How to make blueberry smoothies: a recipe with a photo

Smoothies are a delicious healthy drink,made from fresh berries or fruits. It also includes milk, drinking yogurt or natural juice. Blueberry smoothies can be made from fresh or frozen berries. This drink is simply a storehouse of vitamins, and the delicate taste of blueberries pleases at any time of the year.

blueberry smoothies

The name of the drink comes from the English language from the word smooth, which is called something gentle, homogeneous and pleasant.

Beverage Consistency

Blueberry smoothies should be quite thick, butso that it can be drunk through a tube. Its structure is uniform, fragments of berries should not come across. Try to carefully interrupt the ingredients, whisking the drink during cooking. Crushed berries are digested even better than fresh berries, which we just bite.

blueberry smoothies recipe

Blueberry smoothies have an amazing lilac color, which makes it look very appetizing.

Necessary equipment

You can prepare blueberry smoothies with a blender or a mixer. A powerful knife grinds the ingredients fairly finely and mixes them.

If you do not have a blender, but the desire is greatpamper your family with a delicious and wholesome drink, use a regular grinder with a fine grate. Skip the berries a few times, pour the milk and whip a bit. Of course, it will not turn out as tender and homogeneous as cooked with a blender.

Prepare smoothies and with the help of a juicer. But in this case only the juice of berries, without pulp, will enter the drink.

Berries for smoothies

The drink can be prepared both from fresh and frozen berries. Of course, this useful berry is not available all year round, and in some regions it simply does not grow.

blueberry smoothies prescription with photo

Of course, there are more vitamins in fresh berries. Try to use them to make blueberry smoothies. The recipe with the photo allows you to delve into the subtleties of the process and makes it possible to make sure that there is nothing complicated in this matter.

If you have the opportunity, be sure to doharvesting for the winter. Then in the cold season on your table will also be blueberry smoothies. Rinse the berries, allow them to dry out, pack them in packages and put them in the freezer. And in winter, before cooking, allow the briquette to be melted right in the bowl of the blender so that valuable juice also gets into the drink.

Dairy base

Most often, smoothies are made from milk. You can use yogurt, fermented baked milk, liquid yogurt. If for some reason you do not eat milk products, replace them with fresh juice or coconut milk. By the way, blueberry smoothies, the recipe of which does not contain milk and sour milk drinks, is a classic of vegetarian cuisine.

Proportion of products

Those who have already mastered the technology rarely usedimensional cups and kitchen scales. Blueberry smoothies, the recipe of which is quite democratic, does not require strict compliance with the recipe. Try to do it again, and then you can improvise and experiment, pleasing your home with new tastes.

Try the following recipe:

  • milk - 23 glasses;
  • blueberries - a handful (about a quarter of a glass);
  • vanilla sugar - pinch;
  • mint leaves for decoration.

Fold all ingredients in a blender and pound at the highest speed. It takes quite a bit of time, just a couple of minutes. Pour the drink into a glass, insert the tube and enjoy.

Try replacing milk with yogurt or juice. If desired, you can add a few fruit ice cubes to the drink.

Berry fruit additives

If you want diversity and new flavors,try adding other berries to the drink. Their total number should not exceed the number of blueberries. In summer in this smoothie is good raspberry, cherry, currant, strawberry. You can throw a slice of a ripe peach or pear into a blender. And in the winter experiments with exotic are good. Banana-blueberry smoothies are very tasty, and its consistency is similar to a gentle cream. You can also use a slice of mango or kiwi. Especially valuable are sweet fruits and berries, if the drink seems to you sour. It is better to add a sweet apricot to the drink than a spoonful of sugar.

How to Make Blueberry Smoothies

Benefit of blueberry smoothies

Surely before you make blueberry smoothies,you already knew about the benefits of this amazing berry. Ophthalmologists say that due to the high content of beta-carotene, it promotes good eyesight and takes care of eye health. Contain in bilberry and other vitamins, as well as trace elements and organic compounds.

Of course, milk has a great advantage. It saturates the body with a valuable protein, and the vegetable fats contained in it help beta-carotene to be broken down and assimilated with maximum benefit.

Of course, it should be remembered that everything is fine inmeasure. Do not abuse even such a useful drink as blueberry smoothies. Excessive use of berries is fraught with allergic reactions. The combination of kefir or yogurt with fresh berries is useful for the gastrointestinal tract, but if you drink too much smoothie, the load can be prohibitive.

Blueberry smoothies in the menu

Such drinks are very popular with people leadinghealthy lifestyle. Smoothies are good at any time of the day. It can become a key dish of a healthy breakfast. Serve him oatmeal, whole wheat bread, toast or syrniki.

Excellent fit for a children's holidayinstead of carbonated drinks and purchased juices. And from it you can easily make homemade ice cream. Just pour the smoothies over the glasses, insert the sticks, freeze - and get a great alternative to the purchased product.

banana blueberry smoothies

Feed to the table

Blueberry smoothies look great in transparentGlassware: wide glasses, tall glasses, kremankah. For decoration, you can use cinnamon, tarragon, mint, flower petals, fresh berries, slices of fruit.

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