How to make a room from a loggia: ideas

In many apartments, the balcony is simply used as a storage room. A lot of unnecessary things are stored in this place, which, according to the majority, may sometime be useful.


However, remember how pleasant it is to look at the spacious, bright and beautiful balconies of friends and relatives. In such a place you can equip a room for rest or a study, expanding the total area of ​​the apartment. This is quite relevant in the conditions of small houses.

What can happen from a standard balcony

Do you keep trash and old things on the loggia, which are expensive as a memory? Be honest with yourself: will you ever use them? So why do not you release an additional 5-6 meters of space, which really make a residential. We will tell you how to make a full-size room of any type from a loggia on your own.

Beautiful warm balcony can be a living space.

Balcony can bring very great benefits, which many do not realize. But the layout depends on the shape and size. Here are some of the beneficial uses of the balcony:

  • Personal Area.Put on the balcony a small computer table, which takes up little space, but will provide an opportunity to work in silence.
  • Creative workshop. You only need a table, nightstand or cabinet. Having successfully and compactly placed all this, you can draw, sculpt, make, embroider, repair or simply pursue your hobby here.
  • Mini greenhouse. To do this, you will need to make the appropriate lighting and heating. By growing the right varieties, you can harvest at any time of the year.
  • Own small gym. Put on the balcony at least one simulator and basic sports equipment: rolling pin, dumbbells, expander, mat. You can also install a player or a video recorder for gymnastics, for a teenager such a place for playing sports is ideal.
  • Playroom for a child. In this case, you need to worry about security in advance. In such a room, you can install a small slide, the wall of the Swedish, rings, horizontal bar or just store toys. In the summer, you can place an inflatable pool for a child.
  • Winter Garden. Make one wall mirror and install plant racks near it.Flowers for the loggia, you can choose any that will delight you all year round. If the layout does not quite suit you, the mirror will help you visually change it.
  • Sleeper or lounge. Loggia can be a great place to read a book, just drink tea, watching the world through the window. Install a comfortable chair and a small table - and get your corner in the house.
  • Sauna. To implement such a bold decision, you need to purchase a mini-sauna, and it is better to contact specialists with this question.
  • Canteen. This you can implement, if you allow planning a loggia. Put a small table and several chairs, as well as a nightstand for dishes. In such a room you can perfectly eat, enjoying the fresh air from the open windows and scenic views behind them.

Preparing a loggia for a living condition

In general, from the loggia you can do anything, the main thing is to turn on the fantasy and not be afraid to turn ideas into reality. But whatever you come up with, you first need to clear the balcony, throw away old things or transport them to the cottage if possible.


Before you make a living room from a loggia, think about a good and high-quality glazing. It will help to make the balcony warm and soundproof room. It is possible to install various windows - wooden, euro or frameless glazing. Glasses can be plain, stained glass or tinted.

Glazing - an important step in the insulation of the room

If you intend to use the loggia all year round, it is better to install plastic frames with 2 or 3-chamber double-glazed windows with a width of 48 mm.

To better keep warm, you can choose special windows, which are built in "thermal mirror". It is a film that reflects the internal heat of the room. So you will achieve the most comfortable temperature without the need to install additional heating equipment.


If you are thinking about how to make a complete room out of the loggia, in which it will not be cold in winter, do not forget about the insulation. To maintain a comfortable temperature, the balcony can be warmed both outside and inside. For greater efficiency, it is better to lay insulation on the floor and ceiling. In this case, it is better to choose foam plastic, foiled mineral wool or extruded polystyrene foam.To improve the quality of wall insulation for putty and painting, it is recommended to install foam plastic with a hardness of at least 25 kg / m3.

Thermal insulation foam

It is also worth taking care of heating the balcony. For heating, you can use portable equipment or install a floor heating system. The cable of a heat-insulated floor should be laid on the concrete basis zigzag. Pre it is covered with a layer of moisture insulation, insulation and heat-reflecting foil. Absolutely ineffective for insulation will be linoleum with a thick backing and carpet. All these procedures you can do yourself. But if in doubt, it is better to attract the master.

An alternative to a warm floor can be heating mats. In this case, it is not recommended to lay the insulation, since a thin layer of solution that covers the heating mat may crack. The base under the decorative coating should be chosen tight and fairly tough.


Do not forget about lighting. Most often, electrical wires are taken out of the room to the outside and distribute the light as required by the layout and design. It is better to do open wiring, especially if the loggia is sheathed with clapboard.In the case of deformation of the tree, the wiring can pinch and there is a possibility of fire.

Pay attention to the places of formation of condensate, which may well appear under the ceiling. To increase safety, wiring should be protected from possible ingress of moisture.

Loggia decoration

It should be considered how to make a living room cozy and comfortable for the family and guests from the loggia. For this you need to decorate it as a living room. Design can be any, it depends on what you want to get in the end.

Dressing - the most interesting stage

When finishing walls, they must first be treated with an antiseptic. You can use wallpaper, paint, apply plaster or decorate with foam.

The ceiling can be finished according to your desire - with wood, plastic clapboards, make it suspended or just whitewash.

It is better to lay the floor initially with euro-boards - wooden plates made of different breeds. From above you can lay a laminate or lay a carpet that will add comfort and warmth.

To brighten up the city bustle and add life to your apartment, it is better to pick beautiful flowers for the loggia, which will not only bring harmony and freshness to the interior, but also give off oxygen and make the air more fresh.

Transforming a loggia into a living room is a great solution.You will add a few meters of space, light and beauty.

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