How to make paper flowers

May 13, 2011

Paper flowers do it yourselfIf you want to make paper flowers with your own hands, you can use non-standard materials for this, for example, coffee filters. The ability to turn ordinary things into works of art is both an amazing and a useful skill. This article will discuss how ordinary coffee filters can turn into a beautiful bouquet of delicate flowers. The advantage of making such paper flowers is also that of thin filters for coffee, the flowers are tender and similar to living ones.

To make paper flowers, you need to stock up on 60 coffee filters, 10 plastic straws for cocktails, green scotch or floral tape, and water-based paints of yellow and orange colors.

Paper flowers do it yourself

  1. Color the filters in three shades: pale yellow, bright yellow and orange. Such colors will create a gentle transition from the intensely colored flower core to the pale edges. You can take paint of other shades - pink or red.
  2. Dyed and dried filters fold in a quarter of a circle and trim the edges with scissors in the form of cloves. You can change the sharpness of the teeth of each petal, then the flower will look more interesting. In the middle of the petals it is necessary to cut a small hole with a pair of scissors for threading the straw.
  3. Unfold the petals and get the jagged paper circles of three shades. We are preparing straws that will serve us as flower stems and green scotch or paper floristic tape for winding the stems.

    paper flowers from circles

  4. We fold the two darkest filters into a bundle, twist the base a couple of centimeters and attach it to the tube with scotch tape.
  5. Then we string two next-in-intensity filters, threading a straw in the middle of the petal and collecting the filter around the tube. Also fasten the base of the petal with scotch tape.
  6. The last are the two brightest filter. Thus, we form the rest of the flowers, and we wrap the stems with green tape, without forgetting to attach the leaves cut from green paper. The resulting flowers are collected in a bouquet.

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