How to make a dressing room with your own hands

August 20, 2010
Renovation of apartments

Wardrobe do it yourselfGradually, numerous cabinets in our apartments are replaced with other storage options and a dressing room with your own hands - one of the best ways to place clothes, shoes and household items.

Usually in our apartments in each room there is a closet where things of a family member are kept. The wardrobe replaces all these cabinets and things are stored in it compactly and conveniently. It can be made in the form of a spacious cabinet with many shelves and sections or in the form of a separate room. Even if you don’t have a separate room in the house for a dressing room, you don’t need to get upset, you should figure out in which room you can select a couple of square meters and start installing the wardrobe. A wardrobe is being built within an hour and metal (aluminum) profiles and several sheets of plasterboard will be needed for this. In private homes you can arrange a dressing room in the attic, otherwise the best option would be to build a wardrobe in the bedroom so that you always have things at hand.

We make wardrobe

To begin with, a project is needed on which all the elements of the dressing room should be drawn to represent its appearance (1). It is also necessary to imagine in advance exactly where certain things will lie.
wardrobe rooms photo do it yourself

At the first stage, all the necessary materials are prepared - plasterboard sheets and metal profiles. Then proceed to the assembly of the frame and installation of drywall. First make the markup and collect the frame (2). First, using special scissors, profiles for the floor and ceiling are cut, then floor profiles are attached by a screwdriver, vertical wall profiles are mounted and the horizontal ceiling profiles are closed to the frame assembly. Then you need to install the transverse profiles that make the frame stronger, they are attached to the screws. After the construction of the frame proceed to the installation of drywall on both sides of the frame (3). Insulating material is laid between the layers, which will also perform a sound-proofing function. Also in this space lay electrical wiring and other communications.

After finishing the cladding, the seams between the sheets of gypsum board are puttied with a putty and proceed to the finishing work - they glue the surfaces with wallpaper or are finished with panels made of chipboard or wood.The method of finishing will largely depend on the design of the rest of the room.

dressing room do it yourself photoThe next stage is the equipment of the dressing room. The easiest and most inexpensive way to solve this issue is shelving, when planning, you must carefully measure the height of the room and properly distribute the distance between the shelves. If you want the dressing room to look more attractive, then you can think about the lockers. It will also be necessary to provide some free space in order to quickly hide the boxes with shoes or some household items that are not needed at the moment. In addition, recently, special systems for convenient storage of things are quite common - various lifts, descending bars and closers, they facilitate storage of things and provide convenient access to them.

The final stage of the wardrobe equipment is the installation of a sliding door, very similar to the manufacture of the wardrobe. You can mount this door yourself. Rollers are attached to the selected door in the upper or lower part. Then install the guide for the rollers, it is equipped with a protective strip that absorbs when opening and closing the doors and thus protects the door and walls from impacts.

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