How to overcome the fear of darkness?

Sticky enveloping cold horror, compressiveheart ... Many people know the sensations that give rise to the fear of darkness. From what and when does this feeling arise, and most importantly, how is it possible to get rid of it?

Childhood fears

Fear of darkness in a teenager is most oftenold childhood fears. They arise at an early age, during periods of special insecurity. To create it can and a loud sound in a dark room, and the stirring of curtains, and creaking of a bed. This is probably due to the fact that darkness is not understandable, frightening. And it is not known what the enemy is and where he hid ... And the fact that it is not visible, frightens especially, because the imagination of the child is boundless.

fear of darkness

Actually, if in the darkness something scaresa certain - a wolf, Babai or someone else, this is a fairly simple situation, which is not difficult to cope with. But if the cause of horror is not clear, it is more likely that the child is afraid of surprises. He needs at least a minimum of illumination, if only not to be alone with his fears, otherwise he begins to think that there is no salvation, danger everywhere. In such cases, the child often cries, tries to detain parents in the room or come to them.

How to help

First of all, parents need to understand thatfear of darkness - a frequent phenomenon, and therefore, many have gone this way. Of course, each child is unique, but the ways of treatment are more or less universal.

how to get rid of the fear of darkness

Like other diseases, this is easier to prevent than cure the existing disease. There are a number of ways for both prevention and for getting rid of fear.

The most common method of treatment -portray fear. The resulting image must be destroyed: crumple the sheet, burn it in the presence of the child. All the terrible tentacles cut off, paws to tear off, do everything to make the child see that with his fear to cope easily.

If there is a character that caused feardarkness, you can fight him "his own weapon." For this, it is necessary to take as a basis a fairy tale or a story about it and to remake it so that other characters can easily be dealt with by the villain and celebrate it.

Babies will be clearer if one of the toyswill protect them. A teddy bear cub, who has not closed eyes all night, will drive away the most terrible monsters from the child. The main thing in this situation is that the baby himself chooses his "bodyguard", because you do not know exactly which animal will cope better with the monsters of the child.

fear of darkness in adult psychology

It is useful to play blind man's buff or hide and seek indarkened room - in such a situation, children can go a little further than the fears usually allow. In the period of struggle, the flashlight will be an excellent solution, which can be turned on at the slightest sign of "danger." This will help the child to fight fear, because he knows that he can "be saved" at any time, and this gives him the courage to stay in the dark for a little longer.


In order that in a more mature agethink about how to get rid of the fear of darkness, you can try to prevent his appearance in childhood. From all you will not be saved, but nevertheless it is necessary to exclude the main reasons:

  • Be attentive to what the child is watching on TV. Based on the degree of impressionism of the child, it is necessary to give or close access to certain cartoons or scenes in the cinema.
  • You do not have to play active games in the evening, do not read new stories, do not watch new cartoons.
  • In the nursery, but the night should be removed toys, so that in the dark they did not seem terrible monsters.
  • Under no circumstances should you laugh at strangersfears, cowardice, because ridicule can lead to concealment of their problems by the child. This in turn leads to increased fear, from which it will be very difficult to get rid of.

fear of darkness in adults treatment

Culture of darkness

The attention of scientists, philosophers, and philistines has long attracted darkness. Darkness, darkness, blackness are interesting in that anything can be found in them, including evil.

Western poets associated darkness with depression,danger, despondency. Most religions mention darkness in connection with something bad. For example, in the Bible, darkness is one of the types of Egyptian executions. In addition, this place is "crying and gnashing of teeth."

In the Qur'an, darkness awaits all sinners. Thus, for religion, the pitch darkness is the finale waiting for sinners, a kind of analogue of hell and complete evil.


Fear of darkness in medicine is called nitropobia. Most often it manifests itself in childhood, but it is not uncommon for a person to have a fear of darkness throughout his life. Psychology argues that such perennial unsolvable problems can develop into a phobia.

how to overcome the fear of darkness

As a result of observations, it becomes clear thatalthough adults can be afraid of the dark, they still try to fight this feeling. However, they also try to include at night a minimum of lighting, do not leave the house in the evening and at night, do not use transitions without light and use other tricks to help control the fear of darkness. In adults, this is carefully concealed.

However, in rare cases, no one can turn into a mental disorder, the treatment of which requires the help of specialists. Sometimes even methods require the patient to be placed in a hospital.


In order to know how to overcome the fear of darkness,you need to know what it came about. The causes of this disease have been studied by scientists of different countries for several centuries. The result of these studies was a list of the most obvious reasons, but it is unlikely to be complete today.

fear of darkness in adults

  1. Genetic predisposition. Scientists believe that any fear can be inherited. Nobofobia is not an exception - it is often at the genetic level that it is transmitted to the descendants.
  2. Limited body capacity. Much of the information a person receives with the help of vision. It is in this way that the brain learns about the dangers and how it can be avoided. But if there is darkness around, then a person is deprived of the opportunity to learn about what surrounds him. And this helplessness is the cause of fear.
  3. Uncertainty. Since in the dark can not assess the degree of danger and find ways to eliminate it, a person is tortured by the unknown. And this is precisely the desire to avoid this and makes a person shy away from meeting with darkness.
  4. Past. We all come from childhood, so various incidents at an early age can lead to the fear of darkness in adulthood. For example, terrible stories about a dark room, punishment in a room without light - are there any reasons to be frightened in childhood?


No disease can be left withoutattention, as well as fear of darkness in adults. Treatment will not be the easiest, but it's worth it. If you feel that the disease is started, it is better to consult a specialist. However, sometimes you can try to solve the problem yourself

fear of the darkness of a teenager

1. Determination. Do your affairs regardless of fears. If you need to go into a room without light, you should do it. Is it scary to go out in the dark? Get a dog and then, willy-nilly, you'll have to walk with her in the evening. Fear will recede, and walking with a friend is not so frightening.

2. Evaluation. Just imagine what the action will be. So, stepping into the darkness, you need to know that the flashlight first turns on, then you need to open the door, get to the car, etc.

3. To make a decision. Just decide that it's time to stop being afraid. The time of fear has passed.

4. Analysis. Thoroughly consider where the fear originates, how real it is, how real the danger is. You should imagine how you can get rid of it. Fear, defeated mentally, becomes much weaker.

5. Training. Courage also needs "charging". Overcome your phobias gradually. For example, start at dusk do not turn on the light, going into the twilight. Then you can gradually move forward and in a dark room: turn on the light for a second later than yesterday, allow yourself to go into the unlit room for a couple of moments, etc.

fear of darkness


So why does it frighten a person forcenturies of darkness? What is hidden in its dark depths? Perhaps this is simply the original fear of death, which destroys the very concept of life? The sages of the Ancient East said that the most terrible evil is happening in the daylight, and the most terrible darkness is in the soul of the evil man. And instead of constantly being afraid of the dark, it is better to light at least a tiny candle.

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