, taxes, transfers to the budget, fees". Sometimes you need to first go to the "Payments of my city" section.
  3. Click on "Search for recipient".
  4. Specify the search method. For example, "By TIN" or "By Order Number".
  5. Dial requested details using the interactive and numeric keypad.
  6. Select the detected traffic police body and click on "Next".
  7. Enter the payment amount. This is an extremely important point when paying a fine with a discount.
  8. Enter the citizen and his place of residence through the keyboard. Passport data can not be entered. This step is easily overlooked.
  9. Make money in the car and click on "Pay".
  10. If there are too many funds, specify the mobile operator and the phone number. This is necessary to transfer the change to the selected cell phone.

The process is complete! The client can take a check and go home. When working with a bank card, the last 2 points are automatically skipped. Remains to extract bank plastic and finish work with the terminal.


We figured out how to pay traffic police fines through the terminal in this or that case. What advice will help in the implementation of the idea?

Firstly, it is advisable to have a payment with you. If you go to the "Search by code" section of the bank terminal, you will quickly find the appropriate penalty in the system.

Secondly, the mobile phone should be with you. Sometimes it receives payment confirmation codes. Usually this happens when using bank to pay a fine through the terminal

Thirdly, it is necessary to find out in advance where the GAI fines can be paid without commission. Some organizations charge 1 to 5% for transactions.

In the end, when paying bills with discounts, you need to edit the amount due to pay. Most often it is displayed on the screen in full. Change it manually.

Perhaps, that's all. The studied processes take away from a modern citizen a minimum of time and effort. Especially if you pay bills cards.

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