How to make a patch on jeans

July 19, 2012

How to make a patch on jeansJeans are worn by many, and sometimes it happens that they break out before they need to (especially in the areas between the legs and the bottom of the legs). In this case, it is not necessary to throw out your favorite thing, because you can make a patch on jeans.


These versatile pants are sewn from a special fabric, which has a special weaving of threads - diagonal and with a rather large gap between them. This feature allows you to make darn on jeans almost imperceptible, since the threads can be laid in the same direction as on the fabric. With a quality, and most importantly imperceptible, patch, your favorite jeans will last some more time, and you will not have to look for a replacement for them.

Of course, there are options for jeans, where the patches play a decorative role, but usually holes in the fabric arise from friction and mechanical damage.

We offer several options for patches on jeans. In each of them a sewing machine is used, but if the hole in the jeans is small, you can make the lines with your hands.Also, for repairing jeans, you will need threads to match the fabric, sharp scissors, and lining fabric.

First way

jeans patches between legsThis method differs in that it uses exactly the same fabric as the rest of the jeans. And you can take it under the back pockets. In this place, you can sew another fabric, and the main material used for the patch, and in this case it will be very difficult to notice the alteration, because the color and texture of the material will be the same as on the other pants.

  • To cut the fabric, the top edge of the back pockets is stabbed with pins and they start cutting out the flaps with sharp scissors. Using the cut pieces, we make a pattern of burlap with allowance for sewing (1-2 cm) - these parts will replace the cut jeans. They are sewn to the seamy side of jeans with invisible threads along the contour of the pockets or with yellow threads in the form of decorative shelling.
  • Next, patch patches are attached to the outside of the fabric with the front side and sewn. You can lay the lines on the sewing machine in the direction of the thread jeans. It is fashionable to use the techniques of darning, making short stitches forward and back (also in the direction of the fabric).If the edges of the patch stand out on the fabric, then they can be tinted with dyes for clothes.
  • After jeans with patches wear off for a while and are washed several times, the alteration will not be visible at all.

Second way

This patch on jeans can be done in 20 minutes, and it can even close through holes. Often, such holes are kept on shabby and whitened horizontal threads.

For the patch you will need a denim flap of the same shade. It can be cut from the out-of-date jeans, or often the pants are shortened and trimming remains - that’s what they can be used to eliminate holes. If a similar shade of fabric was not found, then you can take a lighter piece of denim material.

  • how to put a patch on jeans
  • From the seamy side of the hole, a glue spider is glued to the fabric and covered with a patch for patching on top. This place is proglazhivayut hot iron with steam or swept into small stitches. Flap on to positioning so that its diagonal direction coincides with the same direction in jeans.
  • Threads must be selected in the color of the fabric. It is better to do this in the sewing accessories store, taking with them a denim flap.
  • Further, on the patch from the front side of the trousers, lines are laid on the sewing machine in a diagonal direction - this will allow the threads to sink into the grooves of the fabric, and then the patch will not be visible. It is important to thread the sewing machine correctly - the facial threads should be in the same tone as the jeans fabric.
  • If you wish, white threads that are out of order on the front side can be left for a decorative effect, but the main goal of the patch will be achieved - the body will not peek through the pants.

Third way

In addition to the holes in the fabric, jeans also have a drawback - they are shaggy underneath from frequent socks when pants are rubbing against shoes. In this case, you can also restore them.

  1. how to sew a patch on jeans
  2. To begin with, the disheveled edge is unpacked and ironed with a steam iron.
  3. On the seamy side, it is glued with a special glue fabric to strengthen.
  4. On the sewing machine on the frayed places lay cross seams.
  5. Also seams are laid in the longitudinal direction.
  6. And the same thing is repeated diagonally.
  7. The hardened edge of the jeans is tucked and stitched with decorative stitching. You can pave it manually.

This way of strengthening the tattered edge can be used not only for jeans.

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